Boss Didn’t Choose The Right Way To Vote, So Employee Decided To Get Revenge By Using The Same Voting System Against His Boss

Source: Reddit/Maliciouscompliance/pexels/fauxels

Some bosses just won’t take a new opinion and that’s so annoying!

This guy shares his story where his boss would make everyone suffer for his choice.

So he figured turnabout was fair play.

Let’s see how he taught his boss a lesson!

In November, one of the voting tickets in Massachusetts was to begin using ranked choice voting.

The majority voted no.

He wanted to see if his workplace would be open to something like that.

We were talking about it once at work and one of my supervisors voted no, saying we shouldn’t get more than one choice.

In true r/maliciouscompliance fashion, I decided I was gonna teach him a lesson as to why it matters that we have more than one choice when the opportunity came up.

I’m the person that usually goes picks up lunch when we order out. And he ordered some empanadas from our local Hispanic convenience store.

Guess he has a plan..

Empanadas, that I did not bring.


When he questioned me why I didn’t bring him the empanadas, I told him that they didn’t have the kind he liked. (beef, but there was other kinds like chicken, etc.)

As predicted, he’s like “why didn’t you bring any of the other ones! I would have been okay with it!”

The supervisor must have not liked that!

And I’m like “well, you said we shouldn’t get more than one choice. What you want right THERE. Is a type of” rank choice”.

Now there’s a lesson the supervisor learned.

So given that you don’t think we should have more than one, I figured you wouldn’t want any other than the one you wanted.

And that’s the story on how I got in trouble for the next week and a half at work hahaha.

He got himself in trouble but at least he made a point!

No regrets with that!

Let’s see what the folks on Reddit think about his cleverness.

This person knows the politics of bosses behind rejecting this idea.

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This person shares how things are across seas.

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This person has another idea!

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This person applauds this guy for his play.

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

This person loves the idea of ranked choice.

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

That was some support from the commentators!

He shouldn’t give up his idea now!

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‘If you order this, you have caused more back pain than the NFL’: FedEx driver shares the 5 things he hates to deliver

Services that places like Amazon and Instacart offer have made it so that if a customer never wants to step foot inside a physical store again, they probably don’t have to. While there are many pros to this, that means delivery drivers are now having to deliver—to their dismay—heavy items like kitty litter, dog food, and cases of bottled water.

Amazon drivers have complained about just this in the past. But they were met with criticism. Many viewers reminded them that elderly people and others who can’t go to the store and lift heavy items rely on such delivery services for their necessities.

However, that isn’t stopping delivery drivers from using TikTok to air out their complaints. The latest comes from TikTok user Mr. B (@bchandler662), who shared the top five items he hates delivering. His video has been viewed 2.3 million times.


Chewy branded boxes on table

First up is Chewy. Chewy is an online retailer that sells pet food, supplies, and toys, among other pet-related products. “If you order this, you have caused more back pain than the NFL,” the Mississippi-based FedEx delivery driver remarks.

Chewy offers repeat deliveries. And the company reported that it had 20 million active customers by the end of 2023.

Mr. B joins the ranks of the many delivery drivers who have complained about delivering Chewy boxes, specifically, as the boxes are known to be extremely heavy.

“Working at fedex and unloading them chewy boxes is straight hell,” one viewer of Mr. B’s video stated.

“Worst thing about the chewy boxes is that they’re either 3 ounces or 60 pounds and you don’t know until you lift it,” another viewer said.

In a Reddit thread, a delivery driver said that Chewy was “ruining this job for” them. “As a driver who runs a rural route i have days of nothing but chewy boxes. It is tearing my knees and my back apart. Im 31 years old and have maybe 3 more years of this left in me,” they shared.

The boxes often contain cat litter, pet food, or both. “Some of these dog food’s like 80 pounds. What size dogs do y’all have in your house?” an Amazon driver questioned back in 2023. “Why’s the dog food and the kitty litter so heavy? … They don’t pay us enough to be lifting cat litter, bottled water, and dog food.”

