27 Products for Managing Family Accumulation

We just put a toy hammock in my daughter’s room, and it’s seriously made all the difference. We went from stuffed animals piled onto chairs and over the floor to one easily accessible place, and my mind was suddenly relaxed when walking into her room. 

Promising review: “These have a net-like material, and the hooks and mounts for the hooks (when you have drywall walls) actually impressed me more than anything. I have seven children; my two-year-old is the youngest. Needless to say, she has a whole lot of hand-me-downs along with toys we have purchased for her, and before I knew it, all her toys had accumulated, and no matter what I did, there was always a mess due to lack of space to place everything.

Not only did this product help me keep my daughter’s toys off the floor and outta the way. It is also extremely convenient and helps make cleaning and organizing just as simple as rolling outta the bed. Oh, and my daughter says it makes an amazing hammock. Lol, with that being said, she weighs 25 lbs, climbs into the net with her blanket, and falls asleep … and it actually held her throughout the duration of her nap!!! For the money and convenience, the smiles it also has given my family are priceless and well worth every penny of this purchase.” —Tiffany Centeneo

Get them from Amazon for $12.87 (available in six colors).

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/raylynpaquin/organization-products-family-accumulated-vast-stuff

HOA Tried To Pull One Over On Him And Make Unnecessary Changes, So He Found His Own Clever Way To Follow Their Rules And Get Revenge

HOAs can sometimes make your life harder instead of easier.

In this story, a new community member was forced to make unnecessary changes to his home, but his malicious compliance ended up making his house a sight for sore eyes!

Let’s hear the rest…

I lived in this town surrounded by magnificent vistas.

There was a small development on the outskirts for upscale homes and mansions. Below the development were a few older homes.

Many celebrities and business owners had vacation properties in the area, multi-million dollar houses they used maybe one month out of the year.

Real estate had always been at a premium. There was one older home amongst all these giant view lots.

Someone new joined the community…

A new buyer was a guy who owned a slew of RV dealerships and had obscene amounts of money so he bought the most prominent lot on the top of the hill as you entered the development of maybe 20 lots.

His project was a massive stucco structure with a multi-car garage and a much bigger RV storage space with a huge roll up garage door.

Think of the biggest RVs you’ve seen and he had a garage built for it with an automatic door.

The house was a nondescript sand color with a red tiled roof and the entire lot was tastefully landscaped with different kinds of rocks, small mounds here and there and a few shrubs to be low maintenance.

The back of the property was fenced in with an 8-foot(?) or higher block wall. The fence itself probably cost $100k.

His neighbor was a schoolteacher who had lived there before the development started and had a modest house.

The neighbor had an idea…

He decided to take advantage of the skyrocketing land prices in the neighborhood and sell, except no one wanted his crappy house when there were much larger empty lots available.

He decided the real issue was that the new behemoth blocked his view and that’s why no one wanted to buy his three-bedroom ranch house at mansion prices. It was really that his home didn’t appeal to the market.

So he became the president of the HOA which included the older homes and the new development. And then the harassment started.

The HOA had formed after the RV mansion construction had begun, but the home was so big, it took almost a year to finish.

The HOA had passed a “design theme” rule that all houses must be painted in a specific color palette, with the predominant color being a taupe that was darker than this man’s standard beige stucco color house.

There were specific requirements…

The palette included the taupe and a selection of trim colors in pink, teal, or tan. It was intended to give the community a Santa Fe look and feel which just happened to be the colors of the president’s crappy house.

The RV owner took the HOA to court and the trial dragged on for a year. The guy never used the property claiming it was still under construction during this time.

He lost in court and had to repaint his property “using only the design theme approved colors.”

He found his own way to comply…

So the guy brought out his contractor and had him repaint the entire property the Pepto Bismol pink trim color.

Everything was painted this color — the house, the fence, the trim, and the rocks in the yard.

Then he had the massive driveway to the garage done in the same pink stamped concrete. Even the garage doors were pink.

He locked up the house and never stayed there. The HOA was in an uproar because this house could be seen at the top of the hill for miles.

None of the other lot owners broke ground. The president’s home didn’t sell for two years.

Let’s see what Reddit thinks…

This commenter pointed out some hypocrisy.


Another user slams HOAs and their insane rules!


Some commenters also call out the teacher’s dumb decision.


Overall, everyone loved this malicious compliance!


