‘Aritzia is giving early 2000s Hollister/A&F’: Woman claims she was ‘body-shamed’ by Aritzia employee who gave her larger sizes than she asked for

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A woman claimed she was subtly body-shamed by an employee at popular women’s fashion store Aritzia in a viral TikTok.

In the video, Hillary Chang says she was shopping at Aritzia when an employee asked her if she needed any assistance. She explained that she was looking for a couple of items, when the employee asked if Chang knew her size. The TikToker said she was a size 2 or 4, but said the employee looked her up and down and handed her a size 6 and 8. 

@hillaryhelennn has this happened to anyone else? 😅 #storytime #forthegirls #aritzia #shoppingexperience #bodyshaming @hillaryhelennn ♬ original sound – Hillary Chang

The employee then proceeded to pick tops for Chang in a large, despite her stating to the employee that she was a size small. The creator says she spoke to the manager after she checked out at the store and explained the situation. The manager was very apologetic, Chang says, but the experience left a bad taste in her mouth.

“I’m very comfortable in my own skin,” Chang says in the video. “But, in that moment, all I could think about was someone who wasn’t comfortable in their own body, going into that store, working with that girl, and basically being told that you’re bigger than you think you are.”

In a follow-up video, Chang responds to comments asking if the clothes the employee picked out for her fit her.

@hillaryhelennn Reply to @smm21254alkh I’m sorry but you clearly didn’t understand the point #bodyshaming #aritzia #shoppingexperience #forthegirrls @hillaryhelennn ♬ original sound – Hillary Chang

“That’s not the point of the story,” Change says in the follow-up. “The point is that I know what size I am, I told an employee what size I was, she looked at me, and gave me two sizes bigger.”

In the comments of the original video, users were livid about Chang’s experience, and shared similar stories about shopping at Aritzia.

“I went to artizia and I asked to try on a a size 10-12 of the pants and the girl said to me we don’t carry those high sizes and I found it myself,” one comment said.

“Aritzia is giving early 2000s Hollister/A&F,” another said.

“Omg is this their villain era??” Chang jokingly responded in a comment.

“I went in for tops and I already owned some and they asked me twice if I ‘was sure that was my size,’” one viewer wrote.

Aritzia did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Dot.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/aritzia-body-shaming-sizes/