People Share Their Class Reunion Horror Stories

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“My husband’s 10-year reunion was really sloppily slapped together. It was clear that the class was not interested in getting together. The venue kept changing every couple of weeks — updated via the Facebook group, by the way. At first, they were renting a place and getting food catered. However, it’s pretty typical in my town for people to not go on to be successful by any means, so asking mostly unemployed or minimum wage workers to cough up $200 to attend didn’t work. The venue kept downgrading to accommodate everyone until the reunion turned into a BYOB bonfire by the lake with no attendance fee. Two people showed up: my brother, who was the same year as my husband and had nothing better to do, and another guy who somewhat helped put the reunion together.”

“Turns out, throughout the fiasco of finding a venue, a majority of the class declined to go. There was initially a good handful still marked as going on the Facebook page, but with everything changing and people obviously starting to tune out midway through, a lot of people forgot to change their status to not going.

The girl that set the whole thing up was pretty mad about it, and the random guy that helped posted a long rant on the Facebook page about how awful people were and how they should’ve appreciated the efforts it took just to hold the pathetic gathering.

My husband had refused to go and instead had me sit and flip through the page after everything was said and done. It was pretty obvious the girl was in serious denial the entire time, despite it being pretty clear nobody wanted anything to do with the event.” —u/magicrowantree


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