One Starbucks worker doesn’t like it when customers order cold foam on their drinks. She says there’s “a special place in hell” for those customers — then a Dunkin worker clapped back.

The Starbucks worker (@alewhatsup) shared a TikTok complaining about customers who order sweet cream cold foam. In the video’s caption, she admitted, “maybe i’m just a hater.”

That video received more than 752,000 views on TikTok as of Saturday. Viewers said the TikToker was complaining too much.


maybe i’m just a hater

♬ My sound is blowing up – LLS🙏🏿🕊

“I swear to god every Starbucks employee on here makes me feel bad for ordering literally ANY drink,” one viewer commented on the video.

“Im so scared to order anything from Starbucks now 😅 it’s always something,” another viewer commented.

“The way I can’t order anything anywhere anymore because apparently all of the workers will hate me,” a third viewer said.

Several viewers said that employees shouldn’t complain about customers asking for an item that’s on the menu — like sweet cream cold foam. Customers also mentioned having to pay extra for the foam.

“Sorry but we pay extra $$ for it,” one user said.

“I’m paying for it sooo,” another user wrote.

A former Dunkin employee (@pollypocketspssy) then stitched the Starbucks worker’s video, saying, “anyone else notice how Dunkin workers never complain about making drinks?”

“I literally used to burn myself making bacon for customers but I’m not gonna tell people not to get it,” the Dunkin worker adds in the video’s on-screen text.

The video’s caption says, “ik fast food SUCKS but don’t blame the customers.”

Commenters agreed with the Dunkin worker’s clap back, adding that employees should blame their issues at work on the corporation they work for, not the customers they serve.

“no bc i used to work at SB and the reason drinks r annoying isnt even customers fault its corporate’s for not giving us enough space,” one viewer commented on the Dunkin worker’s video.

In reply to the comment, the Dunkin worker wrote, “no this is my whole point don’t blame customers who don’t know anything, blame the corporation.”

Some viewers said Starbucks workers in general just complain too much.

“i have so much respect for people in the service industry as a whole, but no one complains as much as starbucks workers who get paid more + tips,” one user said.

“Starbucks workers are such babies,” another user commented.

A few viewers claimed that Dunkin workers complain just as much as Starbucks workers, though. One viewer defended Starbucks workers, saying “work for Starbucks then you can have an opinion on this.”

The Daily Dot reached out to users @alewhatsup and @pollypocketspssy via TikTok comments.