A Jeopardy! contestant suffered a brutal loss on Tuesday night’s episode, but fans of the show are impressed that he went down swinging. Matt King ultimately ended his run with -$6,400 and found himself booted out of the game by host Ken Jennings. Since King had a negative score, he couldn’t compete in Final Jeopardy after only correctly answering eight out of the 18 clues he buzzed in on.

It was an unusual strategy, but fans of the show gave King props for taking it to the hole even though he missed over half of the time and spectacularly face-planted.

While King’s negative score handed him a crushing loss, it was actually not the lowest score that Jeopardy has ever seen. In fact, that honor occurred during LeVar Burton‘s stint as guest host over the summer. Via Fox News:

Patrick Pearce, product specialist from Fountain View, Calif. had a less-than-stellar performance and ended up raking in the lowest score in “Jeopardy!” history with -$7,400. According to Slate, the minus $7,400 finishing total breaks the record previously set in March of 2015 by contestant Stephanie Hull, whose poor performance on “Jeopardy!” earned her -$6,800.

The winner of Tuesday night’s episode ended up being current champ Amy Schneider, who is now a five-day winner and the show’s first transgender champ. Schneider secured her champion status during Trans Awareness Week, and despite being the first champ, she made it a point to celebrate all of the previous trans contentasts who came before her.

(Via Fox News)

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