How To Set Healthy Boundaries With Friends, According To Therapist

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It wasn’t until Kelsey started going to therapy and reading self-help books that she realized her life lacked boundaries. “It stemmed from low self-worth,” she said. “I knew if I wanted to start having friendships that felt reciprocal and not one-sided, I needed to learn how to stand up for myself and set standards for people.”

“I started to come up with my ‘Rule of 3’ when I was thinking about my past friendships and asking myself, ‘When was the moment I realized my friendship with someone was probably not going to work out?’ Typically, my answer was after the third time they did something that hurt me,” she continued. 

“Of course, the old me continued to be friends with them, and I had to learn the hard way,” she said. “But I made a promise to myself that moving forward, after three times, it was going to be a deal-breaker...three times is more than enough confirmation to know you need to part ways with someone.”