Yes, That Was Freaking Buzz From ‘Home Alone’ On The Latest Episode Of ‘Better Call Saul’

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The final season of Better Call Saul has had a wide variety of guest stars, including the legendary Carol Burnett and the Cinnabon-loving Jim O’Heir. While some were announced beforehand, others have just given viewers some delightful jumpscares on screen, like this week’s guest star, Devin Ratray AKA Kevin McAllister’s oldest brother and tormentor Buzz from Home Alone.

Slippin’ Jimmy also made his return to scamming various rich city-dwellers, which just so happened to include Ratray’s character, Alfred. In this specific scenario, Jimmy/Saul/Gene creates an elaborate scheme to steal credit card information from well-off strangers he meets in a bar. Jimmy and Alfred spend a fabulous evening together, doing karaoke and magic tricks before Alfred sets fire to Jimmy’s jacket and is whisked away in a meticulously placed cab, driven by Jimmy’s buddy (kinda?) Jeff. So a normal night in Nebraska.

Ratray’s cameo isn’t surprising once you learn that he starred alongside Bob Odenkirk in a movie titled Nebraska, which just so happens to be where the episode takes place. Perhaps it is a small place after all, and they will find Kim Wexler hanging out at the mall eating some soft pretzels.

This obviously wasn’t the major cameo of the night, which goes to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who reprised their roles as Walt and Jesse in a flashback to Breaking Bad’s second season. Though by the way they looked, you could easily tell that several years had passed. But it’s the thought that counts!

(Via Decider)