David Letterman Couldn’t Resist Cracking A Joke About Dave Chappelle’s Onstage Attack

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As with David Letterman’s take on the Will Smith-Chris Rock smacking incident (“no one got hit” when I hosted the Oscars), he’s also got something to say about Dave Chappelle being attacked at one of last week’s Hollywood Bowl dates of the Netflix Is A Joke festival. Dave, as well, was performing over the weekend (at the Fonda Theater) as part of the ongoing Netflix set of dates, and he put his own special spin on the subject.

Of course, Letterman embraced his own awkward vibe when he (as seen in the above video clip) appeared to grow distracted by motion near the stage. All of this was an act with him declaring, “I’m sorry, thought I saw a guy coming up here.” From there, he realized that this was only a waiter, but he conceded that it’s slightly “alarming” to be onstage. From there, the punchline arrived:

“In deference to the people coming out here, let me just say this: When the show is finished, I will be in the lobby, and if anybody wants to come and beat me up, by God, come on out. How many of you would like to hit me right now?”

Surely, that close-to-the-stage area was heavily vetted following last Tuesday’s incident, in which Isaiah Lee attacked Chappelle, who later revealed that he talked to the troubled man after the incident. Lee has since been charged by the LA City Attorney’s Office with no felonies but, instead, four misdemeanors.

Meanwhile, the Netflix is a joke festival continues. You can see the dates here, and June performers include Bill Burr, Snoop Dogg, Amy Schumer, Pete Davidson, and more from Letterman.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)

Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/david-letterman-dave-chappelle/

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