‘Workplace toxicity’: Worker urges employees to always invite every co-worker to lunch, sparking debate

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A TikToker’s plea for viewers to try and avoid leaving any co-workers out when going out to lunch turned into a discussion of workplace toxicity and bullying on the platform.

The TikToker, @dongarkarmitej, filmed himself eating alone in his car, presumably during his lunch break. “Always invite ALL your coworkers to lunch, don’t leave anyone out please,” text overlay on the video, which was viewed over 2.5 million times and is set to soft music.

@dongarkarmitej ♬ original sound – Diego R

“Always invite ALL your coworkers to lunch, don’t leave anyone out please,” the text overlay reads.

Some commenters viewed the exclusion of certain co-workers as workplace bullying and empathized with @dongarkarmitej.

“Work cliques can hurt so bad,” one commenter wrote. Sending hugs.”

“YES I’m so sorry!” another commenter wrote. “That’s adult bullying to be honest.”

A few shared their own experiences of being left out while at work.

“I feel this,” one commenter wrote. “Everyone ordered sushi and coffee and didn’t tell me. I told them it was okay but it hurts, not going to lie.”

“The worst is when your boss walks in and says you didn’t want to go get lunch with the girls and then you have to say you weren’t invited,” another said.

However, others disagreed with including every co-worker in everything.

“Full grown adults are not entitled to being included in everything…it’s a workplace, not kindergarten,” one commenter wrote.

“Respectfully, no…I’m not inviting you to lunch if I don’t want to spend free time with you,” another argued. “Sorry not sorry.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @dongarkarmitej via TikTok comment.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/invite-every-co-worker-to-lunch-debate/

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