Secrets People Will Never Tell Their Partner Reddit

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“I never paid for her engagement ring. I went to a custom jeweler to have her ring made. It’s a beautiful piece, and she loves it dearly, and it certainly wasn’t cheap — appraised and insured for around $10k. The jeweler was dealing with a lot of family issues at the time, and was incredibly disorganized. I went to pick up the ring and brought my checkbook to pay for it, and when she handed me the ring, I took it out and asked her who to make the check out to. She said, ‘Oh no, don’t worry about it right now. Just send me a check in the mail!’

“I thought that was strange, but sure, okay. She then hurried off to help another customer, and I left, but she never told me what the final price was. For the next six months, I texted and called the jeweler, saying, ‘Hey, just tell me what amount to put, and I’ll mail you the check!’ and there was always a reason she couldn’t tell me, ‘Oh, sorry, I’m out right now, I’ll find it and text you later!’ Her shop was a few hours away from where I live, so it wasn’t feasible to stop by and handle it in person. I tried for six months, but after that, I stopped calling/texting and just figured I got the ring for free. I wouldn’t tell my spouse, because I don’t want her to think I took advantage of the situation or that somehow the ring isn’t as ‘meaningful’ because I didn’t pay for it.”