And another Amazon driver said these items are especially hard to deliver to apartments.



Next on Mr. B’s list are tires. “You obviously don’t care about other packages I gotta fit into my car,” Mr. B says.

Many people purchase tires online because it can be cheaper, more convenient, and may have better payment options.

But if you still want a good deal on tires but don’t want to order them online, a tire shop worker shared his go-to hack for getting the best deal on tires in person. “Never pay full price for a tire. Amazon will always have a lower price than almost anywhere you go,” he said in 2023. He said that customers should ask their local tire shop to price match Amazon’s price and that “every company will do it.”


Hello Fresh meal kit on porch

Perishables are food items “those likely to spoil, decay or become unsafe to consume if not kept refrigerated at 40 °F or below, or frozen at 0 °F or below,” per the USDA. These foods include dairy, raw meat, frozen items, and eggs.

If perishable foods are left out at room temperature for longer than two hours, they can become unsafe to consume. This is why they are often delivered alongside a cold source, like ice. And that’s part of why such items are an annoyance to delivery drivers. “Bottom of the box has gotten soaked by the time I make it to your house,” Mr. B says of delivering such items.


Dusty broken mirror in a vintage white frame, the reflection of blue sky and clouds

Mr. B also dislikes delivering mirrors. There’s a “75% chance it’s gonna be broke & chance it was broke before it made it to my truck,” Mr. B jokes.

Customers online have issued complaints via Reddit about their mirrors being delivered broken by FedEx.

Mirrors are also often large and heavy, which makes them extra annoying. In the comments section, a delivery driver resonated with hating delivering this item. “Fr dropping off those mirrors knowing you’ll just have to pick it up again tomorrow,” they commented.


Casper home mattress delivery box inside home. Weathered and damaged from shipping and freight

The item that boils Mr. B’s blood the most, however, seems to be mattresses. “Putting a mattress in a box should be a felony,” he remarks.

Mattresses can be heavy, ranging between 50 and 150 pounds. In addition, even the smallest size—a twin size—is a huge item to deliver. Despite this, FedEx allows mattress deliveries as long as they weighs 150 pounds and are 108 inches long. If the mattress is heavier than 150 pounds, the customer will get charged a $100 fee.

The Daily Dot reached out to Mr. B via TikTok comment and direct message.

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35 Products With “Summer Fairy Princess” Vibes

Craftmix is a small business that specializes in instant drink mixers. 

These are all vegan and gluten-free — all you have to do is add booze, water, or the seltzer of your choice! Reviewers also love it as a party favor. 

Promising review: “These margarita mixes are absolutely perfect for hanging out with your girlfriends. They are so refreshing when mixed with tequila and sparkling soda. There were enough drink mixes for 12 margaritas. I also dipped the glasses in rock salt. Great value for your money. I’m going to purchase more for our taco night.” —Suze 

Get a pack of 12 from Amazon for $14.99 (available in 10 different flavors and a variety pack). 


Woman Gets Nit-Picky About A Neighbor’s Hedge Height, But Is Surprised When Her Vision Doesn’t Go According To Plan And The Hedge Looks Horrible

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance/Pixabay/Pexels

Home ownership has a lot of unpredictabilities, but one of the biggest ones? Who moves in next door to you.

You can’t control who it is or how they run their household, and sometimes the way they do things affects your way of living too.

Read how this Redditor deals with one particular woman looking to sell her house. She’s set on having the final word to her neighbors before she moves, but this couple already knows how her plan will backfire.

I was reminded of this by some recent stories here about HOA, residential fences and so on. Hope you enjoy!

My husband and I developed an unpleasant relationship with one of our neighbors, mostly because this lady liked to adopt kittens (whom we adore) and then basically throw them outside, where they invaded our backyard and preyed on cute native wildlife like tiny birds, chipmunks, bunnies and so on. There’s a bylaw against this, and we made some use of it while she lived next door.

