Warner Bros. Will Stream All Major Movies On HBO Max In 2021, And People Have Mixed Feelings

“We’re living in unprecedented times which call for creative solutions.”

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The NBA’s 2020 Christmas Day Games, Ranked

The NBA starting its 2020-21 season in late December means that the league has the ability to go all-in on Christmas Day, as it does every season. This year will, obviously, be quite different from past campaigns, but the fact that the NBA put together a monster Christmas Day card serves as a constant amid all of the weirdness that we have come to expect this year.

The league announced it’s Christmas Day schedule earlier this week, featuring some of the familiar faces we’ve come to expect seeing on the league’s marquee day of games. There are some newcomers as well and with the five game slate set for Day 4 of the regular season, we decided to rank the five games we expect to see on Christmas, ranging from “you can have this on in the background while unwrapping presents” to “LeBron James and Luka Doncic are playing why are you not dropping everything to watch?”

5. Warriors vs. Bucks

On one hand, yes, this game has the Golden State Warriors and Giannis Antetokounmpo in it, and it is hard for that to not be exciting. But for me, it’s just really hard to get up for a game that includes a team like Golden State that is: 1) Rusty, 2) Breaking in new players and, 3) Nowhere near a finished product due to Points 1 and 2. The Warriors are going to get better as the season goes along and their newer guys (Kelly Oubre, James Wiseman, even Andrew Wiggins) get used to playing with Steph Curry (who played in five games last year) and Draymond Green (who has not played in an NBA game since February).

This is not to say the game won’t be fun to watch — the Warriors in a big game is always exciting, even with all the previous caveats, while the Bucks have the back-to-back MVP, an All-Star in Khris Middleton, and a ton of new pieces headlined by Jrue Holiday. Oh, and if Giannis doesn’t sign an extension, this is the biggest year in franchise history. It’s worth your time no matter what.

4. Nets vs. Celtics

Kind of similar to the last game: Yes, it should be good and fun, but I am trying to temper my expectations at the start about Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Both have not played in a minute, while both suffered major injuries (particularly Durant) that required surgery. Seeing them on the court again, at the very least, will be wonderful, but it’s hard to not think they’ll need a little time to get back to being two of the best players in the world, which is perfectly fine.

This game is still going to be a ton of fun. The scrappy Nets are largely running it back from last season’s team, only with a first-time head coach in Steve Nash, the aforementioned two superstars, and a potentially really fun role player in Landry Shamet. Boston is fresh off of barely missing the NBA Finals, so it’s hard to know if they’ll have the legs, but they’re still an excellent basketball team, even as they try to manage Kemba Walker’s knee and fold Tristan Thompson into the rotation. Both of these teams legitimately think they can win the Eastern Conference this year, and this will be an excellent early test for both, even if it stands to reason that neither of them are finished products right now.

3. Pelicans vs. Heat

The Miami Heat might not end up being the best team in the Eastern Conference this year, but they surely are among the most interesting. Making the NBA Finals is an impossibly hard task, but you don’t have to look far to find people who wonder if the Heat were that good or if they just had a mental toughness about them that led to them navigating a tricky situation better than anyone else. That, alone, is going to make them must-watch for the entirety of this season, and that’s before we even get to the intrigue of “how do the young players who were thrust into bigger roles in Orlando respond to a full season?”

They also have an absolutely fascinating matchup in the Pelicans, a team of high-flying youngsters that are going to be hungry after missing out on a playoff spot last year. Zion Williamson in year two and Brandon Ingram after cashing in on his outstanding 2019-20 campaign are two of the most interesting young players in basketball, and on a much more macro level, New Orleans has the potential to be a destination for superstars who want to move due to the team’s treasure trove of Draft picks and two young standouts. Also: Steven Adams and Eric Bledsoe are here now! This game will be fun. I am excited to watch it.

