‘UPS, you’re better than this!’: Customer films UPS delivery man chucking cake delivery onto porch

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Jim Carrey must’ve known the optics of someone kicking a package marked “fragile” down a hallway would’ve made for comedic gold, which is probably why he decided to open 1994’s “Ace Ventura” with this very scene.

Unfortunately, a delivery person treating a package like it insulted their mother isn’t very funny when it’s your package being tossed around.

TikTok user Ryan Melendez (@gluttonous.meatbag) has gone viral for posting a video clip of what appears to be doorbell camera footage of a UPS worker mishandling a delicate item. A text overlay on the TikTok read: “My sister ordered a custom cake for my birthday, and this is how the UPS guy handled it…”

In the video, the UPS employee jogged up the stairs with the cake in hand. He made it a few steps up the walkway before tossing the package on the porch.

@gluttonous.meatbag Guy must have been an ex-FedEx worker manhandling packages like this… UPS, you’re better than this! Gotta emphasize the importance of treating packages with respect… #UPS #Fedex #Shipping #USPS #Postage #Christmas #Holiday #Mail #SmallBusiness #FYP #ForYouPage ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

“Guy must have been an ex-FedEx worker manhandling packages like this…” Melendez wrote in the caption. “UPS, you’re better than this! Gotta emphasize the importance of treating packages with respect….”

Users in the comments section had a variety of reactions to the video. Some wondered why anyone would have a cake delivered via UPS.

“I mean, only take I have is…order local lol,” one user commented.

“This is why i buy solid items that cant be broken from simple tosses like this especially from UPS, gotta make sure it comes in one piece,” a second added.

Many commenters remarked that the UPS employee didn’t appear to deliver the package too roughly. Others pointed out that they couldn’t see any fragile or “handle with care” stickers on the box, so the courier shouldn’t be blamed for their treatment of the package.

“I’m so confused what’s the problem here?” one viewer questioned.

“You can’t expect the box to not get banged around. You should expect the shipper to ship it securely enough so it’ll be fine,” a second wrote.

“Ah yes, after it getting tossed in a warehouse conveyor belt, this was the final straw,” another quipped.

The Daily Dot reached out to Melendez via email. In the interview, he explained that since the cake was frozen and bubble-wrapped, it was not damaged by the toss.

“I also want to clarify for anyone asking why someone would order a cake to be delivered via UPS, my family had no say in how it would be delivered, and this bakery wasn’t open for pickup at the time,” he wrote. “The cake was a specialty cake made without sugar to cater to diabetics.”

The Daily Dot also reached out to UPS for comment. In an email interview, UPS provided this statement about the situation:

“UPS employees receive regular training on the company’s methods and procedures to safely transport and deliver packages, which includes the hand-to-surface method of safely leaving packages at doorways.”

“We will investigate the situation and take appropriate action,” the company added.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/ups-delivery-man-chucks-cake-on-porch/
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