That is so sad! I’m a firm believer that people should have to take a test for adopting animals, just like driving a car.

After a couple of years, we found out that she was selling and moving away.


However, she was still mad at us, and she shared her feelings with her real estate agent.

The agent thought it over and called the (very nice and polite!) bylaw officer to visit us because the hedge between our two properties was technically too high. It was maybe six feet high and needed to be half that.

Huh, one of those weird little laws you’ve never heard of until you do, I guess.

There’s no real reason for this rule, since we are on the outside of a bend in the road and visibility is fine, but whatever.

My husband readily agreed to have at this lush, beautiful green hedge, and got out there right away with his heaviest equipment.

I quickly realized why he was so cheerful about this big job. As he cut the hedge to half its height, of course most of the greenery was trimmed away, and the result was a stark and (temporarily) sad-looking collection of bare branches and twigs. He carefully cleaned up after himself, and we kept an eye out for the agent.

*Grabs popcorn* for this suspenseful moment…

We were so lucky to be there when she next arrived and emerged from her car!

Let’s say that my husband’s malicious compliance did not exactly improve the curb appeal of the next-door property!

She stood there for some time, then noticed us regarding her from our living room with gratified expressions, and marched away.

So very satisfying, we still sometimes mention it to each other.

Wow, talk about perfect timing on this one. And what can she even say, considering she requested the hedge be cut in the first place!

Let’s see what Reddit has to say about this.

One Redditor upholds this story as an example of what the subreddit should always be.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousComplianceSource: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Another user was confused on what the neighbor’s preferred outcome would have been from the start.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousComplianceSource: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

And this user realized that she may have assumed it wouldn’t turn out like that at all.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousComplianceSource: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

I wholeheartedly agree that this is the perfect example of malicious compliance.

It’s a polite, respectful story that illuminates a plan that’s clearly flawed.

If you liked that post, check out this post about a woman who tracked down a contractor who tried to vanish without a trace.


Rude Neighbor Intentionally Brings Their Dog Next Door To Let It Do Its Business, So She Gets Revenge And Returns A Smelly Favor

Source: Reddit/AITA/Canva

Imagine your fresh, pristine lawn being the go-to spot for the neighbor’s dog when they’re doing their business.

Everyone would be annoyed by this, for sure.

This female homeowner narrates how her neighbor intentionally brings their dog into her yard and lets it do its business there.

Even after a polite request to stop doing it, the neighbor continues to do so.

She comes up with a smart idea on how to solve this. Read more below.

Backstory: We live in an HOA subdivision.

They demand we keep our yards nice, including eliminating weeds and “unappealing spots in the yard.” (Which dog pee/poo can cause).

Here comes the big, stinking problem.

The neighbor beside me brings her medium-sized dog, and lets it go in my yard.

Last week, I was coming home and spotted her, and I rolled my window down and said, “Ma’am, can you please not let your dog go in our yard, or clean it up?”

She immediately tries to tell me that she was in her yard, so I point out the boundary line stake, and assure her that she is in fact, on my property.

She is tripping over her words at this point, and then says, “Well, I don’t want him going in MY yard.”

She tries to answer back politely.

I’ve remained calm, and said, “Ma’am, I work really hard to keep my yard nice. There are chemicals sprayed on the lawn for weeds, and I am told it’s not entirely safe for dogs.”

“Not to mention, I have a large rottweiler, and he stays in the house or in the backyard.

If he is outside, and should he escape, I don’t want a run-in with animal control should a fight happen when you and your dog are on my property.”

She gets huffy and leaves.

Just when she thinks the neighbor finally backed off…

Not 20 minutes ago, I am preparing to go check the mail, and at this point, she is letting her dog poop directly in front of my house, clearly on my property.

No bag to clean it up with. Nothing.

I remain silent.

