Women Share Things Men Do That Unintentionally Make Them Uncomfortable

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“Wanting to take me somewhere isolated to be just the two of us on the first date. It’s okay if we’ve been hanging out for a while, but not if it’s the first time I see you in person. Whenever this happens, I come up with an excuse not to go to that place. I just don’t feel safe since I barely know the other person. The worst part is when they try so hard to convince me to go with them. This makes me feel more and more uncomfortable.”

“I’ve never ghosted anyone, and I’ve tried to tell truth to make the other person understand that I didn’t feel comfortable. Something I’ve been told many times is: ‘What do you mean you don’t feel comfortable? Do you think I’m a crazy psychopath who rapes or kills people? Come on, don’t say nonsense. Let’s go, get in the car.’ 

I mean, is this supposed to make me feel safe? The way they react makes it seem like I’m offending them, which is clearly not my intention. That’s why I started making up excuses. They stop insisting only when they know that something bigger is preventing me from going. I’m fully aware of the fact that not everyone has bad intentions, but it’s not something I can understand immediately the first time I hang out with someone.” —u/Several-Stable-9051

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/victoriavouloumanos/things-men-do-that-unintentionally-scare-women