Why Royal Family Will Be Absent for 6 Weeks

One of the modern monarchy’s primary roles is to provide a unifying figurehead who is seen as above politics and can provide a sense of stability in difficult times.

This is the first general election of Charles’ reign. His mother, Queen Elizabeth II, oversaw 21 during her 70 years on the throne.

George Gross, a royal expert at King’s College London, said elections are by definition moments of turbulence in which people look to the monarchy for continuity.

“There is … a power vacuum in political terms. Power is now handed back to the British people, and they will review the offering over the next six weeks,’’ Gross said. “So what that means, though, is that the head of state has a new role. Or rather, (the) key role of stability and continuity comes to the fore. Now, (the royals) cannot be political in any way.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/associatedpress/king-charles-prince-william-cancel-engagements

He Lives In An HOA-Adjacent Home, But They Still Want To Dictate What He Does With His Christmas Lights

Source: Reddit/Shutterstock

Listen, I don’t think anyone goes around looking for a house with a big and involved HOA attached to it.

So, if you manage to find one that doesn’t have one attached, it’s like hitting the lottery.

This man lives near a neighborhood HOA but isn’t behold to them, a distinction that ruffles more than a few feathers on a regular basis.

That said, they are not going to quash his holiday spirit!

I’ve had a previous experience with this group as I live in a neighborhood that has an HOA but I was there before the rest of the houses were built and before they formed this group.

I’m not a member in anyway and that has been verified by a real estate attorney.

The HOA apparently has a bunch of rules about the how and what and when of Christmas lights.

So anyway apparently they have a rule over how many lights you can put up and what the earliest date you can put them up.

The woman who I deal with the most when I upset them came by on 11/30 and told me my lights were against the policy and that I was not allowed to have as many lights up as I do.

He said he’ll try to keep it tasteful but actually he’s going to do what he wants.

I told her that we been over this before that I am in no way beholden to their policies and don’t care.

I told her out of respect to the people in the neighborhood I did like that I wasn’t going to go full Clark Griswold on my house but that my nieces and nephews loved lights so I would be putting up a fair amount.

I also told her that I didn’t care about their rules that the lights could only be on during certain hours and that once done putting them up on the 30th I would likely turn them on and leave them on till Christmas.

She tried to strong arm him, so he tossed the flyer told her to take a hike.

She told me that me breaking the rules upset other members and that I should respect their rules even if I don’t follow them because I technically live in the neighborhood.

She offered me a flyer which apparently had their rules for lights.

I tossed it in the trash and told her to just get off my property. I probably could’ve entertained some of what she asked but I’ve just had enough of them.

Let’s find out if Reddit thinks he could have been kinder!

The top comment encourages them to go full Griswold.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

Seriously, they won’t bother you again.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

The rules don’t apply.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

So many people would have gone the opposite direction.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

Listen…I’m on his side.

Get off of my lawn, HOA lady!

If you liked that post, check this one about a guy who got revenge on his condo by making his own Christmas light rules.

Source: https://twistedsifter.com/2024/05/he-lives-in-an-hoa-adjacent-home-but-they-still-want-to-dictate-what-he-does-with-his-christmas-lights/

‘So Ross is a thrift store now’: Shopper finds Ross selling broken items in baggies

A Ross Dress For Less shopper shows viewers a series of “unhinged” items for sale in baggies.

TikTok user Ashley and Blair Beauty (@ashleyandblairbeauty) recently posted a video from a Ross store. In the text overlay, she writes, “unhinged Ross finds (worse than goodwill).”

The creator says she went into the store because she saw videos of people finding Tree Hut products there. She did indeed find a few containers of the brand’s Lavender Shea Sugar Scrub and a bottle of Brightening Pineapple & Papaya Face Scrub. “This one doesn’t have a price tag on it, but these are really good finds,” she says of the latter product.

The good finds couldn’t last, however. “Now, onto the weird stuff,” she says. First up is a bottle of Chi Dry Shampoo with a T.J. Maxx tag on it. “There’s a T.J. Maxx in the same shopping center, but how did this end up here? I’m confused.”

Next up is “random cr*p” placed in baggies with price tags on them. “They’re just putting stuff in a Walmart baggie and then sticking a price tag on it,” she says. “So the pens were 99 cents. We’ve got some shoelaces for 99 cents. We’ve got this random charger for some electronic; this looks like it fell out of a box, and they just put 49 cents on it because they don’t know what to do with it.”

