Woman gets revenge on roommates who tried to send her Venmo request for one-third of a pizza, sparking debate

A woman on TikTok says her roommates sent her a Venmo request for eating one-third of a pizza that they offered her in January. She got her revenge.

The woman, Asa (@hdslutsanonymous) on TikTok, shows herself in a video taking everything she bought for the apartment to her room so her roommates can’t use any of it. As of Tuesday, the TikTok received about 3.6 million views.

“Good luck making spaghetti with no pots, pans, spoons or noodles,” the video’s on-screen text says.

Addressing her roommates, Asa captioned the video, “okay,, act like you don’t regularly eat my food and use my fancy expensive hand soaps.”


okay,, act like you don’t regularly eat my food and use my fancy expensive hand soaps

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Viewers are divided on Asa’s retaliation to her roommates, but the most-liked comments on her video appears to be supporting her.

“its my least favorite things when people want to nickel and dime but never worry about what they take from u,” one viewer commented on the video.

“Start tallying in front of them when they use water or electric too,” another viewer commented.

Some viewers couldn’t understand the roommates’ decision to send a Venmo request in May for a pizza that was eaten in January.

“FROM JANUARY?????? yeah this is the right response,” one user said.

“Lmao how would they even remember sharing a pizza 4 months ago???? Then have the audacity to ask for money lmao What even,” another user commented.

One user suggested a household rule to avoid such late Venmo requests: “You need a rule that’s like ‘if you don’t request money back in 2 weeks or less then don’t do it at all.'”

Apparently, Asa isn’t the only person on TikTok whose roommates nickel and dime her. Multiple other users shared their own roommate horror stories. Some said they retaliated the same way Asa did.

“I let my roommates use my all my stuff and I used their tea kettle for tea and they took it to their room. So i took an entire kitchen worth of gadgets,” one user commented.

“My former roommate blocked me because i asked her to pay her portion of the utilities,” another user commented.

A third user wrote, “i did the same thing. i even sold the couch. she went through my room and then told me ‘i only touch stuff that’s ours’ but i bought everything.”

Someone else commented, “My roommate threw away my silverware because he didn’t want to wash it. All my belongings went to my bedroom.”

However, some viewers cautioned Asa and other TikTokers against being “petty” to their roommates—even if they were petty first.

“I wouldnt fight petty with petty…it never ends well,” one TikToker said.

Another TikToker commented sarcastically, “Everyone knows being petty back to roommates works every time with no complications.”

The Daily Dot reached out to user @hdslutsanonymous via TikTok comment.

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