Why DeMar DeRozan to the Bulls has the NBA SCARED

Why DeMar DeRozan to the Bulls has the NBA SCARED
LINK TO LIVE POD: https://youtu.be/EKFdd4eCnFI
Why DeMar DeRozan to the Bulls has the NBA SCARED
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Why Does Mondo Duplantis Compete for Sweden

In professional sports, it’s not uncommon for a popular athlete to bounce around from team to team, even helping different franchises earn championships in the process. You’ve got Tom Brady and the Pats/Tampa Bay Buccaneers, LeBron James and the Cavs/Heat/Lakers, Paul O’Neill with the Cincinnati Reds and the New York Yankees, etc.

But the Olympics are more about representing the country in which you were born. Even when Toni Kukoč was tearing it up with the Chicago Bulls, when it came time to play in the Olympic Games, he was representing his native Croatia. While it’s not uncommon to see those who immigrated to the United States opt to represent the country of their birth, pole vaulter Mondo Duplantis is originally from Louisiana. So why is he competing for Sweden?

Why does Mondo Duplantis compete for Sweden?

The pole vaulter is originally from Lafayette, La., but was receiving offers from the Swedish Athletics Association to compete for the Scandinavian country and, by extension, represent them when it came to international competition.

He first received a recruitment call from the S.A.A.’s coach with an intriguing proposal in 2015.

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why does mondo duplantis sweden

Source: Instagram

The New York Times reported Mondo saying, “He would call me and my parents every day going, ‘You should compete for Sweden, we’re super well-organized, we’re going to take care of your poles, we’re going to do everything for you.’ It sounded like a pretty good offer.”

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You may be asking yourself: Don’t you need to be from a country to represent it in the games? And technically, Duplantis does hold dual-citizenship in Sweden, even though he was born in the United States. Because his mother Helena is Swedish, he has the option of competing for the country. She’s a former hepathlete herself (competing in javelin, 800-meter run, shot put, 200-meter dash, long jump, high jump, and 100-meter hurdles), so maybe the S.A.A. figured the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

why does mondo duplantis compete for sweden

Source: Getty

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Mondo (which is short for Armand) has fully embraced his Swedish identity, driving cars produced in the country, speaking the language in interviews, and even dating a model from the country, Desiré Inglander.

Doing so has enamored him to the Swedish public and as a result, he has made his name synonymous with pole vaulting.

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It’s hard to argue with Mondo Duplantis’ choice to compete for Sweden.

The vaulter ended up clearing a whopping 6.02 meters and securing the Olympic gold medal. Chris Nilsen of the USA, who hit his own personal best in Tokyo, ended up taking home silver, while Thiago Braz of Brazil ended up getting bronze.

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Duplantis comes from a family of athletes, too. His father, Greg, was also pole vaulting champion. He coaches Mondo on his technique. His older brother, Antoine Duplantis, plays professional baseball for the New York Mets and was a standout competitor for the LSU Tigers, where he’s the all-time record holder for most hits in the team’s history.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/p/why-does-mondo-duplantis-compete-for-sweden

Any Day Is A Good Day To Discuss Huge Stars Making Hilarious ‘Miami Vice’ Cameos

Miami Vice is a cultural institution that still resonates today. While 90s kids are watching their clothing and aesthetic replicated by Gen Z, the 80s staple starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas has its fingerprints on basketball jerseys and anyone who insists on attending a wedding without a reasonable dress shirt. And it turns out the show’s long run on network television included a wild array of actors who went on to have much bigger careers than their crime-filled roles may have projected.

An artist and photographer named Daniel Holland went viral on Wednesday when he started sharing screenshots of notable actors who had fairly small roles on Miami Vice. Though it ran just five seasons, the show had 112 episodes of thugs, drug runners, and people with punchable faces cross television screens across America. And as the lengthy thread on Twitter made clear, many of them turned out to have long careers after the show’s run on NBC ended in 1990.

Holland started with a pretty jarring one: Married… With Children father figure Ed O’Neill as a coke dealer.

The show featured actors who went on to be some of the biggest names in moves, too. Both Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts got early mentions in the thread, which you really need to experience in full to appreciate.

Some of the tweets contain mild spoilers, but it’s really worth it to know that Willie Nelson once beat the hell out of Steve Buscemi on network television and it was considered normal in the 1980s.

Seinfeld star Michael Richards and Liam Neeson involved? Sure are!

There were a ton of musicians given parts as well, including Little Richard and… a very threatening Leonard Cohen?

The whole thread is something to experience, as there are simply a staggering array of people included here. It was enough to make “Miami Vice” trend on the platform on Wednesday, and maybe make a good number of people check out the show to point at their TV like Rick Dalton on their own time.

Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/miami-vice-guest-stars-buscemi-willie-nelson-ed-oneil/