She then pulls out a bag with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure. “Here’s a good one,” she says. “We’ve got Donatello. Maybe your kid wants to play with this, but he has no arm, no foot, no packaging, nothing—and it’s $3.99.”

Finally, she presents the final baggie. “I guess this is some sort of garden tool? I don’t know, but they have $7 on this—in a baggie. What are you doing, Ross?” she asks. In the caption, she writes, “Ross, are u ok?”

What’s going on with Ross?

Goodwill shoppers have complained about its thrift stores selling junk—and even trash—at times, but those offerings are at least supposed to be used. Ross inventory, however, is generally purchased from manufacturers that produce it for another retailer, according to the company’s website.

Despite the strange inventory and other issues, Ross continues to thrive and maintain a loyal customer base. In an article on the topic from 2017, Yahoo quotes a Morgan Stanley analyst who explains the brand’s ongoing success, which is in part attributable to its rejection of e-commerce. “Consumers increasingly prefer the off-price’ better brands at lower prices’ value proposition over moderate department stores’ private label merchandise despite the easier shopping experience,” the analyst said. The chain’s profits remain on the rise in 2024.

@ashleyandblairbeauty Ross, are u ok?😳 #unhinged #rossfinds #rossdressforless #rossshopping #rossdressforlessfinds #rossdress4less #rossshopwithme #rossshoppingvlog ♬ original sound – ashleyandblairbeauty

The video has amassed 109,000 views as of this writing. In the comments section, viewers expressed their own opinions about the state of Ross.

“So Ross is a thrift store now,” one viewer joked.

A second viewer wrote, “crazy thing is Goodwill would of probably priced these items higher.”

A third viewer said, “Ross goes ‘nothing goes to waste here.'”

Some retail workers said this is a company policy when handling destroyed packaging or stolen items. One viewer wrote, “At Burlington we either had to throw opened, random things like that away or put a low price on them. I think selling them for cheap is good option.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Ashley and Blair Beauty and Ross Dress for Less via email for comment.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/ross-selling-junk/

12 Comfy Shorts That Will Save Your Thighs From Chafing This Summer

As much as I love a pair of sturdy shorts, I live in my Bandelettes come summer. These garter-adjacent anti-chafing bands have been a staple in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. They are soft, silky smooth, and super cute, and they keep me chafe-free. The fabric is surprisingly sultry, and they have a thin strip of silicone along the top and bottom that secures them firmly in place no matter how sweaty I get. 

Get them from Amazon for $20.69+ (available in sizes S–3XL, six lengths and 19  styles).

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/lourdesavilauribe1/comfy-shorts-that-will-save-your-thighs-from-chafing

She Sent A Neighbor Kid Home After They Broke A Rule, But Their Dad Took Major Offense And Made Things Personal

Source: Shutterstock/Reddit

Having kids and living in a neighborhood can be a stressful road to navigate sometimes.

Kids want to play together, but adults sometimes end up with more responsibility than they bargained for.

This woman’s kids happily invited their young neighbor to play, but things went a little sideways.

This afternoon my 3 kids (6, 4, 1.5) were playing outside when the neighbor girl (7) asked to come over and play.

We know that her grandma (our neighbor) is immunocompromised so the whole family is playing it safe right now, so I let her come in.

Everyone was having fun, but when she had to go inside to change a diaper, she instructed everyone to stay in the yard.

The kids all played really well together for several hours.

Near hour 3, I needed to change the baby’s diaper.

Instead of making them all come in, I told none of them to go out of the fence (we have a 6ft tall, wrought iron fence along the front of our property) while I changed a diaper.

The neighbor kid ran out to greet her father, so she sent her home for the day (but said she could come back tomorrow).

I changed the baby’s diaper from the diaper bag in our living room with the front door open, but as I was redressing him, I heard the gate open.

I ran out to see the neighbor girl bolting out the fence to hug her dad who had just come back to his mom’s place (girl’s grandma, my neighbor).

When she went to come back in, I told her it was time to leave and made sure she got all the toys she had brought with her and invited her back over tomorrow.

The dad reacted very strongly to this show of discipline.

Dad heard the exchange and asked why she couldn’t play as we were obviously not going back inside or leaving.

