Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Dieting

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Even with the influx of body-positivity and self-love movements, fad diets and body-shaming is far from a thing of the past — honestly, it might be worse now.

We scroll through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of images a day that are often manipulated with Photoshop or filters that create an appearance unattainable for many. 

Living in a digital age has led us to believe that being healthy means daily exercise, weight-loss juice cleanses, meal planning, and clean eating with absolutely no “junk” foods. But is this actually healthy? Does practicing a rigid structure and restricting foods you love equate to wellness? Shouldn’t we be moving our bodies to reduce stress and reduce screen time rather than having weight loss be the end goal? To me, being healthy means honoring my body and cravings, and treating my body with kindness as it is constantly working to sustain my daily activities. 

It’s a no-brainer that celebrity diets and impossible body standards could send a dangerous message, especially to younger audiences. Here are 19 celebrities who have spoken out about toxic diet culture and kissed the whole idea goodbye.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/soleileaston/celebrities-speak-out-about-dieting