10 Ways To Actually Impress Your College Professor

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I constantly get emails from students that give me zero information. Sometimes I’ll get an email that says, “I don’t know what to do in the assignment.” Here’s the issue: I don’t know who you are at the start of the semester and professors in lecture halls will know you almost never — unless you make yourself stand out. Want to write a good email? Start here:   

1. Address your professor correctly. If they have a doctorate, it’s Dr. and their last name, unless they have indicated another preference. If the professor has a different degree, it’s Professor, unless they’ve said otherwise. Also, do your research. In online classes, I include pictures and plenty of information about myself, and being called “Sir” is both confusing and annoying.     

2. Prove you’ve done some work with the problem. Don’t know what the reading assignment is? Check the syllabus. Don’t know the format? Review the notes. Still nothing? Let the professor know how you tried to solve the problem. 

3. Proofread.

Need help? Use this:

Hi Professor X,

I am (Your Name) from your (day, time, and title of class). I am having trouble finding the due date for (assignment). I have checked the syllabus, checked my notes from class, and (if possible) checked with a classmate and am still unsure. If you could confirm the due date, I would appreciate it. Have a great evening.

(Whichever greeting you prefer),

Your Name 

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/raylynpaquin/tips-for-impressing-college-professors

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