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Jack Harlow And EST Gee Subvert The Idea Of Americana In Their ‘Route 66’ Video

Route 66 has long been a symbol of Americana, the idea of The Heartland and wide-open country which is central to pop culture ideals of the United States Midwest. However, in Jack Harlow’s “Route 66” video from his debut album That’s What They All Say, Jack and guest rapper EST Gee give a tour of their Louisville, Kentucky environs that won’t include any famous landmarks name-checked by Bobby Troup and Nat King Cole.

Harlow himself, however, is rapidly becoming a fixture of pop culture thanks to the success of his song “What’s Poppin” and the resulting abundance of television appearances and brand partnership opportunities coming his way. In March alone, he’s billed to perform on Saturday Night Live and play 2-on-2 basketball with 2 Chainz and Quavo for Bleacher Report’s B/R Open Run at NBA All-Star Weekend in Atlanta. It’s not the first time he partnered with a brand to play hoops; in November last year, he participated in TikTok’s basketball tournament as well.

Before that, he had a ton of guest spots including ones with French Montana, Saweetie, and TDE’s Reason, while racking up TV performances on The Tonight Show, the MTV VMAs, and BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Watch Jack Harlow’s “Route 66” video featuring EST Gee above.

Jack Harlow is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.


Teach Blames Breonna Taylor For Her Own Death

Last week forensic science teacher Susan McCoy, of Pebblebrook High, Georgia, decided to express inaccurate opinions on Breonna Taylor’s death, delivered as part of an impromptu lecture on how not to be shot by the police to her high school students over Zoom.

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Taylor was fatally shot in March 2020 in her Louisville, Kentucky apartment hallway by police. Authorities were executing a no-knock warrant shortly after midnight.

McCoy claimed that Taylor was responsible for her own death because "she put herself in that position by hanging out with somebody she shouldn't have been with." She added: "When you hang out with people with guns who shoot at cops you're likely to get caught in the crossfire."

McCoy, who didn't actually know Taylor's name, referring to her as "Breonna someone," went on to say that her death had nothing to do with the "color of her skin," as it was the natural result of the company she kept.

When McCoy's students attempted to correct her by pointing out that Taylor wasn't "hanging out with a guy who was wanted on charges," and the man the warrant pertained to was actually already in custody, McCoy doubled down. Repeatedly insisting "It's sad but she put herself in that position," she defended the police's actions on the grounds that they had a no-knock warrant, ending with the claim that they "had proof he shot first." Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, did shoot first reportedly assuming an intruder was breaking in, hitting an officer in the leg.

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McCoy's students recorded the incident and shared it online where it quickly went viral beginning on Friday, leading to an ongoing call for McCoy to be fired.

Fire teacher Susan McCoy. Embedded tweet featuring the video of the Zoom class
This is absolutely heartbreaking and gross. Susan McCoy does not deserve to teach at ANY school. If Pebblebrook high school does not fire her then they are co-signing her actions.
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We don't need such IGNORANCE teaching our future! Shouldn't a teacher be educated on a subject instead of her students educating her after she got all wrong? Someone smells rotten At Pebblebrook High School, Forensic Science teacher Susan McCoy

The school has responded to the numerous complaints raised over McCoy's lesson by stating that an investigation is underway, as well as by emphasizing the school's alleged values of empathy, respect, and appreciation of diversity.

McCoy has since released a video apology for her comments about Taylor, acknowledging that she should not have spoken on something she was "very ignorant" about.

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However, that apology fell short for many, in particular the lack of an attempt to correct the misinformation she presented as fact during her Zoom class. To some viewers, it was an apology for getting caught rather than a sincere expression of remorse.
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I don't believe you 💯 Almost a year after this young lady was murdered by the police & you have the audacity to say what you said & only apologized because of the backlash you've received. I hope your students & there parents stay at your neck about this!!
Exactly! Her apology was all about her and nothing about telling the truth. She should have included the truth about Breonna Taylor in her apology. Hell, she almost didn’t even know Breonna’s name when she first brought up the topic on the zoom.

*First Published: Mar 1, 2021, 3:00 pm

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