Zara Larsson Gives An Update On Her Upcoming New Album: ‘It’s Almost Done’

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Zara Larrson is officially on the clock. After delivering two well-received albums within the last five years, there is much anticipation for what the Swedish pop singer has coming next. She knows it and even added to the fanfare back in June 2021 when she posted that she was back in the studio working on album number three. Zara Larsson spoke on her forthcoming album backstage at Mad Cool Festival 2022 in an interview with NME.

According to the 24-year-old, she has “some production stuff left” to take care of. She continued “I shouldn’t say that [it’s almost done] because now people will expect [new music]; but it is.” Fans cling to any announcement, whether direct or cryptic, so it was sensible for her to try and clarify her point but it won’t diminish the excitement fans hold.

This upcoming album will feature production from Rick Nowels and Danja, which is exciting for the “Never Forget You” artist. “The fact that I’m in the studio with them [and am] working with them long term, it’s something that I’ve appreciated a lot,” Larsson said. Speaking about Nowels specifically, the Poster Girl singer said “It’s like ‘it’s you and me’; like ‘you’re looking into my eyes, and we’re writing this song’, which is great. I feel like it’s authentic and brings out something else.”

Check out the full Zara Larsson NME interview here.


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