‘These Domino’s employees finna regret working here’: TikTok shows Domino’s order for one 16-inch pizza with customizations that costs $275

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TikTok has shown us some of the wildest custom orders that roll in at Starbucks, but what about when it comes to pizza?

@g35ryan shared a short video showing what would undoubtedly be an extremely difficult pizza to eat, let alone make, on the order screen at Domino’s Pizza.

The order was for a single 16-inch pizza but featured six different types of sauce along with a laundry list of triple toppings, ranging from pepperoni and Philly steak to pineapple and jalapeño. In fact, there were so many toppings listed that they didn’t appear to all fit on the screen.

And the total for that single pizza? $275.09.

“These dominos employees finna regret working here,” he wrote.

@g35ryan They finna regret #dominospizza #lol #workplace ♬ Arabic Nokia – Modernmadeit

The idea of such a thing left viewers’ heads spinning.

“I work fast food and i would legit cry and scream bro i thought the giant blizzard special orders were bad,” @shroomiesgone wrote.

“How would that work in the system it only lets so many toppings per pizza,” @as_lutforcars asked.

@pr0crastinatee added that he would be “clearing it off the screen like I never saw it,” while @..daquavious joked, “imagine u say ‘this isn’t what I ordered.’”

The TikToker admitted that he didn’t actually place the order because he would get in trouble and said in another comment that he works at the store in question. He did claim he was going to try putting the order through the next day, but he hasn’t posted anything related as a follow-up. So, for the time being, such an intense order will have to remain alive only in our imaginations.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @g35ryan via TikTok comment.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/dominos-275-dollar-pizza-tiktok/

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