‘He yelled at me in front of the other actors’: Former celeb makeup artist says Jesse McCartney brought her to tears

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A makeup artist shared a viral TikTok on what it was like being a professional makeup artist in the film industry, citing Jesse McCartney as one of the celebrities who “brought [her] to tears.”
TikToker @ohuprettythings, whose account is dedicated to beauty and fragrance tips, posted a storytime where she rated what it was like working with different celebs.  

In the video, she names Ezra Miller, Zoe Kravitz, and Jesse McCartney as some examples. 

@ohuprettythings Replying to @🌶 #storytime #ezramiller #zoekravitz #jessemccartney ♬ Crimson And Clover – The Shacks

“I know Ezra Miller is getting a lot of attention lately, but I found [them] to be extremely aloof, but professional,” she says. “Standoffish, but I literally did not take this personally. I felt like [they] showed up, did [their] job, and went home.” 

“Jesse McCartney brought me to tears,” the creator shares. “At the time he had pretty problematic skin but the director literally told me to let him sweat. He yelled at me in front of the other actors that I was not giving him enough coverage.” 

The TikToker clarified in a comment that he yelled at her in between takes. 

“I was mortified he didn’t speak to [me] privately. (Basically told me I wasn’t doing my job),” she commented. 

“Zoe Kravitz is an absolute angel. So sweet down to earth and took her time to get to know me,” the TikToker continues in the video. “And even years later I was in a bathroom at a movie theater and I didn’t notice her and she came up to me and said hello.” 

The makeup artist’s video has been viewed over 45,000 times as of Thursday. Several viewers were appalled at McCartney’s alleged behavior.

“Why am I not surprised about Jesse McCartney I feel like he grew up with a gold spoon in his mouth,” one user wrote. 

“Jesse McCartney performed at a small venue at my college town. He was so rude and had a tantrum that no one showed up,” another viewer shared. 

“It’s always the celebrities no one cares about that act stuck up,” a third wrote. 

Others were disappointed their Disney “childhood crush” turned out to be rude. 

“I’m heartbroken over Jesse. he was my biggest crush growing up,” a user wrote. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via Instagram direct message. 

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/rude-jesse-mccartney-makeup-artist/