15 Times Petty People Got Revenge On Their Bad Bosses

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“On the evening of the event, I drive to the kart track and, upon arrival, I see my colleagues all in jeans and t-shirts and my boss in racing overalls, racing boots, gloves and even a custom helmet. It dawned on me the reason for the event and why so much attention was given to it: kart racing was his thing.

“With about 15 racers, I asked to start dead last. Starting from last, I proceeded to overtake all other karts, including boss man on the outside of a fast corner (overtaking on the outside is often seen as a bold arrogant move). After just a few more laps, I reached him again and, as I was about to lap him, he went into the pits and stepped out.

“I duly won the race and, as I left the track into the bar, someone told me that the boss had left. At the bar, the topic of the evening was how I had outraced everyone and how the boss, who had won all the races since forever, was livid with my performance.

“After that, I was always courteously invited but never again required to show up to his events. I went a few times but arrived late on purpose so I would just take part in the bar thing and not the race.”


Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/meganeliscomb/bad-boss-petty-revenge

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