‘We are quite literally here bc of ppl like you’: Barista flames customers who express sympathy while they work on Christmas

While many corporate workers can expect to have off on Christmas, the influx of customers enjoying their day off can be an annoyance for workers who are asked to come in on the holiday.

In a video with over 1.2 million views, TikToker Mack (@untraumatize) satirizes the worker and customer relationship on the holiday. Text overlay reads, “me making hard eye contact with the customer that just said ‘i can’t believe they’re making you work on CHRISTMAS!!’”

The caption reads, “like…. we are quite literally here bc of ppl like you.”

@untraumatize like…. we are quite literally here bc of ppl like you 😭 #foryou#starbucksbarista#worklife#serverproblems#iykyk#relatable ♬ оригинальный звук – No oil?

USA Today estimated in 2014 that around a quarter of Americans would be at the workplace on the holiday, while CNBC reported that same year that 57% of Americans would be spending at least some of their holiday vacation doing work-related activities.

In comments, several viewers noted that it’s not always customers who are the issue.

“Hospitality worker here: it’s the owners who need to take their responsibilities and close for their staff,” one user said. “If something’s open, people will come in.”

“I feel like it’s not the customers fault. It’s management that chooses to keep the place open because they want the money from the scarcity and demand,” another echoed.

“tbh i do kinda blame the [boss] because they could decide to close and take an L on some extra money. but they don’t,” a third wrote.

Mack responded in agreement, “yeah no it’s def on the boss but i’m still a lil bitter at customers even tho it’s rly not their fault. years of retail will do that to u.”

However, many users agreed with Mack’s original statement, with some users sharing details from their own holiday work and shopping experiences.

“Literally every person I checked out today was like ‘have people really came in today??’ And I’m like ?? You’re here what do you think?????” a commenter wrote.

“My mum said ‘thank you for your sacrifice’ to a cashier in tescos yesterday,” a second said.

“Two types of customers: ‘Why are you working on Xmas???’ and ‘Why are you closing early on Xmas???’” another added.

The Daily Dot reached out to Mack via Instagram direct message.

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