‘Watch this video help solve the case’: Viral TikTok shows the moment alleged convenience store robbery begins

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A TikToker sparked controversy and discussion with a video that allegedly shows the beginning of a robbery in Philadelphia. The video, which by Tuesday had almost 700,000 views, shows several men in ski masks appearing to rob a convenience store cashier.

“The one time I went to a corner store by myself and it got robbed,” the TikToker, Janni (@urfavehotmilf), wrote in the video’s text overlay.

TikTok users criticized Janni for opting to film the robbery instead of seeking safety.

“You really said ‘This would make for good content,'” commented one user. Janni jokingly responded, “Was I right?”

“Good way to get shot,” added another.

However, some found humor in Janni’s predicament and decision, saying that they may have done the same thing if put in a similar situation.

“Bruh [love] that you made a tiktok instead of callin the 50 [police],” noted one user. “I’m not a rat,” Janni wrote in response.

“​​I would’ve pulled out my phone too,” added another.

Janni posted a follow-up video sharing more information about how the alleged robbery took place. “I was at a corner store in Philly when these 2 guys came in with mask on,” the user wrote in the follow-up video. “I was scared so i started recording.”

TikTokers were not satisfied with this explanation.

“You seriously just filmed them you didnt take cover or anything?” asked one user. “Survival skills -7.”

Still, some thought that both videos together may help the police find the robbers.

“Everyone’s mad ur recording but watch this video help solve the case,” one TikToker remarked.

While many remained critical of Janni’s decision to record rather than take cover, commenters also said they were glad that Janni emerged from the situation unscathed.

One TikToker commented on Janni’s original video, “Thank goodness you are alive.”

Janni did not immediately respond to Daily Dot’s request for comment via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/tiktok-convenience-store-robbery/