This guy stuck it to the HOA, that’s for sure!

Good work!

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Source: https://twistedsifter.com/2024/05/hoa-tried-to-pull-one-over-on-him-and-make-unnecessary-changes-so-he-found-his-own-clever-way-to-follow-their-rules-and-get-revenge/

Luka Doncic Denied Screaming ‘You Can’t F*cking Guard Me’ At Rudy Gobert: ‘I Was Speaking Slovenian’


Only two wins stand between the Dallas Mavericks and a berth in the NBA Finals. Despite trailing by as many as 18 points in Game 2 of their Western Conference Finals road game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Dallas chipped away in the second half and were able to pick up a 109-108 win thanks to some late heroics by Luka Doncic, who drilled a stepback three with three seconds left over Rudy Gobert to secure the win.

Right after he made the jumper, Doncic, uh, had some stuff to get off his chest to the Defensive Player of the Year, as he let Gobert know his thoughts about whether or not he could guard him. (Spoiler: Luka Doncic does not think Rudy Gobert can guard him.)

Doncic discussed his game-winner on Inside the NBA after the game, and expressed his surprise that the Wolves let Gobert get switched onto him. And then, Doncic went into his postgame interview with the media, where he decided to have a little fun and tell everyone that he didn’t actually say this to Gobert. Instead, he claims, he had a little something to say in Slovenian.

Normally lying to the media is a bad thing, but this is a bit of an exception because it’s both very silly, and also, clearly a lie.

Source: https://uproxx.com/dimemag/luka-doncic-denies-screaming-rudy-gobert-speaking-slovenian-video/

36 Things That Work So Well, You’ll Keep On Hiring Them

Mouthwatchers is a small business established by Ronald Plotka, DDS. It specializes in antimicrobial toothbrushes designed for deeper cleans.

Going on the road? Then pack this foldable flossing toothbrush!

Here’s what BuzzFeed Shopping writer Emma Lord has to say: “I love it just after the first few days of use! I use an electric toothbrush usually, but I feel like I’m getting a much more satisfying clean from these?? Especially because I tend to get yellow stains between my teeth no matter *how* much I floss, and these bristles seem to actually target that a lot more effectively.” 

Promising review: “I’m amazed at how well this toothbrush cleans my teeth — it definitely gets between the teeth and also, more importantly for me, gets in the small, deep crevices in my molars where I always have food stuck, and regular toothbrushes couldn’t get stuff out. I brush more often (after meals/snacks) because of how effective it is. As stated, definitely go easy around the gums. The bristles feel soft but will cause your gums to bleed if you use regular pressure. Nice and easy does the trick, SO WELL!” —Jason A.

Get a pair from Mouthwatchers on Amazon for $9.90 (also available in packs of four).

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/taylor_steele/things-that-do-their-job-so-well-youll-keep-hiring-them

‘Get that lasered asap’: Woman gets tattoo and lets artist pick the font. She instantly regrets it

A TikToker has gone viral after making an unsettling realization about her new tattoo. In the clip, which has amassed 6.6 million views as of Friday, Bri (@malkolm_makes_me_wetter) gave a look of regret to the camera before it panned to her new tattoo.

The tattoo itself appears to be inspired by the Lil Peep song “Star Shopping.” The tattoo contained the following lyrics: “Look at the sky tonight/All of those stars have a reason.” It’s worth noting that the lyrics tattooed on Bri are different from the ones in the song, but that isn’t the problem Bri had with the tattoo.

She revealed her issue in the video caption, which reads, “I just realized why my new tattoo looks weird. I asked my artist to pick the font and its RAE DUNN.”

@malkolm_makes_me_wetter thanks for the clout yall🙏 i love the tattoo 🤞i was so sad ab it when i seen the comments but then i remembered i never gaf so enjoy makin fun of my tattoo !! #fyp #lilpeep #viral #funny #tattoo #trend #raedunn #badtattoo #sad #tragicaf ♬ ITS COMING OUT – quantavionavious bartholomew

Who is Rae Dunn?

Rae Dunn is a ceramics artist whose items are especially popular at stores like T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, and Marshalls. Her pottery is characterized by a minimalist design, somewhat corny sentiments, and a recognizable block capital font that is designed to look handwritten.

