The Sweet Villainous Boys Of ‘Better Call Saul’ Love Hanging Out In Real Life And Everyone Loves Them For It

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Do you know that feeling where everyone is hanging out without you? That’s what it feels like to be a fan of Better Call Saul. Sure, you can rewatch all the episodes to get that feeling of being included, but as soon as you turn off Netflix and log on to Twitter, you’ll see that all of the people you thought were your friends are hanging out at a beautiful late-summer soccer match, laughing and enjoying themselves, almost as if they didn’t commit various crimes together while you watched, cheering them on for over six years.

The Better Call Saul boys (minus Saul) attended a soccer game in LA last night, and it would not be a real Patrick Fabian hang if he didn’t post a heartwarming photo of it afterward. Fabian was joined by Tony Dalton, Giancarlo Esposito, and Jonathan Banks as they posed for a shot and just pretended that nothing historic or violent had ever happened between them at all.

Fans were quick to make the throwaway “wow look at all these murderers” jokes, along with one or two or a few dozen thirst tweets over Dalton.

Noticeably absent is Jimmy McGill, who is still serving his jail time, and Kim Wexler, who is probably somewhere smoking, as she should be.


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