Neighbor Wanted The Fence “Fixed” Immediately So Their Pool Was Up To Code, So Homeowners Got Revenge By Tearing Theirs Down And Forcing Her To Build One Of Her Own

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Owning a home is a great thing. It gives you a place to build a family and set down roots, and it can be a great investment if everything goes the way it should.

That said, it comes with a lot of hidden costs and a lot of work, too.

Also, it usually comes with neighbors.

This person’s fence met with an unfortunate end, but when the neighbors insisted they replace it immediately, they came up with a different solution.

Check it out!

This happen to my friend a couple months ago. Him and his wife just moved into their first house about 6 months ago.

Then a strong wind storm came through and damaged their fence.

And by damaged their fence I mean the fence was now leaning slightly, leaning about 70 degrees.

Due to insurance, they were going to wait until spring to deal with it.

Because home insurance won’t fix the fence plus it being winter.

My friend and his wife were going to wait until spring to hire someone to fix/ replace their fence.

Well their backyard neighbor did not like that. The backyard neighbor wanted the fence fix asap.

The neighbor found out and reported them to the city, mostly because they had a pool that required a fence.

When the neighbor found out they were going to wait until spring, the neighbor called the city and complained that their fence was out of code.

When the city inspector came out to inspect their fence, it was in fact out of code and needed to be corrected.

Now the reason the neighbor was so fixated on the fence being replaced is because the neighbor has a pool in their yard and need to have a fence around their pool for safety.

So, they just removed the fence for the time being.

Well my friend and his wife are now livid with their neighbor and decided to only remove the fence and not replace it.

This allows them to be in city code and now when the spring hits, the neighbor is going to need to build a fence on their backside of their yard if they want to fill up their pool for the summer.

If the neighbor would have just been nice and not called the city like a Karen my friend would of build the fence up in the spring now problem.

This is why you talk to your neighbors instead of calling the law.

I bet Reddit agrees, too!

Everyone is excited for spring!

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Sometimes the season doesn’t matter.

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

What ever happened to talking to people?

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Good fences make good neighbors.

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

Problems galore.

Source: Reddit/Malicious ComplianceSource: Reddit/Malicious Compliance

They’ll have to figure it out.

But I just bet it sticks in their craw.

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36 Things That’ll Make Your Backyard Your Private Oasis

This device uses scent-free repellent mats and heat to diffuse the repellent and keep bugs away. You will get max protection in 15 minutes and a 15-foot radius will be included in that zone. The mats last up to four hours and will change color when they need to be changed. The fuel can last up to 12 hours. Grab some replacements here.

Promising review: “My husband bought this Thermacell Repeller so I would stop complaining. I still haven’t stopped complaining (sorry, honey), but I have stopped flapping my gums about mosquitos. As long as we were outside around our home, I just wasn’t getting a bite. It was miraculous and beautiful. Then, we went to a friend’s house. Ouch. They were all over me again. It took me a while to realize (yeah, I’m a little slow) that the reason I wasn’t getting bit at home was because my husband had lit the Thermacell each time we were outside. I honestly didn’t even realize it was on and running. It doesn’t make noise, doesn’t product a smell, and doesn’t really take up any room at all. Pretty dang amazing. Most everyone who visited this summer has purchased one. I advise you do the same if you’re a mosquito magnet like me. It really is a game changer.” —Becky C.

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Toxic Manager Tried To Get Them In Trouble For Taking A Week Off, But They Knew The Rules And Got An Apology For Their Mistreatment

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@javaistan

Boy, some managers are simply CLUELESS, aren’t they?

You can say that again!

The person who wrote this story on Reddit put some higher-ups at their company in their places and it was GLORIOUS.

Get all the details below!

“A few years back I worked in a call centre for a well known car rental company. Management was what you would expect from such a place.

Micromanagement was everywhere, breaks timed to the minute, you get the gist. Well, you’d be surprised to learn that holidays were no different.

Sounds awful!

On a 60+ people floor, if two people were out on holidays, yours wouldn’t get approved. I had been doing this job for a couple of years so I knew that I had to keep track of my holiday balance as HR was famous for messing up your days.

Now that you know what I was dealing with, that particular year, I had managed to get all my holidays approved up until Christmas. Imagine my surprise when my Team Leader came up to me and told me I had a week left on my balance!