On the official Rae Dunn website, the artist’s work is described as “deceivingly straightforward,” but a viral TikTok from 2022 suggests that there’s a dark side to this inconspicuous pottery range—namely, the behavior of avid Rae Dunn fans, nicknamed “Dunners.”

In a viral TikTok from 2022, former T.J. Maxx employee Hannah (@hannahghafary) explained how “the Dunners are essentially out of control groups of middle-aged women who rampage through T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods locations across the nation, trying to take all of the Rae Dunn stuff.” 

As she explained, some Dunners were so passionate about the products, that they resorted to physical violence in order to get their hands on some of those sweet, sweet ceramics. So, needless to say, it looks like Bri isn’t a Dunner.

Meanwhile, in the comments section, viewers found the whole thing hilarious.

“That’s the TJ Maxx mug font,” one commenter said.

“It’s giving galaxy Tumblr era,” another added.

But not everyone was negative, with one user assuring, “I don’t think it looks like Rae Dunn,” while another suggested it didn’t matter either way.

“No, it’s cute like I understand it’s Rae Dunn but it’s cute,” they wrote.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/rae-dunn-tattoo/

28 Comfortable Choices To Pack For Your Next Trip

Hackwith Design House is a woman-owned small business that creates made-to-order apparel. This shirt can be worn as a V-neck, off-the-shoulder, boatneck, V-back, and even open as a jacket. And the color is simple, which means it can be paired well with many different bottoms. 

BuzzFeed Shopping Editor Chelsea Stuart says: “I have this shirt and I *love* it. All credit for its discovery goes to TikToker @jennifer.bianca who I happened to stumble across on my FYP. It checks all my boxes: black, comfortable, versatile, and durable. My initial worry was that I wouldn’t feel secure in it (I have a 38DDD chest and most wrap tops/dresses I’ve tried haven’t stayed where they’re supposed to), but I haven’t had an issue with this! I’ve worn it tied in the front giving me a square neck (like the middle picture) and tied in the back giving me a V-neck up front (just like the photo on the right) — both were super comfortable, and I didn’t have to adjust myself at all. As someone whose weight fluctuates, I also appreciate that this piece can handle pounds gained and lost. The fabric is medium weight, so I’ll be wearing it season to season, and there’s just enough elasticity in the arms that if you roll up your sleeves, they won’t fall back down. All that is to say trust that I will be buying additional colors!”

Get it from Hackwith Design House for $145 (available in sizes XS–4X and in five colors). 

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/abbykass/before-you-start-packing-for-your-next-trip-choices

Luka Doncic Ripped The Wolves’ Hearts Out To Give The Mavs A Game 2 Win


Luka Doncic is a bad, bad man, and on Friday night, his playoff legend grew a little more. Doncic put Rudy Gobert on skates on the team’s final possession of the game to knock down a game-winning stepback three, and as a result, the Dallas Mavericks picked up a 109-108 win to give themselves a 2-0 series lead over the Minnesota Timberwolves in the Western Conference Finals.

After letting homecourt advantage slip away in Game 1, Minnesota looked like it was going cruise to a blowout win during the first half of Game 2. With Doncic looking a little banged up and Kyrie Irving struggling to impose himself in the first half, the Wolves were able to open up a lead of as many as 18 points in the second quarter to get the home crowd at the Target Center rocking.

While the lead got to 58-40, Dallas was able to get into a bit of a rhythm to close out the first half. It wasn’t much — only an 8-2 run to close the period which saw the Timberwolves make one shot from the field in the final 4:27 — but it was just enough to get the deficit down to something more manageable, and instead of wondering if Doncic and Irving would get to rest up during the fourth quarter, the Mavericks went into the locker room down by 12.

While the two teams traded blows early on in the third, the Mavs eventually came to life behind Doncic, who had 11 points and three assists in the frame.

With Doncic spearheading the effort — whether he was hitting shots on his own or generating looks for his teammates — Dallas was able to go on a 21-7 run that got the Wolves lead down to two points. Minnesota was able to get a jolt of energy late in the period when Reid hit a three in its waning moments, but after looking comfortable for much of the first half, their lead was only 86-82 heading into the fourth.

And then, just like that, Dallas took the lead. Behind a pair of triples by Irving — his first two of the series — the Mavs went on an 8-0 run in the first 97 seconds of the fourth to take their first lead since early on in the first quarter.

