Frotcast 515: Hunter Biden’s Crack And Johnny Depp’s Jury Snafus, With Anna Hossnieh

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This week, Matt and Vince welcome Anna Hossnieh from the Ethnically Ambiguous podcast dedicated entirely to Shinzo Abe and our personal remembrances of the man. Okay not really, but we do discuss the Shinzo Abe assassination, as well as Hunter Biden’s iCloud hack and whether his love of hookers and crack humanizes our otherwise kinda Wizard of Oz-style president.

We also have a few lengthy digressions into Peaky Blinders, and our favorite brand of pseudo-celebrity, the “body language expert.” Specifically, this week we discuss a body language expert’s breakdown of what Prince William and Kate’s “mirroring” says about their parenting styles, an article that includes the now immortal preface, “Speaking to PureWow on behalf of Slingo…”

In addition to that, we also discuss new developments in the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial, the most important legal event of our times, which is somehow not the end of the story! Turns out they managed to seat a totally wrong juror, which as we all know from law school is a violation of article 16 of the Citizen’s Right To Jurisprudence. Something like that. Was it a rural juror? Okay, I’m tired of typing words. It’s a podcast. You guys get it.


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