I asked her to check with HR because something was obviously wrong. The day after, I get an email from HR basically saying “NO! You’re wrong! HR is right! Btw, you’re on holiday next week.”


That’s when I stopped and thought “Why am I fighting this?” I said ok, took my week off and waited for the phone call. And then it came.

My TL announced that the time off given by mistake was due so I had to either give up a week of next year’s balance or it would be deduced from my pay as unpaid time off.

I laughed, said no chance, and laughed some more before hanging up.

Then I sent an email to an solicitor that confirmed my suspicions of their claims being completely illegal.

Next Monday, my TL comes to me before I can even get to my desk and tells me about a meeting she scheduled with me and HR to settle things.

Said ok, turned my computer on and forwarded my conversation with the solicitor to HR, my TL and our manager for good measure. Said email read something like “Do you really want that week back that bad?”

5 minutes later, TL comes back with a carnivorous grin and tells me to go to the manager’s office. I get there and find out that my manager was never made aware of the issue.

That worked out!

She gets her phone and calls the HR manager, basically tells him to sit on it and then begins to apologise to me. We laugh it off and I leave to start my day.

As soon as I get to my desk, I see my TL heading towards the manager’s office. She came back looking like a sad puppy.”

Check out what folks said about this story on Reddit.

This person made a good point.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Another individual spoke up.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

This reader shared their thoughts.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

One individual chimed in.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Incompetent managers strike again!

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The Hidden Downside Of Summer

First, you want to figure out why you’re feeling guilty about staying indoors. Are you experiencing FOMO or are you worried you won’t get another chance to be outside again soon? Or, perhaps, are you anxious that you’re not reaching your potential? Once you’ve identified what’s behind the shame, you can tackle the feeling head-on, Saltz said.

If you’re feeling FOMO, you want to show yourself that you’re not actually missing out. Tell yourself, “I’m doing what I’m meant to do, and I can have this other opportunity of being out in the sun at a better time for me,” Saltz suggested.

Practicing gratitude can also lift your spirits. Grab a journal and jot down a list of things that have recently brought you joy. This might help you see that you aren’t missing out or lacking activity in life.

And if social media is making you feel worse, log out of your apps for the day. If you’re struggling with the uncertainty of when the next beautiful day will be, know that there will be more sunny days soon.

“Remind yourself that more sun will always be coming,” Saltz said. 

For those who feel like they’re not doing enough, Hemendinger suggested that showing yourself some grace may help.

“Practicing self-compassion in this case looks like giving yourself permission to show up how you need to show up in life in that moment,” she said.

It’s OK to not be super productive every day. In fact, it’s extremely beneficial for our physical and mental health to carve out time to rest and refuel.

“People need to consider how they best feel they can recharge their energy,” Hemendinger said.

Listen to your body. If you want or need rest, give yourself permission to lay low and take it easy. 

It’s a common misconception that we need to have fun throughout the summer, but this isn’t fair or even true.

“Fun is where you make it, fun is where you find it, fun is not a limited commodity, and therefore [there] are many ways to have fun,” Saltz said.

So, ditch the idea that you need to be busy when it’s nice out. Expand your definition of fun to include relaxing at home and enjoying it.

“It will help you all around,” Saltz said.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.


30 Items To Try Immediately

BuzzFeed Writer Emma Lord (pictured above) swears by this thing!: 

An embarrassing confession: my hair gets so ingrained in the carpet that a vacuum truly does nothing for it. In fact, to make matters worse, weird particles get stuck in the hair on the floor, which is stuck to the carpet, so I often was just unrooting clumps of hair from the floor with my hands (sorry for the visual). I bought this broom, and it immediately started pulling up GOBS of hair. My carpet like, genuinely changed color (turns out the pink was supposed to be much pinker, whoops). Anyway, do with that semi-horrifying information what you will.”

Promising review: “I bought this broom two years ago, and it is still going strong! I have four large dogs, and we have fur EVERYWHERE! This works so, so well! I am always amazed at what this picks up, even after I just ran the vacuum. If you remove the head from the handle you can use the head to do in all the crevices along baseboards where fur gets trapped on the carpets. I also use it that way to do the carpet corners on the stairs. Lastly, I use it to get dust and cobwebs off the floors and ceilings. It truly is a super tool.” —Roseann

Get it from Amazon for $16.99.


