We Can’t Think Of A Better Way To Commemorate Harrison Ford’s 80th Birthday Than By Watching Him Repeatedly Shout “My Wife! My Family!”

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It’s Harrison Ford‘s birthday! He’s 80 years young today, which is wild because it means that the guy with one more fictional-Nazi-fighting Indiana Jones movie heading to theaters was born only 3 years after the real-life Nazis invaded Poland.

Throughout his stellar career, Ford has made his mark by flying co-stars to set in his helicopter, being frozen into a piece of modern art, and playing men who shout out their fears over the danger they’ve put their families in. From Jack Ryan to Dr. Richard Kimble, he seems to be constantly screaming his wife and children to safety. Thus, there’s probably no better to celebrate Ford’s birthday than luxuriating in his intensity and familial loyalty. It’s almost definitely what Ford himself is doing right now.

All of the clips in this compilation display an actor at the top of his game, quietly boiling with fury, gripping shoulders like an unhinged maniac, and not leaving us to wonder how he really feels about his loved ones. If anything, his dedication to this very specific set of lines throughout his filmography is a reminder to all of us, as is a birthday itself, to hold close those who we care for, to consider our own mortality and to place within its crystalline structure the love we should be shouting at our family while we all still have the chance. Don’t wait until they’re kidnapped or murdered by a one-armed man to let them know how you feel. Happy birthday, Mr. Ford!

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