‘You mean to tell me that Starbucks uses Simply Lemonade’: TikToker spots a Simply Lemonade bottle on barista workstation, sparking speculation

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A viral TikTok video made the assumption Starbucks uses Simply Lemonade for at least one of its beverages.

The video went viral, with 1.1 million views. The video, posted by TikToker Logan Shanafelt (@loganisamayzin2) on July 2, features the inside of a Starbucks location. A half-empty Simply Lemonade bottle is sitting on top of a counter.

“You mean to tell me Starbucks uses simply lemonade…” the text overlay of the video reads.

“Its all been a lie,” the caption reads.


its all been a lie 😮‍💨😪

♬ original sound – rinkomaniaa

Apparent Starbucks workers aimed to confirm this in the comments section but said their stores only uses Simply Lemonade occasionally.

“Only when we run out of our own lemonade :),” they wrote.

“No we just be running out,” a second concurred.

Another called it an “approved substitute” but noted “the real one comes in a brandless box thats a 2x concentrate that we cut into a pitcher.”

“No, we use a Starbucks brand lemonade concentrate. This location must’ve run out or something,” another said.

According to its menu, Starbucks offers lemonade made up of water, lemon juice, sugar, lemon oil, and ice.

According to a blogpost on Oh, How Civilized, Starbucks’ lemonade is made from a concentrate that is diluted with water. The Starbucks lemonade can only be purchased at Starbucks since the company doesn’t sell it in stores like some of its other products. Customers can reportedly order the lemonade by itself or add it to other drinks.

The Daily Dot reached out to Logan Shanafelt via TikTok comment and to Starbucks via email.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/unclick/starbucks-simply-lemonade/

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