Neighborhood Woman Said They Drove Too Fast And Threatened To Call The Police, So They Got Petty And Decided To Go As Slow As Possible

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@matthew_daniels

I might be showing my age, but I’m pretty sure I’m turning into this person…

I’m talking about the neighborhood kook who gets annoyed at cars driving too fast.

The only difference is that I haven’t said anything about it yet…

But enough about me!

Check out how this person handled a situation that will sound familiar to you.

“I live in a very quiet suburban neighborhood with lots of active neighbors (joggers, bikers, dog walkers, baby strollers, kids playing ball in the streets, etc).

The speed limit is 25mph, but when I see lots of foot traffic on the sidewalks, I bring it down to 15mph or even 10mph if I see a big group of kids playing in the street.

Game off…game on!

There’s this sweet group of kids who play basketball in the middle of the street eight doors down from my home. When they see cars approaching, they move to the curb and wait for the cars to pass before resuming their game.

One day I was driving home from work and I saw the kids out playing, and their mother was on the front lawn talking with another adult. I slowed down to 10mph and went to the complete opposite side of the street as I crept by.

Oh boy, here we go…

A little while later she knocked on my door and complained about “how fast” I was driving and that I could have harmed her precious children. I said, “The speed limit is 25mph, and I was going 10mph. How much slower do you want me to go??”

She said “I don’t care, just slow down or else I’m going to call the police! I have a doorbell camera so I can see you every time you drive by!” Okay crazy lady, whatever you say!

The next day, the kids were outside playing in the street again. I slowly approached, came to a full stop, and then I took my foot off the brakes and let the car crawl at 1 mph. The kids stared at me all confused as it took me an entire minute to pass through their makeshift basketball court.

Here she goes again!

I continued to do this a few more times until one day the mother came and knocked on my car window as I was crawling by. I lowered my window and asked if there was a problem. She said “Why are you going so slow? Are you stalking my children?!?”

I said “No, of course not. You demanded that I slow down, so I am!” And I rolled up my window and went on my way. She comes banging on my door again and says “Don’t get smart with me! Now you’re going TOO slow!”

I said “Are you saying that going 10mph is okay now? Because if you don’t like it, you can call the police.” She huffed and crossed her arms and stomped off my porch.”

Here’s how folks reacted.

One reader had an idea…

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Another person shared their thoughts.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

This Reddit user chimed in.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Another reader shared a story.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

This Reddit user seemed like they were impressed.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

There’s one of these people in every neighborhood…

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37 Products That Manage To Be Whimsical *And* Useful

It includes a chef’s knife, paring knife, bread knife, slicing knife, utility knife, and santoku knife. Psst — the knives don’t come with this a holder, but you can snag an easy-to-install magnetic bar for knives on Amazon if you want to display them like this reviewer did! 

Promising review: “This is my best buy of the month, and best knife buy of the year. Yeah, I’ve had sharper, better-quality knives in the past, but for hundreds of dollars more. For basic kitchen use, this is the set to buy. I like that they’re colorful, because I’ve already been able to familiarize myself with which knife is which color and what I need to use them for. I haven’t had to sharpen them yet and I’ve been using them pretty steadily for about a month. The blade cases they come with are extremely handy. I like that I don’t have to use a knife block. These fit nicely in my drawer. At this price, they are worth every penny. I wouldn’t have a problem spending $40–$50 for these knives.” —GWP

Get a set of six knives with covers from Amazon for $16.98.


A Mean Neighbor Wouldn’t Return Their Dog’s Ball, So They Came Up With A Genius Plan To Get It Back

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@tata186

Cranky, old neighbors have been around since the beginning of time

And they’ve also been stealing stuff from kids since then, too!

It’s true!

So, what’s a kid supposed to do when they have a neighbor like this?

Let’s take a look at how this clever kid handled things…

“This happened about 6 years ago, when I was 12, and my brother was 10. We lived next to an older lady, lets call her Jane, who we never really interacted with.

We used to play with tennis balls and cricket balls in our back yard, and occasionally, they would go over the fence. When they did, however, Jane would keep the balls and not give them back.

Sounds like The Sandlot

She would always say “Any ball that comes into my yard is mine, and I’m keeping it”

One time we were playing with my dog and her favourite ball went over the fence.

I sucked it up and went to talk to “Meany Jane” as we called her, only because it was my dogs favourite ball, but obviously she didn’t give it back. He was so sad and kept looking for the ball everywhere, and wouldn’t play with any other ball. That was the final straw.

