‘Wait, people didn’t know this??’: Starbucks customer shares tip for getting extra points every time you pay

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After Starbucks changed its famed ‘star’ system so more stars were required to get free items, Starbucks loyalists have been looking for any way they can to increase their star totals.

Now, a user’s clip on TikTok has gone viral with her method, which she says she thought was common knowledge.

In a video with over 563,000 views as of Friday, TikTok user Rachael (@rachaelmania) says that the trick to more stars is buying yourself a gift card.

“When you’re paying with your app…if you put a gift card on the app and you just reload it and use that, every time you go to pay for your Starbucks you get 2 stars per dollar,” Rachael says. Starbucks usually only provides customers with one star per dollar spent.

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“You’re basically getting double points literally every time you get a coffee,” she continues. “All you have to do is buy a gift card, put that gift card on your app, and just keep reloading it every time you get Starbucks.”

In the comments section, users shared their own Starbucks tips.

“Pro tip: if you have a Target Redcard then use that to buy your Starbucks gift card! It’ll take 5% off of the total,” wrote a commenter.

“Bring in reusable cups for 10 stars,” another added. “I’m also a huge fan of the refill policy.”

“You also can link it to delta and get miles for your coffee,” a third noted.

“And I buy my [gift card] through the United Airlines mileage app, so I get miles and stars!!!!” another TikToker exclaimed.

Some questioned why Starbucks would offer such a promotion. Others claim that the answer is that doing so gives Starbucks immediate access to your money rather than waiting for you to make a purchase.

“They offer that It’s because you are locking money in the gift card that the company has access to,” shared a commenter. “it’s the same as a bank and savings.”

“Yes, you are also giving Starbucks an interest free loan,” echoed a second.

No matter the reason, Starbucks customers seem to love the double stars.

“I was wondering why they were making such a big deal about double star day,” detailed a commenter. “Every day is double star day for me.”

We’ve reached out to Rachael via TikTok comment and Starbucks via email.

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