What Gilbert Gottfried’s Real Voice Actually Sounds Like On a Phone Message From “The Howard Stern Show”

Comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried sadly passed away on April 12, 2022 but his legacy will live on for many years due to his body of work…and he’ll especially be remembered for his distinctive voice.

But it turns out that famous voice was just an act. The Howard Stern Show played a clip featuring Gottfried’s real voice on the air from a voicemail he left for show producer Gary Dell’Abate.

Gottfried said about his voice in a 2014 interview:

“I never actually sat down and said, “I’m gonna talk this way.” To me it’s kind of like if you see anybody walking down the street or sipping their cup of coffee and you ask them, how did you develop that walk? How did you develop that way of holding a coffee cup? There’s no thought to it, just over years, that’s what you are. In real life I sound like Bing Crosby!”

Who knew?!?!

Source: https://twistedsifter.com/videos/what-gilbert-gottfrieds-real-voice-actually-sounds-like-on-a-phone-message-from-the-howard-stern-show/