2. Clippers vs. Nuggets

All of these games have a few reasons why you should watch them. This one does, too — Did Jamal Murray take a leap in the Bubble? Is Michael Porter Jr. ready to become a major contributor? Can the Clippers bounce back from [gestures at last year and every bit of ink spilled about it]? Nikola Jokic is playing basketball! — but there is no reason to beat around the bush here. This game features a team that got embarrassed in the postseason last year against the team that embarrassed them. I don’t care about anything else, because for that reason alone, this is a nightcap worth enjoying in full.

1. Mavericks vs. Lakers

There is certainly some concern around the Lakers as to whether Anthony Davis and especially LeBron James sit out some early due to the weirdness of this schedule, especially on the heels of last year ending so recently. However, this is the Christmas Day game and it’d be pretty stunning if they weren’t both out there in a full capacity (even if there’s some significant resting that happens after that). But the thought of watching Luka Doncic in what is, for all intents and purposes, the first big regular season game of his career is so much fun. Doncic has never had this sort of spotlight in the regular season — Christmas Day against the defending champs — and whenever he has played in a big game, he’s delivered. His flare for the dramatic makes him must-watch, even if the Mavericks will have to navigate life without Kristaps Porzingis for some time.

Also, if the Lakers’ two stars do indeed play, and they bring their A games to whatever extent their bodies let them this early, that battle would be otherworldly. Both Davis and James are really good to rising to a standard set by an opponent’s best player, and the back-and-forth of those two and Doncic trying to one-up one another could be a joy — remember, we saw James and Doncic specifically throw haymakers last regular season in an absolutely wonderful basketball game. Here’s to hoping we get this gift again on Dec. 25.

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Bryant Myers – 24/7 (Official Music Video)

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People Are Sharing The Things Their Families Do That They Didn't Realize Were Weird Until Much, Much Later

You mean your parents didn’t tax your allowance money?!

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Where Was ‘Rust Creek’ Filmed? Here’s What We Know

Some movies captivate us from the storyline. Others scare us or make us think about what we thought we knew about life. For other movies, it’s the scenery used as the backdrop of the story that keeps it burned in our brains. For anyone curious about where the Rust Creek film location is, here’s what you need to know.

Where was ‘Rust Creek’ filmed?

According to IMDb, Rust Creek was released in 2018, but it’s seen a revitalized audience after the title was released on Netflix on Nov. 30, 2020. The movie has everything needed to captivate people’s attention. It’s about a hard-working college student named Sawyer who is on her way to a job interview. 

Of course, no one expects that to go sideways, but it does. Before Sawyer can even get to her job interview, a wrong turn changes everything for her. She ends up stranded in the middle of a forest.

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That’s scary enough on its own, but it gets worse when she finds herself a target of a group of outlaws and she has to make a deal with a stranger who may or may not be helpful. 

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Rust Creek sounds thrilling, like one of those movies that are fun to watch when you’re bored and need something exciting to do. And a lot of us are bored right now and looking for new entertainment. 

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The idea of getting lost in a forest is probably something we’ve all thought about at least once. It’s scary, so it’s no surprise that people wanted to know where the movie was filmed after watching Rust Creek. Are those scary forests real? And if so, could we visit there? 

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According to IMDb, Rust Creek was filmed in and around Louisville, Kentucky. At the start of the movie, Sawyer can be seen in the city of Louisville, which is the largest city in the state.

It’s not until she gets lost in the forest that the scenery gets really interesting. Much of the film takes place deep in the woods of Kentucky. It’s unsettling, especially when you consider that something like this could happen to anyone. If that sort of tension is something you’re into, you’ll probably have a fun time watching Rust Creek.

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According to The Courier-Journal, the other locations where the film was shot include Fern Creek, St. Matthews, Floyds Fork, Iroquois Park, and additional places like Boyle, Bullitt, and Franklin counties, all in Kentucky.

“Setting is so important in this film that it almost becomes a character of its own,” said the movie’s producer. 

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In an interview with No Film School, Jen McGowan, the movie’s director, said the Rust Creek film locations were very integral to the movie. “So we shot outside of Louisville, KY, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then we went back for about a week of pick up, about a month later. It was really important to me that there was a visual progression in the woods we were filming.”