Time to play hardball.

I found a shop online where you can bulk buy sports equipment, usually for schools, and with my dads help bought 200 tennis balls. Once they arrived, my plan could begin.

Step 1. Ask her for my dogs ball again. No surprise, she was mean and wouldn’t give it. “Any ball that comes into my yard, is mine and I’m keeping it.” Fine then, time for step two.

Step 2. Every day, go into the yard and throw a tennis ball over the fence. Each day, increase the amount. Day 1, one ball. Day 2, two balls. Day 3, three, etc. And each day before doing this, ask for my dog’s ball back, each day getting a no.

By the time we got to day 19, we only had 10 balls left, and that’s when step three came into play.

Step 3. She had an old rubbish bin she kept all our balls in, and at this point it was overflowing. So that week’s bin night, we watched her haul out two large black bin bags.


Once it got dark, me and my dad went put, and low and behold, it was every single ball of ours that had gone over the fence in the past few years. In total around 300 balls, including the 200 balls. Even my dogs ball was in there!

To say my dog was really excited is an understatement, she would’nt put the thing down and even started sleeping with it.”

Let’s see what people had to say on Reddit.

One person shared what they would do…

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Another person had a lot to say.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

This individual spoke up.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Another reader talked about their dog.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

And this Reddit user has been there…

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Nice work!

That was epic!

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Employee Tried To Save Their Company Money On Travel, But The Finance Department Wouldn’t Listen To Them So They Bought A Car With What The Company Wasted

Source: Reddit/Pexels

Oh, I see…

So you want me to cost the company MORE money instead of cutting down on expenses?

Okay! Great idea!

That, in case you didn’t pick up on it, was sarcasm, my friends.

And it’s what the person who wrote this story on Reddit could’ve said to their boss!

Check out their story and see what you think.

“I was working for a large multinational firm with multiple sites in the UK. I was usually based in, let’s say York, but was sent on a 6 month secondment to head office in London.

Everything was on expenses. The hotels during the week, evening meals and particulatly rail transport to and from London on Monday mornings and Friday evenings.

They had it planned out.

At this time I was living in digs in York which were charged by the nights I actually slept there, so most weekends it saved me cash to go back home and stay at the parents in Reading (relatively close to London compared to York).

As I was in Reading almost every weekend I asked if I could travel from there direct to the London office instead of driving all the way from Reading to York, just to catch the train back all the way down to London, and do the reverse on Fridays. Not unreasonably this was agreed to by my line manager.

But there was a problem…

All was fine for the first few weeks until it was discovered by Finance that another colleague on the secondment had been doing similar to me, but claiming for rail travel to London from her parents house in Edinburgh (a lot further from London than York!).

There was a bit of a stink about the company subsidising her travel home to Scotland at weekends and as a result an edict was issued that said only rail travel claims for York to London would be signed off in the future.

I spoke to my line manager about my circumstances and he referred me direct to Finance (I think he knew what was coming and didn’t want to be implicated).

I spoke to a senior manager in Finance and began to explain my circumstances, but he just cut me off and said, in a tone that would brook no dissension, that ONLY claims from York London would be signed off.

NO exceptions would be made.

Talk about stupid!

As a callow youth I got the message, and thereafter submitted weekly expense claims for flexible return rail tickets from York to London for almost 5 months whilst actually travelling from Reading to London.

I made a surprising amount of money from this, and combined with not needing to pay for digs and meals, I saved enough to buy a nice second hand TVR car after the secondment was over.”

Let’s see how Reddit users reacted to this story.

This reader weighed in.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Another individual spoke up.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

This person was surprised…

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

This Reddit user made a funny comment.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

You try to save the company money and this is what happens…

Good grief!

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Employee Got Fired For Explicitly Following Their Boss’s Rules, But They Had The Receipts To Show Their Boss Was A Massive Fraud And Got Them Fired Too

Source: Reddit/Unsplash/@timmykp

Always leave a paper trail

That sounds like pretty good advice, don’t you think?

You better believe it!

And this story will convince you to do just that in your professional and personal life.

Take a look at what happened!

“I worked as a writer and editor for over a decade, and in that time I had my fair share of bad bosses—like anyone.

But there is one that completely takes the cake. I worked for a large media company that had dealings with a number of other companies and subsidiaries ranging from publishing to fashion to sports to tech.

