‘You’re not mentally ill are you? Just a turn off’: Man admits to googling date’s pills after finding them in bathroom

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A text message of a guy admitting to a TikToker that he googled the medication he saw on her bathroom sink has gone viral.

@bitchcraft444 shared the response she got after sending a text to a recent date she went on, “Hey, how’s your evening.”

Her date followed up with: “Hey, not to be rude and this is super awkward of me. The other night was fun but I googled the tablets you left on your bathroom sink.”

“Super invasive I know, but it said they were anti-psychotics,” her date added. “You’re not mentally ill are you? Just a turn off and I wouldn’t want to go further if so.”

@bitchcraft444 captioned the photo, “Not even a good morning.”

Viewers were enraged on behalf of the TikToker.

“Yes, that was super invasive of you. you will definitely not be allowed to go further,” @jfam.ily commented on the video.

“What gets me is he calls it a ‘turn off’ but him invading your privacy ISN’T a turn off as well?” another questioned.

Others comforted the TikToker by telling her she “dodged a massive bullet.”

“I’m sorry but also glad you saw this person’s true face earlier lol,” one said.

“God saved u from that one bestie,” another wrote.

“‘Not to be rude but you taking care of your mental health is a turn off for me’ you dodged a bullet, love,” a third wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/man-googles-dates-pills/

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