The two teams passed the lead back and forth, with Irving and Reid taking and making big shots throughout the first half of the period.

A quick, 6-2 burst by the Wolves helped them open up a narrow, three-point lead, but they couldn’t quite extend it, as the Mavericks always seemed to have an answer. And then, a funny thing happened: Irving missed a wide open three off of an offensive rebound on one possession, and after Edwards nailed two from the charity stripe right after that, the usually reliable guard went 0-for-2 from the free throw line.

It was a five-point cushion that felt gigantic with 89 seconds left, but Irving managed to get an open look on a corner three that he nailed.

On the next possession, the referees declared that Irving knocked the ball out of McDaniels’ hands and out of bounds. But review showed that Irving actually grabbed McDaniels’ arm — which cannot be called on replay — and forced McDaniels to drop the ball out of bounds, which gave possession back to Dallas with 47 seconds left.

Doncic missed a midrange jumper the next time down, and with Dallas opting not to foul, the stage was set for Edwards to drive a stake into their heart. Instead, he picked up his dribble at the free throw line and got enveloped by Dereck Lively, and in a moment of panic, he tried to pass to Reid, who wasn’t in the spot Edwards expected. The ball landed out of bounds as a result, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Doncic made them pay for switching Gobert onto him by drilling a stepback three to give Dallas a one-point lead, then took advantage of a chance to talk gobs of sh*t to the French big man.

With exactly three seconds left, Minnesota had time to get a good look. McDaniels got the ball into Edwards, who gave it to Reid for an excellent look that rimmed out.

Doncic led all scorers with 32 points, and had a triple-double thanks to his 13 assists and 10 rebounds. Irving deputized him with 20 points, while the duo of Lively and Daniel Gafford combined for 30 points, 14 rebounds, and five blocks. For Minnesota, Reid’s 23 points led the way. While Edwards had 21 and Karl-Anthony Towns had 15, the two combined to shoot 9-for-33 from the floor, which is not going to be good enough against the Mavericks.

Now, the series will shift to Dallas, and while the Mavs should feel fantastic considering they took both games off of the Wolves on their home floor, Minnesota has been an outrageous road team during this postseason. Game 3 will take place on Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST on TNT.

Source: https://uproxx.com/dimemag/mavs-beat-wolves-game-2-2024-nba-playoffs-luka-doncic-highlights/

Her Brother Wants To Take Her Daughters On A Private Plane Trip As A Birthday Present, But She Won’t Allow It Because She Doesn’t Trust The Plane

Source: Reddit/Unsplash

Okay, folks, it’s serious question time.

Would you go up in someone’s private plane for a joyride?

This mom definitely isn’t comfortable.

Let’s see what she had to say…

“My youngest daughter recently had her birthday and turned 11 years old.

As a birthday gift my brother and his partner wanted to fly the girls to Alpine, Wyoming, for hiking and to play in the river.

They own their own small plane, my brother’s husband was a marine pilot and flying is now his hobby.

The trip is a little less than an hour by plane, so this would be a day trip for them.

Ummm, no.

The problem is I just don’t trust this plane… it’s so small, only 5 people fit in it and that includes the pilot.

That means either myself or my husband could go and my husband has been trying to persuade me since he LOVES planes and he’s telling me how safe it is.

Now what?

I think he just wants to go as a treat to himself, and he told me I just don’t want to let them go because I’m controlling.

We got into an argument over it and he’s very upset that I won’t even consider it.

Does that make me an ******* to be worried about this?”

Reddit users shared their thoughts.

One person said she’s acting like an *******.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

This person agreed.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

Another Reddit user had a different take.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

This individual thinks she’s doing the right thing.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

And this person shared their thoughts.

Source: Reddit/AITASource: Reddit/AITA

This one could go either way.

I’m sure her intentions are good.

If you liked that story, read this one about grandparents who set up a college fund for their grandkid because his parents won’t, but then his parents want to use the money to cover sibling’s medical expenses.

Source: https://twistedsifter.com/2024/05/her-brother-wants-to-take-her-daughters-on-a-private-plane-trip-as-a-birthday-present-she-isnt-comfortable-and-wont-allow-it/

‘One of them was wearing a fake beard’: Viewers think a worker was targeted by ‘First Amendment auditors’ after a ‘bizarre’ experience

Have your First Amendment rights ever been audited? Would you recognize if they were? And would you call the police if the “auditors” were behaving, well, creepily?

