People With Boring Jobs Reveal How They Feel About Life

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“I work a typical 9–5 job in project management and non-profit administration. Prior to COVID-19, I worked in event production, which by most would be considered significantly more fun. Once COVID hit, I was laid off and devastated to have lost the job I dreamt about for years, worked so hard to get, and finally had. So, I went back to school, earned my Masters and got the job I have now. Is it exciting? No. Is it fun? Not particularly. But it’s stable and the company grew through the pandemic when so many companies shrank. My priorities shifted due to COVID. Having a fun, exciting job was no longer important to me. Having a steady paycheck became my top priority and I’m actually making a decent amount more now than I did in events, and I’m working regular hours with significantly less manual labor. Plus, I really like a lot of the people I work with and have one of the best bosses I’ve had since I started working jobs 18 years ago.”

“I leave work most days feeling a sense of accomplishment and I’m happy. There’s nothing wrong with working an ‘ordinary’ job. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us happiest, and to me, that’s what matters most. I’ll happily keep my mundane job for the stability it provides and do what I want and have fun outside of work.”

—Anonymous, 34, Illinois


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