A Florida Man Had A Pretty Out-There Reason For Stealing An R2D2 Statue From A Disney Resort

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Over the last handful of years, the term “Florida Man” has become a fixture of memes and the news, and with good reason: There are so many Florida Men. Defined as an eccentric who commits some outside-the-box deed in the Sunshine State, it’s been used to describe everything from criminals to oddballs. It can be a Florida man who calls 911 to brag about his muscles, or it can be a Florida man who sees Spider-Man: No Way Home nearly 300 times. It can also be a Florida man who steals an R2D2 statue for a creatively bonkers reason.

As per South Florida Sun-Sentinel (as picked up by The Daily Beast), a Florida man named David Proudfoot was busted stealing a grab bag of items from Disney resorts, among them a $10,000 statue for one of Star Wars’ most beloved droids. When questioned as to why he stole so many items, he had an unpredictable reason: He had a pending application to be a Disney security guard and he wanted to locate gaps in their security system.

Given how much he stole, Proudfoot probably did them a good service. In fact, it sounds almost like the plot of the 1992 movie Sneakers, in which Robert Redford leads a group of professional thieves who loan themselves out to businesses to do exactly what Proudfoot did. Maybe they should hire him.

Meanwhile, the Florida man running the state, Ron DeSantis, was the subject of a new, damning ad from California governor Gavin Newsom, pointing out that residents are losing civil rights left and right.

(Via South Florida Sun-Sentinel and The Daily Beast)

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New Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OsmaniTheOttoman/