Woman says her friends walk around naked in front of her fiancé but she says nothing out of fear of sounding insecure, sparking debate

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friends walk around naked boyfriend

A TikToker has started a debate on the platform after claiming that her friends “walk around her fiancé naked” but that she does not comment on it “for fear of sounding insecure.”

In the now-viral video, user Alondra (@itsalondraamore), who boasts 15,000 followers, says that multiple friends have been around her fiancé while naked.

“They don’t be flinching or anything,” she says it the caption. “Am i tripping or is that a little weird.”

The video currently has over 2.1 million views.


They don’t be flinching or anything 😆 am i tripping or is that a little weird

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At first, TikTokers were shocked by the entire situation.

“I think i missed something,” one user wrote.

“I’m tryna read this over and over and I am still stunned,” another added.

“Wym by naked,” asked a third. “Bc that would determined if ima catch a case or not.”

In a response video, Alondra claims that she meant fully naked—as in, not wearing any clothes.

@itsalondraamore Reply to @1.mrm.1 ♬ original sound – Alondra Amore

Upon realizing this, users stated that Alondra should absolutely say something if she feels uncomfortable.

“Speak up babes,” a commenter urged. “That’s not insecure. It’s respect.”

“Girl that is lack of respect,” a second user wrote.

In a follow-up video, Alondra explains that she models and acts—two industries where nudity is relatively normal. As a result, the friends she’s made in these industries are comfortable being naked around her and her fiancé, she notes.

@itsalondraamore Reply to @tiffaninewyork ♬ original sound – Alondra Amore

Users were still perplexed. In response to another comment questioning the situation, Alondra asks whether it was normal for two people to get ready to go somewhere together—a process that may, by necessity, involve nudity.

“You’ve never had a friend that came over and asked to take a shower?” she asks in the video. “Or like, y’all just got ready to go to the same place at your house?”


♬ original sound – Alondra Amore

Responding to this, many commenters said that parts of this narrative were normal, while others were definitely not.

“They get dressed in the bathroom!” a user wrote.

“I will get dressed in the bathroom. Door locked,” a second agreed.

Overall, TikTokers agreed that the perceived normalcy of the situation shouldn’t matter and that if Alondra is uncomfortable, she should say something.

As one user wrote, “Baby it’s okay to have boundaries and this is a normal boundary to have!”

The Daily Dot reached out to Alondra via Instagram direct message.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/friends-naked-in-front-of-fiance/

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