You name it, they did it. How our writing department worked was each writer would have specific areas that they would write for, kind of like how journalists have “beats” they cover.

So if you were assigned to the fashion arm of the company or one of its partners/subsidiaries, you wrote or edited everything for that arm.

A new manager showed up…

I worked for this company for about a year and a half before a new manager was hired. She was the second in command of our department. Part of her and our department director’s job was to update our internal style guide when necessary.

For those that don’t know, a style guide is a reference document for how to either refer to things or how to format things for the company/partners.

Before her tenure as manager, this was only done maybe once or twice a year, and the changes were relatively minimal since the style guide was very well established in the company and had been in place for a number of years.

This doesn’t sound good…

After she came on, it was being updated at least once a week, if not multiple times a week. It legitimately became an obsession for her.

Aside from the general annoyance of keeping up with it, it didn’t take long for me and my coworkers to reach the conclusion that our new manager didn’t have the faintest idea what she was doing. Each new version had more and more glaring errors.

At first, we all ignored these changes, giving her the benefit of the doubt and hoping, albeit naively, that these new directives were mistakes.

That was until people started getting reprimanded for not following the style guide. I was the first to get a one-on-one, closed door talk.

One of the departments I wrote for was sports, and she had seen that I had not been following the new rule of how I was to refer to the men’s and women’s teams I covered.

Oh, boy…

Truthfully, I had willfully ignored it hoping that it was just a mistake. To my horror, however, it appeared my new writing manager didn’t understand basic grammar. You see, the change she implemented removed the apostrophe from “men’s” and “women’s”.

So, for example, if I was covering “men’s basketball”, I was to refer to it as “mens basketball”. Her rationale was that the men didn’t own the team; therefore, it should not be possessive.

Apparently, her understanding of the English language didn’t evolve past grade school explanations.

I was honestly pretty dumbfounded at first. But once I got over the initial shock that the second in command of our department didn’t realize “mens” was not a word, I tried bleakly to explain that men is already plural and that a possessive “‘s” doesn’t always denote direct ownership (read: men’s bathroom).

She stared blankly at me for a few seconds, and for the briefest of moments, I thought maybe I was seeing the cogs in her head turn. She however, doubled down. Realizing the fight was lost, I told her that I would implement the changes going forward.

Now, here’s where my malicious compliance comes in: We worked for, and with, some very high profile companies, and mistakes were not tolerated for things that were outward facing.

Let’s get this in writing.

Realizing her idiocy could cost me my job, I made a simple request: Could you please email me the exact style guide rule you’re referencing and how exactly you’d like me to implement it, with examples of where I messed up?

She looked at me like I was stupid for not understanding what was being asked of me, but she still wrote it all down in an email for me.

I also made sure any further style changes were referenced in an email and specifically asked that if there were further changes to please cite how I had done them in the past, along with how she would like them to be done from now on.

Sure enough, within about 6 months of this, I was fired.

And at my exit interview, I handed HR a folder containing every written communication regarding the style changes, along with quite a bit of evidence that she was passing off her projects to other members of the dept and changing people’s work behind their back.

She was fired three months after me, along with our department director three months after that.

Well, what do you know?

Turned out, my little folder sparked a full investigation by HR, and after interviewing other coworkers in the department, they realized she had done all of it to have grounds to fire people within the department she didn’t like.

I just happened to be the first on the chopping block.

The projects she was passing off to other people?

She was taking the credit for what they were doing to make herself look good.

Those changes she was making to other people’s work?

HR realized that she was changing things to make it explicitly incorrect. You gotta love software that tracks changes and timestamps and lists the user.

On top of all of this, they also discovered that she had, at best, exaggerated (and, at worst, fabricated) large swaths of her resume.

By the time she was fired, I had already found another job in a different department at the same company. It was a good gig, and my new manager wasn’t a complete jerk.

Eventually, I moved on from that company, but if anything, my time there taught me a very valuable lesson: document, document, and document some more.”

Here’s how people reacted.

This person shared their thoughts.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit


Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Another individual told a story.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

This person was impressed.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Another Reddit user spoke up.

Source: RedditSource: Reddit

Always keep the receipts!

It’ll pay off in the end!

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Rude Condo Neighbor Made Other Tenants Miserable, So A Couple Takes Malicious Action To Get Her To Move Out

Source: Reddit

Man, talk about entitled…

All I can say is that there are a lot of folks out there that fit that description and sometimes you have to put them in their place.