Now, it’s time for her sweet but petty revenge.

Once she has gone, I leashed up my rottweiler and chihuahua, and go for a walk to HER front lawn, where the rottweiler proceeds to mark her mailbox, and my chihuahua takes a great dane-sized poop in her yard.

I waved at her camera, and walked back home.

My husband says I’m being petty, but I pay $140/month for my lawn to look nice, and I have enough respect (for everyone, except this neighbor) to keep my dogs out of their yard.


That was amusing. Let’s see what other people have to say.

Uh oh! A war is coming.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

You get what you give, right?

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

Here are several options for OP from a commenter.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

And here’s one more, but this time, involving the HOA.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

And, yup, don’t forget the legal side of things.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

What else can I say?

What goes around comes around!

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New Studies Suggest That Reading Fiction Can Significantly Improve Cognitive Function, Reasoning And Empathy

Source: Shutterstock

Reading fiction is something I loved as a child, and something that I have come back to over and over as a favorite way to spend time.

There are people who love to read and people who don’t read at all, and honestly, there aren’t very many in between.

According to research, though, there are very real benefits from falling into the “reader” group.

Lena Wimmer, a postdoc researcher and one of the authors of the study, says the team wanted to “lay the groundwork for quantitative studies about fiction’s effect on thinking.”

Source: ShutterstockSource: Shutterstock

They found that reading fiction is better for you than some “serious” thinkers wanted to believe.

“Over the decades, scholars from several disciplines have claimed far-reaching benefits – but also potential disadvantages – of reading fiction for cognition in the real world. I wanted to get an objective, quantitative overview of the relevant empirical evidence in order to decide whether any of these assumptions is supported by empirical studies.”

The researchers conducted two meta-analyses to reach their conclusions.

The first looked into the results of a study that measured cognitive function for people who read various types of fiction. It includes data from 70 studies and more than 11,000 participants. They found that reading fiction had a “statistically significant” positive effect on people’s cognition. The readers also seemed better able to empathize with others.

The second took data from a longitudinal study that correlated lifelong fiction readership with cognitive outcomes ranging from abstract thinking and reasoning skills to the ability to empathize with others. This included 114 studies and more than 30,000 participants and found even more positive correlation between reading fiction and cognitive abilities. This was especially true when it came to verbal skills, reasoning, abstract thinking, and problem-solving.

This dataset also found readers of fiction more able to empathize, though the correlation wasn’t as pronounced.

“The similar trend is that people who read a lot of fiction have better cognitive skills than people who read little or no fiction. These benefits are small in size across various cognitive skills, but of medium size for verbal and general cognitive abilities. Importantly, there is a stronger association between reading fiction and cognitive skills than between reading nonfiction and those skills.”

Source: ShutterstockSource: Shutterstock

They believe their study provides a framework for more research into how different reading habits affect our brains.

For now, you can feel pretty good about picking up whatever sort of novel blows your skirt up.

I mean, if you didn’t already.

If you thought that was interesting, you might like to read about the mysterious “pyramids” discovered in Antarctica. What are they?


After Her Daughter Changed Her Mind About Already-Booked Concert Tickets, Mom Follows Through On Getting Her Nothing For Her Birthday

Source: Reddit/AITA

Yes, kids are wishy-washy and they change their minds all the time, but still…this kid needed a major wake-up call.

Well, at least that’s what I think!

Now it’s your turn to check out this story from Reddit so you can determine whether this mom took things too far.

Let’s see what’s going on here…

“My daughter turned 13 yesterday.

I made sure to ask her what she wants for her birthday a few months in advance. She gave me a list. Great.

I explained she won’t be getting everything from the list as it was big and some things were expensive. She understood.

About a week after we had that conversation, she tells me she wants tickets to a show for her birthday. Going to the show would also mean traveling a little out of the city.

Neither are cheap.

Here’s the deal…

So I told her that would be the only gift she would get and would also replace a party. She said that’s what she wants and I triple checked before I booked tickets.

