7 Ways To Help Out During ‘Adopt A Shelter Dog Month’ If Adoption Isn’t An Option

October is officially ‘Adopt A Shelter Dog’ month and we’re so glad it is. By all means, if you have the time, space, and love in your heart you should go out to your local animal shelter and start the adoption process. Adopting a shelter dog is an extremely rewarding thing to do. You’ll not only get to enjoy the wonderful reality of pet-parenting, but you’ll be saving not one, but two animals. You’ll save your new pooch, plus, you’ll be freeing up space in the shelter so that shelter can then save another dog!

But what if you don’t have the ability to adopt? There are many reasons why a person is unable to properly care for a pet and good for you if you understand that you might not be in the proper place or time in your life to adopt. The good news is, there are still plenty of ways to help. We sat down to chat with Jordan Karcher, founder, and CEO of Grounds & Hounds, a fair-trade specialty-organic coffee company that supports rescue initiatives and organizations that give dogs a second chance by donating 20% of all profits to the cause.

Jordan was generous with his time and helped us pinpoint some great ways that anyone can be impactful to help shelter pets, even if they are unable to adopt.

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Is Saul Goodman Going to Be in ‘El Camino’? Spoilers!

Saul took on a totally new life as Gene Taković, the super stressed out and highly paranoid manager of a Cinnabon in the Cottonwood Mall of Omaha, Neb. In other words, he became pretty much the complete opposite of Saul Goodman. 

In flash-forwards featured in Better Call Saul, we see Saul (now Gene) constantly worry about whether his true identity — along with his sordid past — will be discovered.

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Are Batman and the Joker Brothers? Thomas Wayne Weighs In — SPOILERS!

All of this information would point toward Thomas not being the father, except that Penny claims he falsified her records. 

Even more so, the final scene of the film points to that, perhaps, none of it is true. It seems that the Joker has been locked in Arkham Asylum the whole time and, maybe, his whole story, is just one long figment of his imagination. 

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Who Is Bella Thorne Dating Right Now? Has She Moved on From Benjamin?

Does this mean that she broke up with Benjamin?

Not quite. See, Bella is dating both her new girlfriend and Benjamin. In fact, he even showed his support in the comments, confirming that they’re in a polygamous relationship. The 26-year-old said: “You girls are cute.”

Bella and Benjamin were first seen together in April, just a few days after she ended things with her ex, Mod Sun. As of now, they’re in a long-distance relationship because Benjamin lives in Italy. But according to Bella, they’re actually in a really good place.

She said: “Ben is a cutie pie and seeing him on FaceTime all the time makes me smile very big. Clearly, he lives in Italy so it’s an interesting thing.”

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Who Is Bella Thorne Dating Right Now?

On July 3, 2022, Bella Thorne was invited to a dinner in Montauk, N.Y., celebrating actress Rosario Dawson and her Aqua x Studio 189 collaboration with Bloomingdale’s. According to Page Six, 24-year-old Bella sparked dating rumors when she arrived to the event with actor Ryan Eggold as her plus one. Ryan, 37, is best known for his role as Dr. Max Goodwin on New Amsterdam. The pair showed up to the restaurant together, but reportedly never joined the rest of the party.

“They were outside together roaming around for cocktails,” an insider said to Page Six.

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Which State Has the Most UFO Sightings? These States Are the Top Ten

And while the Southeast seems to be unpopular with extraterrestrials, the Mid-Atlantic states didn’t seem much more popular. New York and New Jersey ranked 45th and 42nd, respectively. However, if you’re looking for the state with the most sightings, period, that would be California. Though its per capita ranking puts it in the middle of the pack at 22nd out of 50, it has a total of 13,559 reports.

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Will There be a ‘Joker’ Sequel? What We Know About a Second Movie

So will Joker get a sequel?

Writer for Esquire, Matt Miller, said that without a sequel, Joker just presents viewers with “a miserable chaotic world parallel to our own with no protagonist, no hope, and nothing to really say,” and that even though he’s grown tired of superhero flicks, he’s begging for one in this instance because Phillips has presented us with a world that is desperately calling out for a hero.

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Did the Joker Kill His Neighbor, Sophie Dumond? Spoilers Ahead!

This led to a proliferation of fan theories: some vouch that the Joker killed seven people, including his mother (Frances Conroy), whom he suffocates with a pillow, his friend Randy (Glenn Fleshler) whom he attacks with a scissor, three high-profile bankers, whom he assaults at a subway station, and Murray Franklin, whom he shoots in the head on live television. 

Feeling nauseous yet? It gets worse. 

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What’s the NikkieTutorials and Too Faced Drama? Breaking Down the Beef

“If I could tell you the contract that NikkieTutorials signed for her Too Faced palette and what they did to her, you guys would f—–g scream. But, if she wants to talk about that one day, I will let her,” he said. “They probably had her sign so many contracts and agreements that she’s not ever allowed to speak of it. But I’ll tell you this, Too Faced, keep shading brands and running your f—–g mouth and the truth will come out. But for now, I’ll let you sleep.”

Jeffree didn’t elaborate on the contract claims at the time, but on The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, he finally explained the way that NikkieTutorials was paid out for her palette. It’s important to note that Jeffree also has issues with Too Faced as a brand because, he claims, owner Jerrod Blandino has shaded brands like Tarte on Instagram before.

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10 Girls Who Are Changing The World With Their Words And Actions

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably heard a lot about Greta Thunberg. The 16-year-old activist is making waves for her call for action against climate change. The teen, who lives in Sweden, hasn’t been afraid to voice her concerns to politicians worldwide. It’s been inspiring to see her say the things that many adults are afraid to say, especially as a young girl.

But, Thunberg isn’t the only girl out there making a huge difference. It should go without saying that girls have a lot of power. The problem is, society has tried its hardest to deny women the chance to lead big groups and speak their voice. Eventually, we’ll have a female president —but the fact that we haven’t yet is telling, especially considering how many smart and capable women are in politics these days.

There are many young women out there who have inspired change in such creative ways. These are the born leaders — the girls who will go on to inspire the rest of us to take action. Most of them had an idea or an invested interest in something at a young age, and instead of letting their birth year deter them, they continued on with their quest for change.

Here are 10 young female leaders to keep your eye on. These are the girls who’ll change the world as they serve as excellent role models for our children today.

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What Is the Episode Count for ‘Rick and Morty’ Season Four? Details!

The time has finally come, my dimension-hopping pals: The release date for Rick and Morty‘s fourth season has been announced. Two years have passed since the previous season was released, so needless to say, fans have been anticipating new episodes for a while now. 

And now, let’s get to the important question: What is the episode count for the next season of Rick and Morty? Unfortunately, it’s a little shorter than fans were expecting, but the trailer looks phenomenal nonetheless.

I don’t know about you, but I have relatively high expectations for the fourth installment of Rick and Morty. The trailer was released on Oct. 6, and it looks seriously action-packed.

Mr. Poopy Butthole and the Meeseeks have returned, Rick’s lab coat rips off Doctor Strange’s Coat of Levitation, and Morty gets a dragon. Favorite characters die, there’s family drama, and Morty has a near-death experience. Take a look at the trailer, below, and get excited.

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