Take a look at what went down in this Reddit story. We think you’ll be impressed!

“I live in a city in the North East in a relatively small condo association (6 units).

It’s surrounded by new construction, but this particular building is a very old 1850s mansion that was converted into condos back in the 1980s.

Because of this every unit is totally unique with different square footage and layouts (important later).

The jerk neighbor, let’s call her Monica, was the daughter of the owner. She’s also a has-been politician who was a former mayor of a small city in the state who lost re-election almost 10 years ago.

Give it a rest!

But she mentions this ALL THE TIME, in emails, in casual conversation, “my former time as mayor”, “I’m very connected in the state as you know”, and on and on.

Another neighbor, let’s call her Rachel, decided to sell her unit. As part of this process she made improvements on it and had contractors frequently.

We have a back hallway that is required for contractors to access units, and a painter had left some minor things on the first floor as he was working.

How rude!

Jerk Monica apparently did have some connections because without asking my neighbor or talking to the contractor she managed to get a city inspector to come right over who immediately fined the contractor for “impeding access” in the hallway despite it being a small number of supplies.

The contractor was so mad he said he would never do another job in this building – very annoying as trusted contractors are hard to find. Monica did this because she likes to flex and is a jerk.

Well, I spoke to Rachel before listing and I offered to buy it from her direct. We agreed on a price and avoided real estate agent fees, plus she just wanted a simple transaction as she already had a new house. I acquire the unit and start renting it out.

Then another neighbor, Phoebe, wants to sell. The real estate agent emails all the owners in the building and tells us about the open house.


Well it turns out Monica wasn’t contacted (because she’s not an owner) and because of this takes it upon herself to report the real estate agent to the state board for discrimination because Monica is black.

Cue the real estate agent calling me in a panic, asking me to vouch for her in a disciplinary review (which I oblige). Absolutely insane behavior.

The unit sells over the asking price. Everything is great as it’s boosting the value of our units and the building. However the buyer is insisting that the condo board signs off that all HOA fees are paid with a form that’s submitted to the registry of deeds, which requires a valid condo board.

Since Rachel moved out, there is no condo board. We have been derelict in our duties – we haven’t had an association meeting in years not a single valid trustee since Rachel moved away.

Look at this!

I read the condo docs with a magnifying glass over and over. It turns out with my two units, my wife and myself can each represent 1 unit and have 52% of the voting power because our two units have 52% of the total square footage (ours are each 3br while the rest are two 2br and two 1br).

We have just slightly the max footage of the building and the majority “beneficial interest” which effectively gives us full say over the building.

As the sale process is happening, Monica’s mother passes away from cancer, which she had been fighting for years. Monica now becomes an owner as she inherits the unit.

In order to be elected to the condo board you need the majority of beneficial interest and at least 3 units to vote for you. We have 52% of the beneficial interest but only 2 units. Therefore 1 more unit has to agree.

I get the owner who’s selling and moving away to agree to vote for myself and my wife, and I vote for them in return. That gives quorum. We sign off on the condo fees, and then the seller resigns from the board promptly. Now only my wife and I are trustees.

This was getting good…

According to strict reading of the condo docs, my wife and I now have de facto control of the board, and never have to have another election, because with beneficial interest 52% we never have to approve anyone else, and even if everyone else votes, they can only get a maximum of 48%.

In this situation the remaining trustees can be the trustees indefinitely if there can not be quorum achieved.

Monica throughout everything has been protesting aggressively, accusing us of racism (despite my wife and I being Vietnamese), and sending legal threats. My lawyer has been countering everything and there is no issue.

Monica has now decided to sell and move away. It turns out she inherited $15,000 in unpaid condo dues that no one bothered to collect (because we had no board and were disorganized) that she will have to pay in order to get approval to sell.

Payback is a *****.

Furthermore all of her contractors doing work on the inherited unit have had to park far away because my wife and I have been VERY STRICT about hallways and driveway parking of vehicles impeding access which is absolutely no allowed.

We even got a van towed who was doing work on her unit because it “impeded access”. The tow truck works for the condo association rather than the city so we could approve is as the trustees.

If Monica hadn’t been such a total jerk we would have been totally reasonable about everything. But once she started bringing lawyers and inspectors and playing the racism angle everything became war for us. And she lost.”

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