People Are Sharing Their Worst Airbnb Horror Stories

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“Just north of the San Francisco Bay Area, I rented a room in a large, extremely secluded house. I arrived in the middle of a rainstorm. The house had five bedrooms, except my door was locked. There was no internet and spoiled food in the fridge, and one entire wall was nothing but huge windows and doors. My room had a door that opened to the inside of the house and doors on the opposite wall that opened up to a metal dog run that spanned three sides of the house. I had my small puppy with me that I carried throughout the house. This upset the large German shepherd that was pacing around outside the house in the dog run. The German shepherd saw my dog and lost its mind, and its pacing increased to a full run back and forth. I believed that my dog and I were safe inside my assigned bedroom. All of a sudden, the German shepherd burst through the dog run and glass door straight into my bedroom.”

“The shepherd immediately attacked and had my dog by the neck, shaking it back and forth. I had to dig my fingers into the German shepherd to get it away from my dog. I opened the other door in my bedroom that led to the inside of the house. I grabbed my dog and threw it on the bed and forced the shepherd in the opposite direction through the other door that led into the rest of the house. The German shepherd paced, barked, and threw its entire body against the bedroom door trying to get to my dog. I sat on the floor against the bedroom door and examined my dog for bites before I realized that the German shepherd now had full run of the house and I was locked in the bedroom. I had to call 911 to be rescued. They tracked down the property owner in Italy but had a bad English-Italian conversation. The police had to contact animal control to safely corral the German shepherd so that I could get my things and leave. Drove down the road and cried/slept in my car until morning. Airbnb gave me a full refund.”



Share - Shperndaje