USC’s Holder Did A Backflip After A 2-Point Conversion Where He Ran It In

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Holders have a high-risk, low-reward job. Basically every time a football is snapped to them, their job is to make sure it gets set perfectly so their kicker is able to boot the ball through the uprights, whether it is on a field goal attempt or an extra point. If they don’t do their job perfectly, they run the risk of messing up the entire thing, which usually leads to their kicker getting scapegoated.

On very, very, very rare occasions, holders get asked to do something else, and one of two things happen. Either the decision works out perfectly, or it is a total disaster. And on Friday night during USC’s game against Colorado, things went so well that the Trojan holder perfectly executed a backflip.

USC quarterback Caleb Williams hit Tahj Williams for a 61-yard touchdown in the third quarter, which extended the Trojan lead to 32-10. Instead of taking the essentially guaranteed point on a PAT, USC holder and backup punter Will Rose took the snap and just ran it in untouched. He was in a pretty good mood over this and decided to bust out a backflip as a result.

That’s a good backflip! Anyway, he got called for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but in my opinion, it’s totally worth it.


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