Would You Be Shocked To Learn That Alex Jones Was A Very Gross Theatrical Nuisance In Court At His Trial Today?

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On Tuesday, something rare happened in the defamation trial against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones: Alex Jones actually showed up. The InfoWars host has only been present in court for some of the trial, concerning debunked claims he’s made about the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, and he didn’t even show up the entire day. He skipped the morning session because he had other pressing matters: He had to record an episode of InfoWars, in which he made some predictably bizarre claims about the people suing him for defamation. (He also doesn’t appear to be done spreading Sandy Hook nonsense.) But he did show up for the afternoon portion, and he made a perfect spectacle of himself.

He began by not only showing up late, but used the time to rail against the judge.

During the trial, he put some mystery item in his mouth.

The judge, who’s clearly already had it up to here with Jones, told him to spit out what she assumed as gum. Jones said it wasn’t gum, claiming that he recently had a tooth pulled and was massaging the inside of his mouth with his tongue. When he offered to show her, she replied, “I don’t want to see the inside of your mouth.”

Speaking of, when he finally took the stand, he used his rare court appearance to brag about the efficacy of the vitamins he hawks.

He also talked about some of his biggest influences, including non-conspiracy theorist Larry King.

Jones also complained about his sore larynx, mere hours after recording an InfoWars special rather than attend the trial.

But you know who the real victim is here? Jones, because he says now he’s afraid to spread reckless conspiracy theories about other mass shootings, such as the one in Uvalde.

It was a big deal to have Jones on the stand. “I never intentionally tried to hurt you,” Jones told the parents from the stand. “I never even said your name until this case came to court. I didn’t know who you were until this came up.”

Also testifying that day were some of the parents of the victims, whom Jones has claimed were actors in a false flag operation. Scarlett Lewis, mother of slain 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, did not seem to buy his mea culpa, especially since he was making tall claims on InfoWars just that very morning.

“I think you know that Sandy Hook is real and that it happened,” Lewis told Jones. “But I don’t think you understand — at all — the repercussions of going on air with a huge audience and lying and calling this a hoax. … You don’t understand that.

“It seems so incredible to me that we have to do this,” she added. “That we have to implore you — not just implore you, punish you — to get you to stop lying. … It is surreal what is going on in here.”

The families of the Sandy Hook victims are asking for $150 million in damages, which could leave Jones with less than nothing. He’s already been losing money over the trial.

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