I told him it was because she didn’t follow my rule of not leaving the yard while I was inside.

He called me a b**** and said it was cruel to not let her hug her dad.

I explained that this is my way of keeping my kids safe when I have to have my eyes off of them…hearing the gate open puts me in “fight or flight” mode as I’m assuming my children followed my direction and a stranger is entering my yard.

I had run out leaving a half-dressed child in the doorway to make sure all 3 kids outside were safe.

He says then that if I can’t supervise children I shouldn’t have had so many and I asked if he would rather I send her home anytime I need to change a diaper or find a bandaid, or just not have her over again?

It didn’t matter. He had his mind made up.

He just mumbled “b****” and walked away.

I told my husband about the encounter and he thinks I may have been too harsh considering it was her dad, not a stranger, and she is not my child to discipline, but I still feel justified.

So reddit AITA for sending the neighbor girl home?

Does Reddit think she did anything wrong?

Let’s find out!

The top comment says he didn’t have the right to say anything.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

In fact, his behavior was pretty bonkers.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

Rules are usually there for a reason.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

Your house your rules.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

Some people thought she could have been more clear up front, though.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

This dad was so far out of line.

It sounds like this is exactly the sort of mom you’d want next door.

If you liked that post, check this one about a guy who got revenge on his condo by making his own Christmas light rules.

Source: https://twistedsifter.com/2024/05/she-sent-a-neighbor-kid-home-after-they-broke-a-rule-but-their-dad-took-major-offense-and-made-things-personal/

13 Small Decisions That Changed People’s Lives


“It was my first night at a part-time job I had taken to help pay my way through college. The shift started at midnight, and my job consisted of unloading packages from inside a container onto a conveyor belt as fast as possible. The packages could sometimes weigh as much as 50 pounds each, and I was a skinny guy that weighed all of 125 pounds. It was also a hot evening inside a building that had no air conditioning, and my supervisor consistently kept yelling, ‘Faster, faster!’ Mid-shift, I decided the job wasn’t for me and wavered between walking off the job or finishing the shift. I decided to complete the shift and simply never return again. Just then, I stepped out of the container I was unloading as a manager was walking by.”

“He stopped and asked me what college I was enrolled in. When I told him, he said that was where he had graduated from and then said, ‘Follow me.’ He then yelled down the belt at my supervisor and said, ‘Hey, I’m taking him!’ We walked a little bit to a different location in the building, which was situated at the end of a conveyor belt. He said to that supervisor, ‘Hey, here’s a new guy for you,’ then shook my hand and walked away. My new job, in one night, went from something I could not physically do to a job that I could do. 

From there, I eventually worked my way up the seniority ladder, moved into their airline division, which allowed me to jump seat on their aircraft, and ended up in Florida, where I eventually relocated and built a life. 

My life would be so drastically different had I decided to quit on the spot and walk away. I literally owe everything that I have in my life to this one manager, whose name I never knew.”

—David, 61, Florida

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/ravenishak/small-decisions-that-changed-lives

33 Small, Practical Items For Homes With Limited Space

It has a 300-ppi high-resolution display, an adjustable front light, and dark mode. The battery can last up to six weeks on a single charge and it offers 16 GB for storing thousands of books.

BuzzFeed Shopping editor Amanda Davis says: “This was a purchase I thought looong and hard about, and TBH I should’ve gotten it way sooner!! My bookshelf is juuust about full and this was the perfect way to continue reading without adding the clutter of books in my home (especially the ones I have yet to read 😅). My favorite features are the anti-glare screen (a real game changer!) the easy dictionary look-ups, auto-saves so I don’t lose my place, and easy Bluetooth connection for when I want to read with an audiobook. The size is another huge plus, because I can take it everywhere without feeling like I’m lugging something around. The text can be enlarged, too so I don’t ever worry about straining my eyes. If you’re someone who buys physical books constantly, this will definitely save you a bit of money, too since Kindle versions tend to be cheaper. So, it really is a great investment. 11/10, 5 stars, I highly recommend! “

Promising review: “I actually have two because I leave one at the office. Love this method of reading. My font is bigger and clearer and it’s so much lighter to hold. Books are cheaper too. What’s not to love? Less books at the house taking up space.” —Jude L. Stringfellow

Get it from Amazon for $99.99+ (available in black and blue).

