Some Guy Apparently Trolled A Conservative Radio Show By Name Checking Dozens Of Punk Bands

What do New Found Glory, Blink-182, Rancid, Black Flag, and Fall Out Boy have in common? Well today, they’re all part of a punk-centric diatribe by “Bill”…errr…Rob Dobi, an illustrator, certified punk, and our newest American hero, who name-checked an impressive amount of punk bands on a conservative talk radio show epic troll job.

Dobi posted a clip on his @RobDobi Twitter handle with the lead-in that “I called a conservative morning show and tried to name as many punk bands as I could before they caught on.” For context, he apparently called in the Life With Liz show on the Nashua, New Hampshire-based WSMN station, hosted by conservative commentator Liz Gabert, a self-described “#patriot” from West Texas, who now hosts “the most awesome radio show ever” in Nashua. What ensued is an epic troll job that belongs in the punk rock hall of fame.

“One of my main problems is… I’m a Republican in a fairly liberal area, sometimes I feel like everyone is just Against Me!,” the caller named Bill begins. “I feel like what we need to do is listen to what our Descendents told us. Cause in the past we Refused to live a Life Of Agony. I’m Sick Of It All. Im sick of people thinking we’re just a Minor Threat. Enough of that Fugazi. A lot of these people just got Bad Brains, that are Misfits that waive Black Flag and they’re practically Anti-Flag. I think we need to Converge and help the Youth of Today because every time you Blink, 182 kids, they go missing…”

The moment of Zen continues as the unsuspecting host and her guests take time to answer “Bill” as if he’s being totally serious. He then proceeds to chime in again, naming even more bands for multiple payoffs that are worth watching in full. Check it out in the tweet above and let the spirit of “Bill” guide your next trip around the mosh pit.