Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Thinks It’s ‘Hilarious’ That A MAGA Politician Bizarrely Thinks ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ Is Some Sort Of Right-Wing Anthem

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There’s been this odd attempt by a certain group of people, right-wingers especially, to create a new narrative behind Twisted Sister’s highlight song, “We’re Gonna Take It.” One attempt came earlier this year when Dee Snider, the band’s lead vocalist, allowed Ukrainian supporters to use “We’re Gonna Take It” as a theme song of sorts for their fight against Russia, who invaded the country earlier this year. Some questioned why Snider allowed Ukrainian supporters to use it and not anti-maskers, to which he replied, “Well, one use is for a righteous battle against oppression; the other is infantile feet stomping against an inconvenience.”

As the saying goes, history repeats itself, and Snider once again found himself defending the meaning and intention behind “We’re Gonna Take It.” This time, it came after Jerrod Sessler, a former NASCAR driver running against Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) in the GOP primary spoke about the song and Snider in a tweet. “Bummed to learn that @deesnider, the man with the perfect song written decades ago about the attack on traditional, conservative American values,” Sessler wrote. “‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ is riding the train in the wrong direction. How could it be that he sang for us but now fights for them?”

Snider got an absolute laugh out of Sessler’s comment and he made sure to let Sessler know how funny he found his tweet. “You think i wrote a song in support of “traditional American values”? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You funny,” Snider replied. Later on, Snider returned to Sessler’s tweet with another response. “The first line of my song is WE’VE GOT THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE!” he wrote. “Can I count you amongst us pro-choice people? Now that’s a Republican I can support!”

You can see the exchange between Snider and Sessler above.


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