13 Gems That People Found While Dumpster Diving

You never know what you’ll find in a dumpster, my friend…

You might get a new chair, a new jacket, some electronics, etc.

It can be exciting!

And these 13 folks found some gems that other people discarded.

Take a look and maybe you’ll be inspired to do some diving of your own!

Make sure to douse them with Febreeze!

I have never felt so happy from a dumpster find 😳 from DumpsterDiving

You hit the jackpot.

$700 free wine….I asked the dumpster God if I should quit drinking. This is her answer…. I guess that’s a NO! from DumpsterDiving

I’ll take a cup!

Someone didn’t feel like cleaning their $800 espresso machine. I found it sitting on top of a garbage can out diving last night. from DumpsterDiving


Found this in the dumpster and thought what the hell, let me check the balance. Turns out there is money on it!! from DumpsterDiving

Give those bikes some good homes.

In an open dumpster behind my Target… from DumpsterDiving

Just like new!

Two La Creuset’s left at the dumpster by my work today. from DumpsterDiving

You gotta love this one!

Took the back way home this evening and stumbled upon this beauty. The boyfriend has been shopping around for a gaming chair, too! from DumpsterDiving

What a find!

My Local gamestop can be pretty nice… from DumpsterDiving

Brand new!

$300 headphones still in shrink wrap who does this? from DumpsterDiving

Or several girlfriends…

This is a first… $450 Bouquet of roses from DumpsterDiving

Never seen one of these before.

Thought someone was throwing away an old violin. Nope, it’s roulette! from DumpsterDiving

A real nice piece.

Found in the alley. It weighed a million tons, because those pillars are real marble. from DumpsterDiving

Disco inferno!

Found this disco ball – expected it to be flimsy, made of styrofoam but its actually very heavy & nice! from DumpsterDiving

Source: https://twistedsifter.com/2022/12/13-gems-that-people-found-while-dumpster-diving/