Renowned Teetotaler Rudy Giuliani Insists That He ‘REFUSED All Alcohol’ On Election Night And Stuck To His ‘Favorite Drink…Diet Pepsi’

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Rudy Giuliani is appalled that former Trump campaign advisors Jason Miller and Bill Stepien accused him of being drunk on election night. America’s former favorite mayor doesn’t drink alcohol. Why, he wouldn’t even know an alcohol if he saw one. The only beverage Rudy Giuliani relies on when he’s attempting to dismantle American democracy is *checks notes* diet Pepsi.

This leads us to Rudy Giuliani’s actual response to rumors he was toasted while advising Donald Trump to declare victory before all of the votes were counted in the 2020 Presidential Election. As the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Jan. 6th insurrection continues, a new revelation about the environment inside the White House during election night revealed Giuliani was heavily intoxicated while encouraging the president to begin spreading baseless voter fraud conspiracies. In recorded depositions, both Miller and Stepien claimed it was too soon to declare victory while mail-in ballots were still being counted on election night with Miller admitting he thought Giuliani was “definitely” inebriated while in conversation with Trump. Despite giving their own experienced insight, Trump decided to listen to Giuliani and begin sowing doubt about the mail-in ballot-counting process.

Now, in response to the two men’s accounts of what happened that night, Giuliani is hitting back. On Twitter, obviously.

That’s right. Giuliani’s best defense against claims he was white-girl wasted on election night is his preference for diet Pepsi — which somehow makes his judgment even more questionable. Giuliani also ranted that he believes this attack on his character from Trump’s henchmen might be because he “yelled at them” while all of this was going down.

And if you’re questioning why Giuliani keeps misspelling Stepien’s name in these tweets, he’ll have you know the error is totally intentional. He’s absolutely not currently guzzling beer while he tries to find the right keys on his keyboard. He’s just high on aspartame, okay?!


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