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/courtney_lynch/small-but-practical-home-products

38 Products Reviewers Love As Alternatives To Pricey Ones

Prime members: You can try before you buy!

BuzzFeed Editor Jenae Sitzes has these and says, “I bought these when my old pair of go-to black boots finally bit the dust after years of use. I wanted something a little more stylish and have always loved the look of classic Dr. Martens, but wasn’t ready to drop the money on them. Enter: these beauties. I’ve worn them for miles at a time all around NYC, and they haven’t hurt my feet one bit. I’ve also worn them in the pouring rain and my feet haven’t gotten the least bit wet. I love that they’ll go with practically all of my outfits, and every friend I’ve worn these around has complimented them and asked where I got them (most people wouldn’t guess they’re from Amazon!). I got them in my normal size and they fit just fine, even with my thick wool socks. Highly recommend if you’re looking for your new staple boot!”

Reviewers also compare the look of these to Prada’s lug sole Chelsea boots. (Which are over $1,000!)

Promising review: “I’m so happy I bought these! They are an excellent alternative to spending $1,200 on the Prada Chelsea boots. They look basically identical and are ridiculously comfy. Sure you can get other Chelsea style boots for like $35 to $45 but they are usually super uncomfortable, these just feel so nice. They don’t pinch or and my foot doesn’t slip around inside them. This is my best shoe purchase on Amazon, I’m just so impressed.” —Azure Look

Get them from Amazon for $28.79+ (available in women’s sizes 5–13 and 14 styles). 

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicahall2/cheaper-than-pricier-counterparts

‘Wait.. she???’: Nanny shares why the Four Seasons Orlando baby is so ‘conscious’

Do you remember the moment you gained consciousness as a child? Some folks do, and they’ve written about their experiences online, like this Redditor who said they possess a “vivid” memory of the exact instance they started cataloging all of life’s experiences in their minds and weren’t just on auto-pilot. The concept of gaining sentience as a child has been the subject of various memes and online jokes, and recently, a viral TikTok affectionately known as The Four Seasons Baby.

If you haven’t seen the video, a quick glimpse is all it takes to understand why so many people are freaking out over the way this child speaks. Aesthetically, the toddler looks like the dancing baby gif: She’s pretty much bald and is wearing a large diaper.

So seeing this kid react immediately to being asked if they want to go to the Four Seasons in Orlando, with a punctuated finger up in the air is, as many viewers stated, jarring to watch. And nanny Grace Johanna (@gracejohanna) explained that the child is, more than likely, older than people realize. It’s just that the “classic baby” look is what’s making folks think her father is holding an infant and not a toddler.

@sobrizzle If the @Four Seasons Hotels ♬ original sound – Stefanie O’Brien

Development-wise, Johanna argues, there are massive milestones children go through on a week-to-week and month-to-month basis. Children’s Health writes that at around 15 months, babies will start gesturing and even speaking in an attempt to communicate with adults. And since the Four Seasons baby has an older sibling, Johanna argues, there’s a good chance the child became verbal more quickly as she presumably is frequently engaging and talking with her big sister (but there are some medical professionals who say that this supposition isn’t rooted in any actual scientific fact).

@gracejohanna #fourseasonsorlando #conciousbaby ♬ original sound – gracejohanna

“That baby is older than you think she is. She is just bald-headed,” Johanna argues. “She’s at least 15 to 16 months old,” Johanna says in her clip, while also offering in a text overlay that the child could also be as old as “2 years” as well. However, according to Rolling Stone, the mother confirmed the baby is almost 13 months old.

Johanna continued to offer her thoughts on the Four Seasons baby’s self-awareness, saying she “probably can feed herself she can probably, she definitely can walk.”

Several other TikTokers who responded to her video seemed to agree with Johanna’s breakdown. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t a few commenters who had jokes about the situation.

“I love how the conscious baby has her own PR team,” one said.

Another quipped, “Did fully conscious baby pay you to make this??”

And then others said they had experienced a similar phenomenon to what Johanna was referring to themselves: “As a former bald baby, yes,” one person wrote.