A couple of weeks ago, would you believe, she tells me she changed her mind again. She wants clothes instead of the show.

I told her I already booked everything so there’s absolutely no way.

She got into a strop about it and said she isn’t going.

I told her fine I’ll take someone else, fully expecting her to later apologize and say she is coming.

But the apology never came.

In fact her attitude got worse and she got into trouble at school. She asked me if I got her the clothes and I told her no, I’m sticking to my word.

I don’t think she believed me.

I told you!

Well her birthday came and she realized I wasn’t bluffing. I didn’t get her any gifts.

She was appalled and I was the worst mother ever. I told her she’s learned a valuable lesson.

I really wanted to make her birthday special but she was being awful. Of course other relatives got her things but none from me.

She told her grandparents her side of the story. Which was of course all one sided making her out as a victim.

They called me and I explained to them the whole truth.

They also think I’m awful and the “poor girl” needs gifts from her mother.

I told them next year will be different if she behaves.


Now take a look at what folks had to say on Reddit.

This person said she’s NTA.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

But another reader had different thoughts…

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

This individual was NOT impressed.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

Another person also said she’s to blame.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

And this Reddit user had a lot to say.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

Sorry, kid…now you get NOTHING.

I’m on the fence with this one!

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Uncle Howdy And The Wyatt Sicks Arrived On WWE Raw


Uncle Howdy and the Wyatt Sicks have finally arrived on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Jey Uso, who has recently claimed Bray Wyatt’s fireflies as his own, was successful in qualifying for the Money in the Bank ladder match to close out Raw. As he celebrated in the audience, the lights went out around the arena.

While music played, a door creaked open at the top of the entrance ramp and out crawled a woman to Wyatt’s infamous lamp. The camera panned to the backstage area, where fellow members of the new Wyatt clan had laid out members of the roster, dismantled the gorilla backstage position, and had effectively taken over the backstage area.

To end the show, Uncle Howdy pulled the Wyatt Sicks together and posed on stage, saying “We’re here,” before blowing the lamp out. As far as tributes go to the late, great Bray Wyatt, it was about as perfectly executed as they could do. After weeks teasing their arrival, the only question remaining is the identity of the new Wyatt family — it has been reported for quite some time Uncle Howdy is Bo Dallas, the real life brother of Wyatt.

The return of the Wyatts comes after an eventful episode that saw Seth Rollins return to challenge Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight championship at Money in the Bank, Otis turn on Chad Gable, and Drew McIntyre “retiring” from WWE.


‘They do this on purpose’: Car salesperson shares why you should never test drive a car at a dealership

Taking a potential new automobile purchase for a test run makes the same sense as trying on a pair of new jeans before you buy them. It seems like a no-brainer.

But you might want to pump the brakes on taking a test drive before you buy.

TikTok user and car dealership worker Ash (@ashxautos) has some strong opinions about car ownership and she’s taking aim at the commonly accepted wisdom that you should drive a vehicle before you buy it.

She took to social media with her latest hot tip in a video posted on May 28. The video currently has 7,012 views on TikTok as of Monday.

“Never ever ever test drive a car at a dealership,” Ash tells her viewers at the outset of the video. “The only reason the dealership wants you to drive that car is so you can fall in love with it and take mental ownership.”

She says, “They want you to form an emotional connection with the car so you’ll be so excited you’ll just say yes to whatever they say.”

@ashxautos Maybe I’ll start a myth busters series 🤭 what do you guys think? #carbuying #carsaleswoman #buyingacar #facts #dealership #dealershiptiktok #myths #salestoyota #letsgoplaces ♬ Aesthetic Vibes – Megacreate

In the comments section, one viewer agreed writing, “That new car smell gets me every time. Guilty.”

Ash responded, “Never get used to it.”

Should you test drive a car?

