Increasingly Batty Trump Wants To Know When ‘They’ Are Going To Toss Out The Results Of The 2020 Election And Name Him President

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While many Americans spent their Labor Day enjoying the last breaths of what we incorrectly deem the final day of “summer,” Donald Trump was busy binge-posting to his own TRUTH Social and doubling down on his demands to be reinstated as president.

Why? Your guess is as good as ours — and probably as good as Trump’s, whose desperate pleas for someone (anyone?!) to somehow decree that he is once again President of the United States are all a little nebulous.

As Mediaite reports, Trump’s most recent complaints are being directed at the Department of Justice and the FBI, who he claims have been “caught in a massive and determinative Election Rigging Scam,” and now he’s just waiting for them(?) to rectify their wrong by throwing Joe Biden’s belongings out onto the front lawn of the White House.

The former (current?!) president was so taken with his own theory that he posted it twice in a row for all 4 million of his TRUTH followers to see:

truth social

Trump’s social media rampage marked at least the second time in one week that he was back on his rigged election bullsh*t. Last Monday, Trump posted a message to TRUTH explaining that, essentially, Hunter Biden’s laptop is the reason he lost the 2020 presidential election. Therefore, he should be declared the winner — or, at the very least, another election should be held. Which definitely seems like something that would or could happen.

By Tuesday, Trump seemed to have calmed down. And just wanted to know (in a totally non-ironic way) “Why are people so mean?”

As Mediaite wrote, “the only president to leave office and then return to the presidency was Grover Cleveland, who defeated Benjamin Harrison in the 1892 presidential election without the assistance of the Department of Justice.” Ouch!

(Via Mediaite)


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