Viral “Labor And Delivery Icks” TikTok Posted By Nurses Has Received Backlash

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Over the years, medical professionals have come under fire for their work-related TikTok content. Nurse Olivia Vanderford was criticized after a TikTok featuring her walking away from the camera while somber music plays, captioned “lost a patient today.” Many criticized the nurse for filming content while at work and for turning a patient’s death into content. “aw man can’t believe my patient died let me go make a tiktok rq,” one said.

Others also pointed out that many Americans have had negative experiences with the healthcare system, and studies about increasing maternal mortality rates, caused by a broken system, continue to permeate headlines.

The @hanhinton account was deleted and reactivated, with only one new post from Friday left on the feed, as other social media handles have been deleted. But the video has been reposted onto several other accounts. “Unprofessional nurses,” one user captioned the reposted video. “Such a disgrace to all patients. Would never want my nurse to be like this. Nasty.”


New Facebook Page: