Mxmtoon Shares The Groovy ‘Kaleidoscope’ From The Upcoming Deluxe Edition Of ‘Rising’

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Mxmtoon turned in a solid sophomore album earlier this year with Rising, and now she’s returning with a little bit more: Today, she announces Rising (The Deluxe), an expanded version of the album that comes out in September and includes two new songs. Those are “Plastic Pony” and the lush and rhythmic “Kaleidoscope,” the latter of which was shared today.

In a statement, Mxmtoon wrote of “Kaleidoscope”:

“i don’t think it’s any secret that societal expectations of women are limiting, one-dimensional, and completely absurd. i grew up in a family that encouraged my creativity and individuality, but that didn’t shelter me completely from the sexism of the outer world. as i’ve grown up, i’ve had time to reflect on my journey so far and the identities i’ve held throughout it. being a woman is something i feel immensely proud of, but it’s also something that the world at large has relentlessly held against me and so many others. women are a diverse and beautiful group of people who embody perseverance and bravery, and i wanted to honor that with ‘kaleidoscope.’ i have bent my being until i’m broken for the sake of fitting a mold set for me by others, and i know i’m not the only one. my hope is that this song can embody the softness, strength, fierceness, and ever-expanding nature of what it means to be a woman and celebrates us!”

She also wrote of the deluxe album, “rising is everything i love packaged into a project, and what better way to expand and build upon that than by releasing deluxe tracks to go with the original twelve. i know that my sense of who i am is ever evolving, and i hope to get that idea across to the people that listen to my music as often as i can. both tracks being added serve the function of building on more to the story of me. ‘kaleidoscope’ being about the wildly vast facets of self that we as people can inhabit, and ‘plastic pony’ covering the realization that life can sometimes slip through our fingers. both lend themselves to the narrative rising tells, while leaving the next chapter of mxmtoon open for exploration! enjoy xo.”

Listen to “Kaleidoscope” above and find the Rising (The Deluxe) art and tracklist below. Also revisit our recent interview with Mxmtoon here.

AWAL Recordings

1. “Mona Lisa”
2. “Learn To Love You”
3. “Victim Of Nostalgia ”
4. “Sad Disco”
5. “Frown”
6. “Florida”
7. “Scales”
8. “Growing Pains”
9. “Dizzy”
10. “Haze”
11. “Dance (End Of The World)”
12. “Coming Of Age”
13. “Plastic Pony”
14. “Kaleidoscope”

Rising (The Deluxe) is out 9/16 via AWAL Recordings. Pre-order it here.