A hairstylist is going viral on TikTok after sharing that her salon was surrounded by a pack of individuals filming the store on their phones. She says she was confused by their presence and ended up calling the police, but her viewers claim the swarm was, in fact, a group of “First Amendment auditors.”

Stylist Libby Brenner posted her story of the encounter to her TikTok account (@locks.by.libbybrenner) on Wednesday. The video has over 454,500 views as of this writing.

“I officially think that people have lost their minds,” Brenner says at the start of the video. She says she was attending to a client at the salon where she works when she “noticed a man come to the windows and just put a camera to the windows and just leave it there.”

She states that she pointed the man out to her co-workers, at which point more people showed up outside “with their cameras … just putting them up to the windows and just recording us and our clients while we’re in there.”

Brenner then says that her mother, a co-owner of the salon, confronted the group outside by asking what they were doing but received no clear answer. “They won’t leave, and they just keep doing it,” Brenner says in the video.

“Again, we don’t know these people,” she continues. “I’ve never seen any of these men, and we’re pretty sure one of them was wearing a fake beard.” She then states that the group moved down the block, proceeding to film other businesses. She says at this point, she called the non-emergency line for the police.

Brenner states that she later saw police talking to a member of the group down the street from the salon. “I’m assuming that they told him to just get out of here because we didn’t see them again,” she says.

“I just want to know, has anyone else ever heard of this happening?” she asks her viewers.

Brenner provided footage that she says was taken during the encounter. In it, three men, whose faces are obscured by their own cameras, are seen filming. Two of the men say that they are there for a “camera party.”

Several of her viewers stated that what she had described was actually a First Amendment Audit.

What is a First Amendment audit?

According to Freedomforum.org, “A First Amendment audit occurs when people film public officials or employees to hold them accountable or ‘test’ their right to film in public spaces like town halls, libraries, police stations, parking lots, or state and local agencies. The public space ‘passes’ the test if the audit is uneventful. It fails the test if a public employee confronts the person filming — or ‘auditor’ — attempts to stop them from filming, threatens them with arrest, or removes them from the public space.”

@locks.by.libbybrenner So I had to call the cops today while at work. People have lost their minds. #hairstylist #hairstylistsoftiktok #ohiohairstylist #ohiotiktokers #ohiosalon ♬ original sound – Libby Brenner

“Auditors. Since it’s legal to record outside, they do. Trying to get a reaction from you,” Diane (@dianna2u) wrote in the comments section of Brenner’s video.

Another viewer commented, “Definitely one of those 1st amendment audit people.”

“They do this to audit the local police. To see if they know the rights of the camera person,” another added.

Some viewers offered advice on how to deal with the “auditors.”

“Have the cops issue a no trespass since you’re a private business…if they come and place the camera on your window call police and press charges, file restraining order, and sue for lost business,” DaLishaVicious (@dalishavicious) wrote.

Another viewer advised her to “Make a commercial out of it. They won’t use it. I’ve heard of this and 1 person has that idea. He started to promote his mechanic business … it was great! wish I could find [the] video again.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Brenner via email for further comment.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/what-are-first-amendment-auditors/

Driverless Taxi Passenger Described A Scary Experience She Had In A Waymo Vehicle. – ‘The cars keep blocking us.’

Source: TikTok/@sosobombs

HECK to the NO!

I won’t be getting into a driverless car anytime soon, amigos…

But there’s no escaping the future, and apparently, we’re already there.

A TikTokker named Sophia posted a video and showed viewers what happened when she took a ride in a Waymo driverless taxi.

Her text overlay reads, “Why get a boring Uber when you can get a driverless taxi that tries to make unprotected left turns.”

Sophia said, “Normally, in a situation like this where you’re gonna be making an unprotected left turn across a busy…three, lane street, cars would let you through? I’m curious to see how the Waymo operates in this situation.”

Source: TikTok/@sosobombsSource: TikTok/@sosobombs

Sophia added, “The cars keep blocking us, which they’re not supposed to do” when the driverless Jaguar gets stuck in traffic.

Source: TikTok/@sosobombsSource: TikTok/@sosobombs

The car eventually made a left-hand turn and Sophia said, “That was so close!” as she laughed uneasily.

Looks kinda scary!

Source: TikTok/@sosobombsSource: TikTok/@sosobombs

Let’s take a look at the video.


