Woody Allen And Alec Baldwin’s Instagram Live Went Great If You Love Technical Difficulties

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Alec Baldwin says he isn’t responsible for an accidental shooting death on the set of a movie set last year, but he is definitely responsible for bringing Woody Allen back into the spotlight in order to promote the director’s new book. The two chatted on Instagram Live about said book on Tuesday, avoiding all the controversial topics that have maligned the two Hollywood mainstays such as Baldwin’s prop gun incident late last year and accusations of molestation against Allen that have endured for decades.

Despite all of that, Baldwin decided Tuesday was the perfect time to interview Allen and not ask him about those subjects. And while there may have been some news to come from the virtual session, the thing everyone who tuned in actually took away from it is that even experienced filmmakers can have crippling technical issues when they’re streaming.

As anyone watching — and also Variety — noted, the session was stopped a number of times due to technical issues. Which amounted to Allen completely disappearing from the stream, often in the middle of a sentence.

It looked and sounded a little something like this.

“Are they in a room where they have the best Wifi?” Baldwin asked off camera after Allen’s video dropped a second time, according to Variety. “They need to be in a room with the best Wifi in the house.”

While the mashup may have been far from palatable to everyone, some people did have fun with the technical difficulties at least.

That was the notable bit of news from the interview once it did start: Allen is unsure if he will make more films at this point.

Per Variety:

“I’ll probably make at least one more movie. A lot of the thrill is gone,” Allen said. “When I used to do a film it’d go into a movie house all across the country. Now you do a movie and you get a couple weeks in a movie house. Maybe six weeks or four weeks and then it goes right to streaming or pay-per-view…It’s not the same…It’s not as enjoyable to me.”

“I don’t get the same fun doing a movie and putting it in a theater,” Allen added. “It was a nice feeling to know that 500 people were seeing it once… I don’t know how I feel about making movies. I’m going to make another one and I’ll see how it feels.”

Whether he directs more movies or not at this point is up to him, but after Tuesday one thing is clear: neither Baldwin or Allen have much of a future as a content creator on social media.

(Via Variety)

Source: https://uproxx.com/movies/woody-allen-alec-baldwin-instagram-live-technical-issues/

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