Reddit Woman Keeps Calling Her Male Coworker Emotional

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And finally, some even pointed out that this coworker sounds dangerous, and advised OP to be careful.

“I think you did a good job at de-escalating the situation, but I think your coworker is a walking time bomb and one day he is going to blow.

If there is a way for you to begin creating a paper trail without it looking like you are creating a paper trail, I encourage you to do so. My fear is that one day he will snap and someone will get hurt.”


“With no HR, and senior management being less than useless, you seem to have found a way to rein him in somewhat. I do feel a little apprehensive that your coworker might ‘blow’ at some point, however. If your campaign to rename his anger just makes him ‘swallow’ it (rather than actually letting it go), there could be trouble ahead.”



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