11 Posts About People Who Are Totally Rude and Entitled

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If you’ve been out to a restaurant or the grocery store lately, there’s no doubt that you’ve probably encountered some major jerks who are rude and entitled…for no reason at all.

It’s discouraging, but just keep in mind that there are more of US than there are of THEM, so keep your heads up and keep being positive!

But before you get on with your day, take a look at these 11 posts about these people who are totally ridiculous.

Come on!

Free SUV, not old, low mileage, good on gas from ChoosingBeggars

This doesn’t sound good…

Find me a place to stay in exchange for a transformed life from ChoosingBeggars

Beggars shouldn’t be choosers.

Ketchup Critics from ChoosingBeggars

But look at the pay!

Hahahaha No from ChoosingBeggars

I don’t think so…

Don’t let people know how much I am underpaying them! from ChoosingBeggars

Let’s try that again…

$10 for a mobile haircut from ChoosingBeggars

I didn’t think so…

Who’s down for $2.50 an hour? from ChoosingBeggars

To do everything for them!

Pay me $700/month to be my caretaker and handyman. from ChoosingBeggars

Some people…

Chia seeds are definitely a must have when the cupboards are empty from ChoosingBeggars

But it sure sounds like one.

This has to be a joke from ChoosingBeggars

Good grief…

I’m building custom pcs for people on fb marketplace and I get this tool. from ChoosingBeggars

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