Someone else remarked, “I was also a bald headed verbally advanced baby. my parents used me as their party trick.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Johanna via email for further comment.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/four-seasons-orlando-baby-explained/

The 2024 Fast Food Chicken Sandwich Awards: We Name The Best Of The Best


Step aside double cheeseburger, the chicken sandwich is now the king of fast food. In fact, we’re living in a golden age of chicken sandwiches — the fastest-growing chains are putting a focus on chicken, and over the past five years just about every fast food restaurant has launched a chicken sandwich hoping it will be the next big thing. Burgers had their moment, now it’s the chicken sandwich’s turn to shine, and we’re here for it.

So who makes the best? It’s a question we’ve attempted to answer repeatedly, and while we love a big ranking as much as the next person, there is something imperfect about a traditional ranked list. Why? With a traditional list, we’re forced to pick a number one and that always leaves a few options that get short-changed.

So in an effort to get even more nuanced than usual — we’ve ranked fast food burger patties, our passion knows no bounds! — we present to you the first Uproxx Chicken Sandwich Awards. This is a place where we can shout out all the very best chicken sandwiches, be it fast casual, fast food, grilled, spicy, and just for fun, we’ll even talk about which sandwich we think has the most room for improvement.

A quick explanation before we jump in: all of these chicken sandwiches are amazing, they represent the very best in fast food, so wherever you land on this list (with the exception of our last pick), you’re going to have a good experience. This is merely a way for us to celebrate and go deep on all the delicious sandwiches out there. If you want a hard ranking, you can always check out last year’s Best Fast Food Chicken Sandwich ranking here.

Okay, let’s jump in!

Best “Never Misses” Fast Food Chicken Sandwich: Chick-fil-A — Spicy Deluxe


Thoughts & Tasting Notes:

Here is what I love about this sandwich: it’s crunchy, tender and juicy, and remarkably, almost eerily consistent. Every time I order a Spicy Deluxe, the experience is essentially the same, this means every time I eat a Spicy Deluxe, it’s delicious.

The sandwich has this mild sense of heat courtesy of the heavily seasoned batter the filet is breaded in. The heat comes from a light dusting of cayenne which pairs nicely with the black pepper, garlic, paprika and onion powder. While this is a “spicy” chicken sandwich, the heat isn’t overwhelming, it’s very much designed to appeal to the widest audience possible.

So as a “spicy” sandwich, it falls short, but that doesn’t matter because the flavor combination is complex, and the filet itself is juicy enough that the sandwich doesn’t need a sauce. The full build consists of green leaf lettuce, tomato, and a slice of pepper jack cheese.

The Bottom Line:

This chicken sandwich checks all the boxes: it’s juicy, tender, crunchy, and full of flavor with a gentle kick of heat that keeps things interesting.

Best Fast-Casual Chicken Sandwich: Shake Shack — Avocado Bacon Chicken

Shake Shack

Thoughts & Tasting Notes:

There are days when I think Shake Shack’s Avocado Bacon Chicken Sandwich is the best in all of fast food. And then I’ll get a sandwich that is lacking in some ways (overripened avocado, poorly cooked bacon, an underseasoned filet) and I change my mind. So the quality control here leaves something to be desired, but when it’s good, it’s f*cking great.

Let’s start with the build: we’ve got a chicken breast filet that is breaded in an airy and crispy batter topped with thin but delicious bacon, and fresh slices of avocado, and sits on a bed of thick pickles, lettuce, and buttermilk herb mayo.

One bite into this sandwich is a wonderful world of texture and flavors, the chicken and bacon keep things crispy and crunchy, while the avocado adds a fresh nutty butteriness, which pairs nicely with the earthy tang of the pickles, all held together by an herbal savory finish. Of all the chicken sandwiches in fast food, this one has the best build, easily.

Where it falls short is quality control. For whatever reason, I’ve had sandwiches that miss the mark in some small way. It’s delicious enough that I’ll take the gamble though.

The Bottom Line:

A delicious and satisfying fried chicken sandwich with a build that we’d love to see replicated at other chains. Avocado and bacon are always a winning

Best Spicy Chicken Sandwich: Dave’s Hot Chicken — Hot Chicken Slider

Dane Rivera

Thoughts & Tasting Notes:

I love the Chick-fil-A Spicy Deluxe, obviously, but if you’re looking for blazing heat that sandwich falls short. If you want something truly spicy, you’ll have to hit up Dave’s Hot Chicken and grab a Chicken Slider.