U.K. Car subscription service Tomorrow’s Journey agreed with Ash on the importance of getting a customer to bond emotionally with a potential new vehicle.

“Test drives offer the opportunity for potential buyers to seek the opinions and feedback of others, whether it be the salesperson, friends, or even online reviews. Positive social proof can reinforce the emotional attachment to the vehicle and increase the likelihood of purchase.,” they wrote in October of last year.

However, several of Ash’s viewers disagreed with her advice.

Viewer Rh102294 (@rh102294) wrote, “Test drive the car, leave the dealership, do research on the numbers, call several dealerships negotiate, and make them an offer over the phone. If they say no, keep looking.”

“Nah, I’ve test-driven cars before. You just have to learn to say no and walk away if it’s not what you are after.,” another viewer offered.

Another commented, “I’m always willing to walk away, I’ll def [be] test driving it.”

According to Endurance Warranty, there are several benefits to test-driving a vehicle you are thinking about buying. These include testing a vehicle’s performance and handling, confirming the car’s condition, and just seeing if the vehicle is a good fit for you.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ash via email for further comment.

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His Boss Insisted That The Software For A New Client Be Built From Scratch, So He Did Just That And It Cost The Company A Lot

Source: Pexels/fauxels

There are many advantages to working for a small business.

Having a tight-knit group of people to work with, lots of opportunities for growth, and direct access to the owners are just a few.

On the other hand, there is also the risk of having a boss/owner who thinks they know everything about your job, even when they don’t.

That is the situation in this story, where the boss thought it was a good idea to reinvent software that already existed.

Check it out and see what you think.

I worked as a fullstack developer in a start-up company.

The company had a client that requested a website that will only be up for 3 days and with livestreaming.

Sounds like the CEO has a great idea…so far.

Our CEO quickly saw the opportunity and briefed us that everything here will be reused for all future clients that needs the same feature.

Just for info, I was hired with the job description of creating APIs, dashboards and whatnot.

Typically more on database and API Integration (for non-IT people, basically you automate the usage of other company’s product).

So as someone who has no idea how to implement a livestreaming and someone who has every idea how to implement an API, I quickly looked for companies that offers livestreaming APIs.

I found wowza and vimeo, and suggested them both.

The CEO started out looking good, but is about to have a terrible idea.

This CEO also saw something before that meeting about a company that creates its own products (instead of outsourcing it), and later on sells it.

He fancies this idea so he threw my suggestion and was like “why can’t we do this” and I was like “because we’re a 10-man team with only mobile developers and web developers?” (we don’t even have a tester at this point LMAO).

Long story short, he really love that idea and made us create our own live streaming platform.

Hey, OP warned him.

I made sure that he understand that none of us are qualified to do that (I’m the most senior web developer in that company) and everything we’ll do is something we learned 2 nights ago.

So the reinvention of the wheel is now a go.

I managed to learn a bit about it and successfully made a working prototype.

By my calculation, it would cost P20,000 (Philippine currency) for the amount of expected users, on the expected livestreaming time on a 720 resolution, using a much higher one would cost more.

Note that this is almost same as 1 year subscription to vimeo.

So we launched the “product” (imagine a “car” that was built using 30 different models from 30 different manufacturers joined by glue gun and duct tape), and my boss thought it’s nice to give some perks to our first customer for this product.

The CEO’s ignorance is about to become very apparent.

So he allowed using the livestreaming server for double the time and quadruple the resolution.

And you guessed it, we basically had a server bill 3 times what it would cost for a year of subscription at vimeo.

Plus, that’s only for several hours of usage.

A good boss hires people that are great at their jobs.

A great boss trusts those people to perform their job well.

While coming up with new and improved software can be good, this was a terrible idea.

Fortunately, OP told the boss that it was a bad idea every step of the way so he couldn’t be blamed.

Let’s see what other Redditors thought of this situation.

The concept of ‘failing upward’ is so true in many companies.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousComplianceSource: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Oh, I can tell you he isn’t a genius!

