Tyler Braden On What Makes His Chicken Dumplings So Fire

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Country star Tyler Braden has worn many hats. Before signing to Warner Music Nashville in 2019, he worked as a firefighter. But back at home, he plays the role of the chef, where he cooks the meals that made him the talk of the Brentwood fire station in Alabama.

We visit Braden in his Nashville home for our “Hometown Sounds” series, where he is cooking chicken and dumplings, a favorite from his firefighting days.

“Unlike so many of the complicated things we do in the real world, food is simple,” says Braden. “You get out what you put in, and you can really get something amazing. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and I like to live by that, from food to my wireless service. That’s why I use Straight Talk. They give it to you straight, with no contract and no compromise.”

As he is cooking, Braden shares stories of his days as a firefighter, growing up in Slapout, Alabama, and how he discovered he wanted to be a singer. Braden grew up on country music, and says it was a “big part of [his] life.”

“I was really little when I learned people would tip for singing,” Braden says. “I would ask, ‘How much you pay me to sing ‘Friends In Low Places’ [by Garth Brooks]. That’s, like, my earliest memory of wanting to get paid to sing.”

His dream later brought him to Nashville, where he continued working as a firefighter as he was taking meetings with publishers and labels. Though he eventually left the fire service to pursue music full time, he still holds those days close to his heart.

“If I didn’t work hard in the fire service and put myself through the grueling things you have to do there, I couldn’t handle the consistency of the stress, and just how constantly you’re moving in the music industry,” says Braden.

Check out more of Braden’s story above, plus learn his secret as to how he makes his dumplings so plump.

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