The New ‘Stranger Of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin’ Trailer Is Unexpectedly Soundtracked By Frank Sinatra

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an action souls-like game being developed by Team Ninja. The game is meant to be a retelling or homage to the original Final Fantasy that came out all the way back in 1987, but while that game was a traditional turn-based JRPG, this one is a cinematic action game. The inspirations from Dark Souls are very clear in both gameplay, style, and challenge, but all of it with a Final Fantasy spin to it.

On Monday, a release date trailer for Final Fantasy Origin was uploaded. Back during E3, the debut trailer for the game definitely caught everyone’s attention with some very cheesy dialogue and overuse of the word “chaos.” However, the demo that came out alongside it showed a lot of potential for a fun action romp, even if the dialogue alongside it was less than stellar.

The new trailer felt like more of the same with most of the dialogue choices feeling very soap opera-ish and it generally struggled to make the main character, Jack, seem particularly endearing. All of that said, most of the action sequences in the trailer were incredibly cool. The camera cuts were excellent, it showed some cool moves that we’re excited to try when the game comes out, and it struck as a trailer that is delivering on the promise of an action-packed adventure. Even if the plot was failing to draw that same level of interest.

Then Frank Sinatra’s “My Way ” starts playing in the latter half of the trailer leaving everyone who watches this in stunned amazement. That’s because, with the tone of everything that has played up to this point in the trailer, “My Way” is arguably one of the most out-of-place songs that could be used here. It likely also doesn’t help that the entire latter half of the trailer is building out the love story plotline for the game.

While it may have not been the most logical song choice for this trailer, it certainly made an impact and we now know for certain that this game is coming out on March 18, 2022. In that way, the trailer did exactly what it wanted to accomplish. The record shows this trailer took its blows, but they did it their way.


Neil Young Has Threatened To Leave Spotify Because They Allow Joe Rogan To Spread Vaccine Misinformation: ‘They Can Have Rogan Or Young’

Who would you prefer: the weakest link on the ‘90s sitcom NewsRadio or the legend who wrote “Cinnamon Girl”? That’s the choice Neil Young is giving Spotify. The music streamer is home to dozens and dozens of Neil Young releases, from his self-titled 1969 debut to last year’s excellent Crazy Horse reunion Barn. It’s also home to the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, whose host regularly spouts misinformation about the two-years-old-and-counting pandemic.

Now Young is taking a stand. As per Rolling Stone, the rocker wrote a letter to his management and label, sking them to remove some of the greatest songs ever recorded from the streamer that also allows a guy who used to force people to eat bugs to help make a public health crisis even worse.

“I am doing this because Spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines — potentially causing death to those who believe the disinformation being spread by them,” Young wrote. “Please act on this immediately today and keep me informed of the time schedule.”

“I want you to let Spotify know immediately TODAY that I want all my music off their platform,” he charged. “They can have [Joe] Rogan or Young. Not both.”

Young is the latest figure to come out against Rogan, who has fed his 11 million subscribers nonsense that is sometimes debunked on his show by his guests. Earlier this month, 250 doctors signed an open letter, begging Spotify to “to take action against the mass-misinformation events which continue to occur on its platform” by implementing a policy against misinformation. Meanwhile, the day before Young came out against Rogan, the U.S. saw almost 700,000 new COVID cases, as well as over 2,000 COVID-related deaths.

In the meantime, you better take one last spin of Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, On the Beach, Tonight’s the Night, maybe even Everybody’s Rockin’ before it vamooses, all for a guy who’d rather take medication also used on horses than get a free and effective vaccine.

(Via Rolling Stone)

Neil Young is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.


26 Stories That Prove The Butterfly Effect Is Real


“In college, I randomly decided to go for a run around 2 a.m. on a Wednesday. It was about 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, so cold AF. No one was awake, and it was pretty spooky but also peaceful. As I was running, I noticed a person standing in the lake, which was mostly frozen. I thought it was odd, so I went to check on them. They were sobbing, so I jumped in the lake, too, and pulled them out. I took them back to my dorm, gave them warm clothes, and let them talk. Their boyfriend had just broken up with them, and they were trying to kill themselves.”

“I told her no man or woman is worth your life. Six years later and they have their PhD, came out as nonbinary, travel the world as a competitive rollerblader, and are living their best life. We don’t talk much, but I’m so proud of them, and I’m so happy I went on that run.”



Of Course Sarah Palin Dined In An NYC Restaurant Unvaccinated Before She Tested Positive For COVID

Sarah Palin was for vaccines before she was against them. Last March, after testing positive, the failed vice presidential candidate pleaded (rightly!) with her base to get vaccinated and even mask up, reminding them that “anyone can catch this.” By December of last year, she had flip-flopped, going so far as to says she’d get vaxxed “over her dead body.” Now, a month later, she’s caught COVID again. The twist this time is that she may have infected a lot of innocent people.

The New York Times reports that Palin dined indoors on Saturday night at Elio’s, a celebrity-frequented Italian restaurant in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Like all New York City restaurants, Elio’s checks proof of vaccination from diners. A manager there said they “made a mistake.” Though they check vaccination cards for all new customers, they don’t do so for regulars. And when Palin strolled into Elio’s on Saturday, she did so with a “longtime guest.”

“She probably just walked in and strolled over” to the table, said the manager. “We are trying to get to the bottom of this.”

So now, Elio staff and its diners that night are being notified of being exposed to someone with COVID, thanks to an unvaccinated former governor who days later took three tests, all of which came back positive.

Palin’s positive COVID test wound up delaying a defamation trial involving The New York Times over a 2017 column, which is seen as a major test of First Amendment/freedom-of-the-press protections. This is the third time the trial has been delayed.

(Via NYT)


And With That, Amy Schneider Has Pulled Ahead Of Matt Amodio To Score The Second Most Consecutive Wins In ‘Jeopardy!’ History

The last few years have been great for break-out Jeopardy! stars. Three years ago, James Holzhauer plowed through a whopping 32 consecutive wins — nowhere close to Ken Jennings’ 74-show streak over five months in 2004, but still enough for what was then a silver. Earlier this year, there was Matt Amodio, who ruled the roost for 38 games, usurping Holzhauer’s place in history. And now Amy Schneider, the current champ, has just unseated Amodio.

That’s right: On the show airing Monday, Schneider — the first trans contestant to qualify for the show’s Tournament of Champions — extended her winning streak to 39 games, sailing past Amodio’s also unbelievably impressive run. On top of bringing her total winnings to a bewildering $1,319,800 (having crossed the million mark two weeks back), it also means she’s second only to Jennings in terms of consecutive Jeopardy! wins.

In a nice twist of fate, Schneider’s record-busting run happened under the watch of Jennings himself, who has served as host since she started winning back on November 17 of last year. Perhaps she’ll find herself on the other side of the game one day as well. As for Amodio, who she’ll face in the next edition of the Tournament of Champions, she had nothing but kind words: In a press statement, she told him, “It’s going to be an honor playing against you, and it’s going to be a tight competition.”

Since her run began, Schneider has captured the public’s imagination. When she was robber earlier this year, fans rallied to her defense.

In the meantime, horray for Amy Schneider!