Source: Reddit/MaliciousComplianceSource: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

The software development industry is definitely weird like this!

Source: Reddit/MaliciousComplianceSource: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Come on, listen to your subject matter experts.

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Is Secrets Tulum, Resort Featured on The Bachelor, Worth the Hype?

Joey Graziadei proposed to Kelsey Anderson (and she said yes!) at the resort located in Tulum, Mexico.

Joey and Kelsey at Secrets Tulum
Source: ABC

Article continues below advertisement

As long-time fans of the reality dating competition, we could not say no when Hyatt invited Distractify to check out the resort and learn more about its Roses & Romance package.

From first impressions to date card-worthy excursions, find out if Secrets Tulum is worth adding to your travel bucket list.

Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club gets our first-impression rose.

secrets tulum all inclusive
Source: Courtesy Hyatt

Upon arrival to Secrets Tulum, you are instantly greeted by a towering sculpture by acclaimed Latin American artist Fernando Botero. Art and nature blend seamlessly in the 300-room circular property that is inspired by the beautiful cenotes the region is best known for.

The resort’s design features elements of wood, sand, and stone, with walkways that lead to a series of pools, courtyards, and fire pits scattered throughout the property.

Article continues below advertisement

There is also a rooftop pool with swim-up bar, where the occasional foam party will take place. The rooms (or should we say fantasy suites) in Secrets Tulum feature amenities such as a fully-stocked mini bar, a balcony or terrace, and a full bathroom with a rain shower.

We were invited to stay in the Preferred Club-level suites which give guests an upgraded experience with access to a private lounge and a beach-style swimming pool.

Excursions and a beach club worthy of a date card.

secrets tulum pool
Source: Courtesy Hyatt

After settling in to our room, it was time to check out the dining options at Secrets Tulum, which can be a hit or miss at an all-inclusive resort. However, we were not disappointed by the selection — from the Mediterranean cuisine at Olio to Jasmine, where you will be served some amazing Asian-Peruvian fusion dishes.

Our personal favorite was Bluewater Grill, where you can enjoy some chilaquiles for breakfast in the open air restaurant that blends into its jungle surroundings.

Article continues below advertisement

Along with some great date night approved restaurants, the resort has seemingly endless options when it comes to exploring Tulum. Guests can go swimming in the cenotes, explore the Tulum Mayan Ruins, or go snorkeling at the Yal-ku Inlet.

secrets tulum beach club
Source: Courtesy Hyatt

The Secrets Tulum Beach Club

Article continues below advertisement

If you want to stay closer to Secrets, you can visit the resort’s beach club, which is only a short shuttle ride away and gives you access to the area’s beaches. Or check out the spa, where you can schedule a traditional Temezcal Ceremony for a truly awakening experience or just enjoy the hydrotherapy circuit.

A Roses & Romance package to take things to the next level.

secrets tulum the bachelor
Source: Courtesy Hyatt

To help channel your inner Bachelor or Bachelorette, Secrets Tulum is offering a Roses & Romance package for a limited time only. If you book a Preferred Club suite for four nights or more, you will receive a $250 Amstar Excursion gift card, a 25-minute couples massage, in-room welcome gift, rose petal turndown service, and a mimosa breakfast in bed.

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Does Secrets Tulum get our final rose?

secrets tulum rooftop pool
Source: Courtesy Hyatt

Yes! While the resort does not have direct beach access, it more than makes up for it with its beach club with two restaurants, a bar, and Bali beds to lounge on.

The food surpassed our expectations, the resort staff was friendly, and the stunning sunset views prove why it is a popular wedding venue. Plus, with the various activities available throughout the day into the night — yoga, silent discos, and Spanish lessons — there was never a dull moment.

Unless you like that, then there is no shame is taking a nap poolside like we did on more than one occasion. We can definitely see why Secrets Tulum was featured on one of the most romantic shows on television!

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