Between a buttery bun sits a gargantuan chicken tender drizzled with a comeback style sauce sitting on a bed of thick and crunchy pickles, kale cabbage slaw, and cheese. The sandwich is customizable with seven different levels of heat, and we suggest starting with “Hot,” and working your way up to “Extra Hot,” or “Reaper,” if you want a sweat-inducing experience.

The flavors in this sandwich are all wonderfully harmonious, and the kale-cabbage slaw helps to tamp down the heat a bit. My only gripe here is that the chicken itself is much bigger than the bun that houses it, so you’re going to have a few bites that are just chicken. Luckily that chicken is well-seasoned, tender, and crunchy.

The Bottom Line:

Easily the hottest sandwich in all of fast food, and if you for some reason need more heat, you can always go up a few heat levels.

Best Grilled Chicken Sandwich: Smashburger — Colorado Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Smash Burger

Thoughts & Tasting Notes:

While they aren’t as indulgent and decadent as their fried counterparts, don’t sleep on grilled chicken sandwiches. When done right they are delicious, and there isn’t a better one out there right now than Smashburger’s Colorado Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

The chicken filet is flattened out, which allows it to get a good char from Smashburger’s grill without drying out the meat. This results in a filet that is tender, juicy, and full of smokey flavor. On top of the filet is a layer of pepper jack and cheddar cheese, giving it a creamy, nutty, and salty element with a generous serving of grilled Anaheim chilis that help to emphasize the smokiness and add a vegetal tang to the finish.

Rounding out the build is some crispy lettuce, juicy tomato, and mayo on a toasted chipotle bun. As the sandwich comes its delicious, but if you want to take it up a notch consider adding bacon and smashed avocado to this sandwich.

The Bottom Line:

Proof that grilled sandwiches can be just as good as their fried counterparts.

Best Overall Chicken Sandwich: Popeyes — Spicy Bacon & Cheese Chicken Sandwich


Thoughts & Tasting Notes:

If you were wondering why Popeyes didn’t take the spot in the “Best Fast Food” category, this is why. Popeyes still makes the best chicken sandwich in fast food. Believe the hype.

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich is the spark that ignited the chicken sandwich wars, and fast food is better because of it. Since that initial launch, Popeyes has made a few tweaks and alterations, our favorite is this Bacon & Cheese version.

The filet is heavily breaded in a mix of garlic, onion powder, cayenne pepper, and other seasonings which give each bite a buttery flavor with a subtle hint of sweetness that makes each bite more addicting than the last.

Joining the filet is a slightly spicy and sweet sauce with some juicy pickles (a bit too wet), and a layer of crispy smokey bacon and Havarti cheese, which helps to emphasize the buttery quality of the filet breading.

Each bite is like heaven on Earth. It’s crunchy, tender, nuanced, and full of complementary flavors that work together to be greater than the sum of its parts. Popeyes doesn’t make the prettiest chicken sandwich in fast food, but one bite will prove that looks aren’t everything, especially when it comes to flavor.

The Bottom Line:

The greatest chicken sandwich in all of fast food. It’s perfect.

The Sandwich With The Biggest Room For Improvement: Raising Cane’s Chicken Finger Sandwich

Raising Cane's

Thoughts & Tasting Notes:

I originally wanted to name this category “The Worst Chicken Sandwich,” but there isn’t much to gain in talking about something bad.

Yes, I believe we live in a golden age of chicken sandwiches, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t bad ones out there. Arby’s, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Sonic, and yes, even McDonald’s, all make chicken sandwiches I would describe as straight-up “bad,” but no sandwich frustrates me like Raising Cane’s Chicken Finger Sandwich.

My issue is that Raising Cane’s has easily the best chicken in all of fast food. It’s fresh, breaded in-restaurant, and juicy and tender, so naturally the brand should be able to make a great chicken sandwich, and yet this one leaves a lot to be desired.

The build is bad, it consists of three chicken tenders on a single leaf of green lettuce with a double dose of Cane’s sauce on the bottom and top bun. The sandwich is good for one bite and then it falls apart. Eating this sandwich is a constant battle where you’ll be balancing and readjusting the three tenders between the bun. You’re better off ditching the bun and dipping each strip into some Cane’s sauce, which means you’re better off not ordering the sandwich in the first place and instead just getting an order of chicken tenders.