This is one way to spice up your commute

♬ original sound – Sophia Lovász

Here’s how people reacted on TikTok.

This viewer isn’t having it…

Source: TikTok/@sosobombsSource: TikTok/@sosobombs

Another TikTok user asked a question.

Source: TikTok/@sosobombsSource: TikTok/@sosobombs

And this individual isn’t ready for this yet…

Source: TikTok/@sosobombsSource: TikTok/@sosobombs

Nope! Uh uh…

I don’t think I’m ready.

If you liked that story, check out this one about a 72-year-old woman was told by her life insurance company that her policy was worthless because she’d paid for 40 years. 🙁

Source: https://twistedsifter.com/2024/05/this-passenger-described-a-scary-experience-she-had-in-a-driverless-taxi/

Older Adults Are Sharing The Habits And Routines They Seriously Wish They'd Started A Lot Earlier In Life

“I would have been better equipped to handle life’s ups and downs. I probably would have made better decisions, been further in my career, and would most likely be a better person in general.”

View Entire Post ›

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/dannicaramirez/routines-older-adults-wish-they-did-earlier

‘What’s even worse is they line up’: Salon worker calls out customers who show up 40 minutes before open

One of the biggest pet peeves for many service industry workers is customers who show up before opening hours. Among these workers is TikTok user Trévon (@trevonwoodburyy), a tanning salon employee, who recently posted a TikTok video detailing several recurring issues with clients, including early arrivers. The video has since gone viral, accumulating 794,200 views and counting.

“You guys want to hear some things that annoy the sh*t out of me about my job?” Trévon begins, launching into a rant about the daily nuisances he faces. “For starters, I work at a tanning salon. I’ve worked here for a long time. Number one, the most annoying thing: I have to get here 40 minutes before we open to do paperwork and just to do the opening chores, which is fine. But every single morning, when I pull into the parking lot, there’s at least two to three cars waiting in the parking lot for us to open 40 minutes before we open. And then what’s even worse is they line up outside, and they pull on the door before we’re open, knowing what time we open. They do it every day, every single day.”

The video highlights a common gripe among service workers: customers who arrive well before business hours and expect immediate service. “I just think one of the most annoying things you can do as a customer is to be the first client of the day. The first customer of the day, like, that’s f*cking crazy and embarrassing, and like, you’re making everyone upset,” Trévon adds.

Trévon’s rant doesn’t stop at early arrivals. He goes on to describe other bizarre and frustrating encounters at the salon. “We have this annoying rule where we have to ask everybody to see their eyewear before they tan,” he says. “So, like, every time somebody comes in the tanning bed, ‘OK, can I see your eyewear?’ And they’ll say, ‘Yeah, it’s in my bag.’ And then I’m like, ‘OK, can I see it?’ And they’re like, ‘I don’t actually have it.’ OK, so buy some. Like, why would you lie? You made this awkward.”

He then shares several other annoying occurrences: clients struggling with scan cards, a crack pipe found behind a tanning bed, somebody leaving a bloody tampon behind the tanning bed, and even a customer who regularly peed on towels. The worst, he says, involved human feces: “Like two weeks ago, somebody pooped on the bed, and there was corn in the poop. I’m not joking. The acrylic smelled like poop for two days.”

@trevonwoodburyy i wanna hear yall tanning stories #tanning #fy #suntan ♬ original sound – trévon

In the comments section of the video, viewers had a lot to say.

One commenter noted, “My sister worked in a tanning salon – people have been pooping in the trash cans forever. I just wanna know why.”

A second added, “It should be mandatory for everyone to work in a service industry for at least a month.”

Another commenter asked, “Are you filming this in the 40 minutes before you open with everyone in line at the door watching?” to which Trévon simply responded, “Yes.”

Early arrivers are a common topic of discussion for service industry workers on TikTok. Previously, a bartender uploaded a video showcasing how she deals with customers who try to enter the bar before opening hours. Similarly, a Best Buy customer shared his disapproval of other customers lining up before the store opened, highlighting the unnecessary stress it places on employees. In another instance, a worker posted a video ranting about customers who couldn’t wait a few minutes for her store to open, claiming some were pushing past the doors as soon as she flipped the open/closed sign.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Trévon via TikTok comment for more information.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/salon-customers-who-show-up-early/