Rust Creek is available to stream now on Netflix.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/p/rust-creek-film-location

What’s On Tonight: HBO Max Unleashes Early ‘Euphoria’ And ‘Heaven’s Gate: The Cult Of Cults’

Euphoria Part 1: Rue (HBO Max early sneak peek) — Need a little Zendaya to tide you over before the show returns (at an undetermined date) for Season 2? The Emmy award winner returns for the first of two special episodes. This one officially lands on HBO on Sunday, but you can catch it early on Thursday night, only on HBO Max. Rue’s relapsing and ends up in a diner whilst contemplating life after Jules leaves her along at the train station following their winter formal.

Heaven’s Gate: The Cult Of Cults (HBO Max documentary series) — Way back in 1997, the Heaven’s Gate cult made headlines with a comet-chasing mass suicide that echoed Jonestown. However, this incident turned out to be the most voluminous suicide on U.S. soil and also involved 20 people’s disappearances. An alien-conspiracy theory and applesauce and disturbing infomercials soon surfaced, and this documentary series surfaces never-before-seen footage and first-person accounts to fill in blanks and add some UFO weirdness to the mix.

The Unicorn (CBS, 9:30pm EST) — Walton Goggins keeps on doing the Widower Wade thing while attempting to celebrate Shannon’s birthday in an appropriate manner. Meanwhile, his friend group confronts racial injustice.

Station 19 (ABC, 8:00pm EST) — The firefighter drama’s dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in Seattle with Sullivan’s disciplinary hearing bringing high drama when Emmett Dixon and former Fire Chief Dixon must testify, all while an electrical fire breaks out elsewhere.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 9:00pm EST) — The new COVID-19 reality continues for the Grey Sloan crew as Owen’s medical diagnosis complicates matters, and lockdown is rough for Koracick.

Star Trek: Discovery (CBS, 10:00pm EST) — The U.S.S. Discovery heads to planet Pahvo, where the Klingon’s cloaking technology becomes a most intriguing exploration.

Jimmy Kimmel Live — Zendaya, Diego Luna, Paris Jackson

The Late Late Show With James Corden — Bryan Cranston, Rufus Wainwright

In case you missed these picks from last Thursday:

The Flight Attendant (HBO Max series) — Kaley Cuoco busts away from the The Big Bang Theory with a fun flight of (darkly comedic) fancy. She plays portrays an airline stewardess whose international jet-setting lifestyle includes falling into bed in various countries with various handsome men. During the course of one particularly fateful encounter, Cassie wakes up next to the dead body of a one-night stand. She spends the rest of the series attempting to clean sh*t up. Surrender to this madcap ride.

Saved By The Bell (Peacock series) — Here comes the official reimagining of the original series with a lot of the O.G. crowd on board for more neon-tinged adventures. Zack Morris is now (a terrible) California governor, Kelly Kapowski’s his first lady, and Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez are back as Jessie Spano and A.C. Slater, respectively. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the return of Zack Attack. Screech is sitting this one out, but prepare for some (still lighthearted) social commentary.

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Did Chet Hanks Say the N-Word? He Makes Questionable Choices

In 2020, Chet was called out once again for speaking Patois using a forced Jamaican accent more than once. He did it on social media when he gave a shout out to his dad at the Golden Globes and he has been heard using the accent on and off and many have accused him of cultural appropriation because of it. He has even written Instagram captions in a way to suggest Patois.

After doing it again on the social media app Clubhouse, Chet defended his actions once again.

“Guys, it’s really as simple as this, if I get on a binge and I watch a bunch of English gangster movies, and I go around ordering a coffee at Starbucks and I’m with my friend and I go, ‘Give me a latte, guvna,’ I’m not s–tting on English people,” he said on the app.

But, as to be expected, plenty of people have taken to Clubhouse and now Twitter to speak out against Chet’s blatantly insensitive choice of words and his use of Patois. One user called it “verbal blackface,” while another called Chet’s actions “white privilege in action” and pointed out how “clueless” he was to the issue at hand.

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