‘What has the world come to’: Customer finds out Chili’s got rid of the 2 for $25 deal

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A woman on TikTok is claiming that Chili’s got rid of its fan-favorite 2 for $25 special.

The TikToker, @softorcruel, says she was “too stunned to speak” when she realized the menu was changed. The 2 for $25 deal allowed customers to share a meal of one appetizer, two entrées, and one dessert for the price of $25.

“Y’all I don’t even want to say this. I don’t want to ruin anybody else’s weekend, but Chili’s got rid of the 2 for $25,” the TikToker says in the video. In the TikTok’s caption, the TikToker tagged Chili’s, saying she just wants to “chat.”

@softorcruel @Chili’s Grill & Bar I just wanna chat. #FrunktheBeat #MINDORDERING #chilis ♬ original sound – Softorcruel

The video’s comments are turned off, but users on Twitter seem to have discovered the same change to the Chili’s menu.

“They got rid of the 2 for 25 at chili’s <3 what has the world come to omg,” one user tweeted.

“To say i’m devastated would be an understatement, the chili’s 2 for 25 is gone. and i’ll never be the same,” a second user tweeted.

A third user wrote, “Just learned Chili’s got rid of the 2 for $25 Im in mourning.”

Brinker International, the company that owns Chili’s, confirmed the menu change in a press release Thursday. The release announced a new addition to the menu: 3 for Me. As the latest addition to the Chili’s menu, 3 for Me replaces both the 3 for $10.99 and 2 for $25 offerings.

The 3 for Me deal reportedly allows customers to customize meals, including a non-alcoholic drink, an appetizer, and an entrée starting at $10.99.

“3 for Me gives our Guests unbeatable value with more customization than ever before,” Michael Breed, Chili’s senior vice president of marketing, stated in the press release. “Especially in today’s inflationary environment, it’s important that Guests know they can count on us to provide a full Chili’s experience at a compelling price point. The breadth of Chili’s classic entrees, the inclusion of a beverage and a starter, and the chance to customize the experience for the occasion makes 3 for Me an extraordinary deal.”

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/chilis-2-for-25/