This feels like a sandwich that was added to the menu because Cane’s felt the need to compete with the likes of Popeyes and Chick-fil-A. Just imagine how good a Raising Cane’s chicken sandwich would be if it was made with a juicy freshly breaded fried chicken filet instead of three chicken tenders?

The Bottom Line:

There is potential here but a sandwich made of multiple chicken tenders rather than one filet will always be a disappointment, no matter how great the chicken is.

Source: https://uproxx.com/life/best-fast-food-chicken-sandwiches-of-2024/

Her Son Wants To Go To Homecoming But She Only Gets 4 Days A Month To See Him, So She Says No Because It Cuts Into Their Time Together

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@ardianlumi

A word to the wise: if you have kids, don’t be selfish and deprive them of social time with their peers.

They need those events to grow and learn!

But this woman didn’t get the memo…

Check out her story and see if you think she was right or wrong.

“My son is a freshman and his dad is telling me he wants to go to homecoming but it is 6-10 pm on my saturday.

I get him Friday night to Sunday night.

She’s not cool with this.

I only see him 4 days a month right now and he only sees his brother on the weekends.

My ex took my older son away from me to go live with him when he wasn’t doing good in school with me.

So I told his dad no and said it isn’t fair to me or his brother to allow him to go.

I can’t drive him there because it’s an hour each way so would be 4 hours of driving for me.

Her ex tried to compromise.

His dad said he would give up the monday but I’d still only get him from sunday morning to monday evening which is less than my usual time.

Well my son is throwing a fit now and his dad is telling me I don’t put my kids first, but it’s literally just a dance?

I barely see my son and I already miss a lot of time for his football practice.”

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This person said she acted like an *******.

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Another Reddit user agreed.

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This person nailed it.

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One individual didn’t think there was any question.

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And this Reddit user didn’t hold back.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

She needs to lighten up!

Good grief!

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Source: https://twistedsifter.com/2024/05/her-son-wants-to-go-to-homecoming-but-she-only-gets-4-days-a-month-to-see-him-so-she-says-no-because-it-cuts-into-their-time-together/

‘I would like to take you out to Chili’s’: Woman says Hooters customer used her car’s VIN number to find her address, call her landlord

A woman says a man who saw her at Hooters used her car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) to find out her home address, call her landlord, and get her phone number to ask her out on a date. 

As she writes in the text overlay of her TikTok video, Kenzie Coleman (@kenzieacoleman) decided to join the trend of dancing to your favorite voicemail after she received a message from an unknown individual. She provides no other details, as the voicemail explains it all. 

“Hey, this is Emmanuel,” the stranger begins.

“I work at Down South Repo, and I just wanted to let you know that I saw you at Hooters a couple months back getting into your car, and I looked up your VIN number and got your address. Called your landlord—he gave me your phone number ’cause I thought you looked pretty, gorgeous, and beautiful, and very fertile, and I would like to take you out to Chili’s or O’Charley’s for a nice dinner between us two, so we can get to know each other better. Goodbye.”

The Hooters server received 2.2 million views on her video, and many viewers in the comments section expressed shock at the overall message and the man’s method of acquiring her phone number.

“I’m sorry…. WHAT!? This whole thing is unhinged but him saying FERTILE?!” read one comment.

“Um i’m sorry…VIN NUMBER? LAND LORD???? VERY FERTILE?? CHILLIS??? that was wild from start to finish,” another viewer said. 

“Man there are SOOOOO many things wrong with this voicemail,” a third wrote.

“Ngl this is funny as a story but TERRIFYING as an experience,” someone else said.


Did i win? 😂🥴

♬ original sound – kenzieacoleman

Several viewers were also troubled by the fact that the landlord had given the Hooters server’s phone number to a stranger.

“I was shocked at VIN # but the landlord giving out the number just … my landlord would not be receiving next months rent,” one person wrote in disbelief.

“You need to SUE your landlord!! Report him STAT!” another said.

A number of commenters also brought up the “man or bear” debate, in which women explain why they feel safer coming across a bear in the woods rather than a man they don’t know. 

“Very fertile? I choose the bear, I can’t lol!” read one of those comments.

The Daily Dot reached out to Coleman via Instagram direct message and Hooters via email for more information. It was unable to find any information on Down South Repo or an employee named Emmanuel.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/hooters-customer-car-vin-number/